Wednesday, August 29, 2007

* Rose House *

About a week ago, "Rose House" from "Ewe & Eye & Friends" was finished!
There were so many special stitches on it, and I was a bit anxious about them before I've started...
But thanks to the detailed information on the chart, I could make them!
This is really a beautiful design and I really became an EEF fan!

I realised that the special stitches are quite fun to stitch!
It was the first time for me to stitch special stitches, so I'm quite satisfied of the results!

This won't be in the frame, it's for the exchange!!So in the next post, I will show you how this turned out!

[note] "Rose House" Ewe & Eye & Friends 40ct Wichelt Linen : Sandstone / Tea


Noreen said...

Wow that's impressive! beautiful!
My bestfriend lives in Japan, Inari, Kanagawa-ken. Hope we can be tomodachi =)

Have a wonderful day!

littlehands said...

Really anxious to know it~~

Joei said...

Absilutely pretty. You are so talented. Congrats!!

Claudia said...

Sweet Yuko,
thanks so much for your lovely comment to my blog!
WOW!!! Your blog is awesome! How many wonderful things.... can I add you to my favourites list on my blog?
I love this EEF design... you stitched it perfectly! Like you, I lve special stitches: they add more fun to cross stitch and a special accent to the finished items!

Claudia :)

Sharon said...

Gorgeous finish!