Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cicadas @_@;

During "Obon (*Bon Festival)", my relatives are gathering at my mum's house.
On a very very hot day, I have took 5 kids out to the near shrine, to catch cicadas...
Actually I hate insects, so it was a bit of ordeal to me, LOL

But I am a mum of a boy, surely I would have to catch them with my son in the near future, so this time I tried to be brave, as a practice for the near future! LOL

Kids were really good, captured soooooo many cicadas with a net!!Well, I have been really busy and tired looking after 5 active kids these 3 days... huh

*Obon (Bon Festival / Festival of Souls) ..... A Buddhist festivalfor welcoming home the souls of departedancestors and for holding memorial services.

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littlehands said...

Ooh, I like your entry today because it helps me know more about your country and culture! But I am afraid of insects too, so being a mother is a very great thing.
How many you caught then?