Friday, August 03, 2007

Mum's Work (2) - "Rien ne sert de courir..."

Here is the 2nd works of my mum!
She has chosen the design from Echevette again, I think she likes Echevette a lot!

It had been a few weeks, since she has finished this stitch, but we couldn't find the suitable frame for this stitch...

Then, I realized that I've bought a small basket for something to make, then when I sized it was just fitted!!

I like crafting, so I asked her to let me make the lid with her stitch, like this!
How is it? I added linen lace around the lid to hide the juncture, lol

Here are the photos of the fabric which I used for the back of the lid.
Very lovely flower fabbie suits this basket, I think.

I thought it's a nice idea to make stitched lid of the basket, and so I'm going to buy the same baskets (bigger size, I prefer) and will do the same as hers to make my own sewing box, some other time!

[note] Free Chart "Rien ne sert de courir... @ " Echevette


littlehands said...

Very nice, both your mum's and your work. Wonderful! I would like to ask how to link up the lid with the basket? What did you make first? The back fabric or the front stitched piece to the lid? Sorry for too many questions, just very interested to make my own one. Hee hee....

Sharon said...

You both did a a beautiful job!

Aniza said...

Lovely work!