Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Surprise Exhchange FROM Domy

Finally, Finally, Finally! What I had been waiting for has arrived to me!!!This is a "Surprise Exchange" from Domy in France!Look! How lovely this bag is!!!I love the colours very much and was really surprised on her beautiful stitch!!!Oh wow, can't believe...

I'm sorry Domy, but I can't take this around for shopping, I don't want to get it dirty!!! LOL
So I will put this on the wall like this photo above, as a beautiful interior!

She also stitched for me a beautiful Biscornu, unfortunately I couldn't take a photo properly, actually it's really beautiful!
Recently I was interested in Biscornus, so when I saw this, I thought she could read my mind? LOL

Look at this photo!! She added so many things in the parcel!

Most of all are souveniours from her summer holiday in Bretagne and Mont Saint-Michel!
Garettes are all gone already, LOL, it's my favourite! yum yum
Cafe au lait bowls are sooooo lovely! I really like them all!
Thanks a lot for your kindness and for your lovely works!
I'm so happy that I could meet(?) you, it's quite hard to find a kind and friendly person like you!

I wish I could speak English or French (lol) so well, so I can express my emotion properly, but at the moment, I don't know how to tell you my this happy feeling in English... (have to study more and more!)

What I can say now is.... Merci, Domy!!!!


susimac said...

What a lovely bag and biscornu, and wonderful gifts - gorgeous exchange

Hugs Su

Noreen said...

How sweet of Domy! Lucky! =) Enjoy your goodies *^_^*

littlehands said...

Wow, that should be a very good gift to you~~

Joei said...

Really nice goodies. Domy is so sweet!

domy said...

I was a little anxious about this exchange especially for the cups !! I really enjoy doing this bag and this biscornu with a wonderful silk thread.
Next exchange for Christmas !! Yeah !!!!!!!