Thursday, October 25, 2007

Autumn Medley - Finished!

Finally I finished the Autumn Stitch, "Autumn Medley" © Heart in Hand today!
"Thank you so much for everyone" who told me about the framing cost in the past comments.
I think most of countries are the same, handmade frames are really expensive aren't they?!
As well as in Japan, I asked a shop staff about the frame for this "Autumn Medley", the other day.

This "Autumn Medley" is only about width 5cm x height 28cm (about 2 inch x 11 inch), but Handmade frame cost me about 8,500 yen (it's about $77.00) !!
This stitch is just for Autumn season and I'm not so in love with this design (lovely though, lol), so I thought I would find a ready-made frame for it, and I found it, actually!
The frame size isn't just fit for the stitch, but I will add something in blank areas and will make it maybe tomorrow, if the weather was fine!

This is the first time for me to stitch © Heart in Hand design, and bought a button pack, too.
I like it and there are so many series of the same kind of ablong design, so I will buy and add more designs for my collection!

By the way, I hope I can show you the framed this piece in a few days!

"Autumn Medley" © Heart in Hand
32ct Belfast Linen (Platinum)


Yasmin said...

Yuko, this is great! I cannot wait to see it framed... don't take too long ya..LOL.. Looking forward to more pictures:))

Nancy said...

Hi Yuko!

Your Autumn Medley is very pretty, and I know it will be beautiful when you frame it. I will look forward to seeing this.

Your tote bag is very nice too!


Susimac said...

Its lovely Yuko, looking forward to seeing it framed.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely finish, and you take such beautiful pictures too!!

Anita said...

I love the colors and looking forward to see it framed.

Anonymous said...

This is really lovely Yuko. The colours are bright and Autumnal and I love the shape of this design.

It's amazing that they should be asking so much to frame it. You are very creative and I'm sure it will look beautiful in the frame you bought.
Good wishes Angela

Cindy said...

Very pretty finish! I'm looking forward to seeing how you frame it :)

Joei said...

It's lovely! Can't wait to see it framed.

Pumpkin said...

Ack! That's the only Medley out of the four seasons that I have not stitched yet! Do you want to send it my way? ;o)

You did a great job and I love your photography skills :o) I got mine custom framed and I think they were around $40 each but the frame I chose wasn't very expensive.

Von said...

Yuko, this is such a beautiful design and you've stitched it so well! Can't wait to see it in a frame. :D

Sally said...

That is beautiful Yuko. You stitch beautiful designs.

Patti said...

G O R G E O U S and wasn't it just the most fun to stitch. I haven't stitched this one but I love stitching HIH designs and haven't for ages. Soon. Lots of love Patti xxx