Monday, August 13, 2007

To France!

Finally, I've sent out the parcel to my friend Domy in France!
We have been talking about our "Surprise Exchange" for a long time, but I really have to say "Sorry" that's because I was so busy looking after 2 years old boy, and for other 2 exchanges, I haven't been able to manage it at all...

But this time, finally I could make it and finally sent it out to her!! Yeah!

We both sent our parcels out on the same day (on Monday)!
It sounds exciting, doesn't it?!
I really hope she'll like what I have made for her!!
The parcel will reach to me (and to her) after about 4 days, so this weekend would be really fun for both of us!!

Fingers crossed xx

1 comment:

domy said...

I just have to wait now ! the parcel is flying to me !! very exciting ! And you just have to wait for yours that's fun too, isn't it ??!!