Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Prairie Schooler Wreath SAL

I've decided to join in the wonderful SAL!
It's "
The Prairie Schooler Wreath SAL", my friend choko has told me about this.
It has already been started, so I asked
Tanya who is an organizer of this SAL, if I could still join in this SAL.
She gave me a quick reply and really welcomed me to join in!I'm too late for the schedule, normally I should already have made 3 ornaments, though (lol) Actually, I'm still waiting for some materials to come and be ready to start!!

It was quite hard to decided the design from lots of PS leaflets, but this time what I've chosen for this SAL is "Blackwork Angels".
It was almost the first sight love, I really like Angels' peaceful faces.
I'm really excited to join this wonderful SAL, it's really pleasure to make PS ornaments and moreover we can share our progress online!

Thank you so much for letting me join in the lovely SAL, Tanya!I will try to do my best to be able to show you some ornaments' photos in the next post!

[note] "Blackwork Angels" © Prairie Schooler


Joei said...

I'm sure you can catch up. Enjoy!

Joei said...

Hi Yuko,
My friend Noreen was trying to post a comment here but cannot get through as a password was required. Don't know what's wrong, she tried a few times but failed.
Hope she'll be able to post a comment soon.

Noreen said...

Hi Yuko!!

Let me see if this works =)

Coral said...

Yuko, your English is really improving, I am so impressed - not to mention how lovely your stitching is! I like those Angels, they are very classical, aren't they?

Noreen said...

is the a limit to how much post we can write? I can't post when it gets longer, it keeps taking me to the password thingy. Thanks!

Monita said...

Well said.