Sunday, August 19, 2007

Surprise Exchange FOR Domy (1)

My French friend Domy and I had been talking about to Exchange something each other, from a long time ago, then finally the day our Exchange has come!
About a week ago, I've sent out the parcel to France, then she has got it a few days ago!!So I post some photos what I've made for her!

Here it is! This is our "Surprise Exchange", from me TO Domy!
I've dyed the white DMC linen with coffee, can you see some light marbles on it? I really love the result of this dye, but I think it may still smell coffee sometime, though
! (lol)
I've finished this as a board, it's like big pinkeep, LOL
Because I had to send this by air-mail, the board was light and tough so I thought it would suit well for sending to foreign country.

Then as for the backing fabbie, I used this beautiful flower fabric for the back. I thought she would like this kind of fabbie!

Actually, this design is made full of BS and French-knots, cross stitch part was a little bit...
So was a bit hard for me to stitch along and finished, but French-knots berries are really cute, don't you think?! I think they make a beautiful accent for the whole design.

I'm so glad to hear that Domy was really excited and happy to received this Exchange thing!

I only have seen her face on some photos, so I imagined a lot what kind of design, colour and taste she would love, and moreover this time was "Surprise Exchange", so I was really hesitated to decide the design and finishing.
But after I finished this work, I realised that it is really fun to choose and decide design as imagining a partner!

Actually, I haven't been received her parcel yet, it will reach me maybe tomorrow! It's exciting, isn't it?! The moment to open the parcel always make my heart beat and make me smile really hope the parcel isn't lost a way...

From : De fil en aiguille HORS-SERIE [TOUT ROUGE]


Domy said...

How WONDERFUL was that parcel !!! Thanks again ! The french knotts are perfects, what a work !!! The result is beautiful !! I've very proud to have this "surprise exchange" from you, I exhibit it in my house ! It's a masterpiece !
I hope my parcel will arrive soon.
And what about a new surprise exchange for Christmas ???

Anna said...

Yuko, all your work is a masterpiece, it is always such a pleasure to see your finished pieces :)

susimac said...

Oooo Yuko what a lovely exchange piece - my you have been busy whilst I was away. I'll email later and give you all my news Hugs Su