Saturday, August 04, 2007

"GOYA" Squash Dyed

People might laugh at me, as I have been dying fabrics with food like experiments, LOL
But it's quite fun to find something to dye and think how colour it will be?

Then this time I've tested with "GOYA" Squash.

Is there "GOYA" in your countries too? It's a kind of squash, but it tastes really really bitter!
But it's famous that's good for health, so I have been trying to make it juices and have it every day.

By the way, the photo below is the "GOYA" juice's colour when I've tested to dye fabric this time.

Then the result is... the first photo!
It turned out really light yellow green, I've tried to dye more darker so have tried boil more, but this colour was the limit, I think.

Why have I been trying to dye fabrics?It's because we can't buy easily to get Hand Dyed Fabrics for cross stitch in Japan.
Of course we can order from overseas online, but it takes time to receive and once when I have ordered, the fabric colours were really different with them which I have seen on the PC.

And moreover, to dye fabrics with myself is actually really fun, LOL!

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