Thursday, August 23, 2007

Raibow Rainbow!!

As you already know, I have been waiting for my parcel from France (actually from the US, too), so recently when the door bell rung, I really rush to the front door!!
Yesterday evening, when the door bell rung, and I really thought it would be mine, yeah my parcel! And rush to the door as usual! lol
But who I saw when I opened the door was...

An old neighbor, LOL!
She was loudly saying something, but I couldn't catch her words, so I went out to outside to hear her, and what she was saying is...

"Do you already know the rainbow arch over your house! It's beautiful, and moreover, it's not one, two rainbows!!! Hurry, come and see them!"

Wow wow! Twin rainbows are over my house!
Can you see one more rainbow above? It's very light and a bit hard to see though!
An old neighbor also said to me "Something happiness may come to you!".
Oh, so please Mr.Postman, deliver the parcels from France + the US to me as soon as possible! LOL

At first I thought she is kind, tell and share this nature beauty with us, but you know, after she said it to me, suddenly she started to ring and ring neighbours' b
ells to tell about rainbow, so at the end, so mamy people were out there, LOL!
She talked to someone who she doen't know, to tell about the rainbow!

Actually... it seemed a little bit mad, LOL
I really laught at it a lot later in the house (don't worry! not in front of her...)


littlehands said...

Ha, ha, ha, anyway, it is very nice to see rainbows and certainly something amazing waiting ahead to come!

susimac said...

How very lovely and so so lucky - nice surprises to come your way I would think