Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Schwalm Sachet from N.

I've also got a beautiful gift from my Japanese stitcher friend N.
Here is the gift she gave me...
She added the leather seats for me to use for handmade things, and she also told me a nice book to give an ideas to use leathers!
This is absolutely beautiful, isn't it?!
She added Lavender in it, and the Lavender scent is my favourite!

Sooooooo nice smell makes me relax...
I already have a nice book of white-work, but I really hesitate to start and try, because it seems so difficult, but this her beautiful work made my mind changed!

Oh, now I really want to try this Schwalm Embroidery!
But, I have so many things to do on cross stitch, have no time at all!!

By the way, thank you so much N.!
I really love it and definately will be my tresure!

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