Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! - Prairie Autumn Mirror

Thank you so much for everyone who has left me kind and lovely comments in the
last post.
I think I was too serious and strict for the schedule for the SAL.
But now I'm thinking and going to stitch along with fun and enjoyments from now on!
Now thanks to you all, I think that it's OK to finish the PS SAL for the Christmas in 2008!
Most important thing is "Happy Stitching", I realised it! :D

Thank you again, everyone!!

By the way, I've finished this PS small Autumn design a day before yesterday!
This is so tiny and cute, I really love Autumn designs and colour very much!
I was thinking to make a pinkeep with this as the sample photo, but I remember that I wanted a small mirror, especially to see the face after we ate meals, lol!

It's just like a pinkeep, process is almost the same, I just put into the mirror between the face and the back, and made a circle hole on the back for the mirror!
I added a thin laces for both face and the back, trimed with black satin ribbon, and used Autumn colour fabric for the back.

How is this? Isn't it lovely?
I wanted to take around this in my bag with me, but it's just a little bit big to take around, in my small bag, so I will add this to my special basket which pinkeeps are in!

Today, I received surprised present from my Japanese friend!
I haven't been telling what she sent me a parcel, so it really surprised me a lot!

We've met online and became very good friends. Actually we are living far a way, but we both have 2 years old boy, etc...we have a lot in common!
She has been to Tokyo Disney-land with her family and she bought some really lovely goodies for my son!!
Pumpkin Minnie bag (sweets were inside) and snow-white's colour pens on the car!
So lovely, aren't they?!

And for me, she gave me some beautiful charts which she has already stitched and done!
I really wanted "Baby Garden" (Birth Sampler) from Just Nun, so I was so happy that she gave it to me! She also added a rabbit charm for "Baby Garden", she is kind enough, isn't she?
Other items are from "With my Needle" and a catalogue from "Eva Rosenstand"!
Wow, I feel I'm a rich now, lol!

The last photo of today is a Halloween Pumpkin Pudding we ate today!
Isn't it lovely and looks yummy?
I love this pumpkin and this cup as well!
I can use this cup after I ate pudding!
And also it was yum!! :D
Double Yum Yum! LOL

In Japan, there is no traditional Halloween events like in the US or European countries, but "Halloween" is getting be famous a little by little recently, but I'm not sure that how many person know about the meaning of Halloween, same as the Christmas, lol
In Japan, they are just young peoples' fun events, especially Christmas is just for luvy luvy young couples' event! lol

I think, most important event in Japan is may be a New Year's traditional ceremony at home and at shrine?
We cook special meals for New Year and go to shrine, every year.
So most of us have no habit to send Christmas cards to friends or family, but most of us send New Year's post card to family and friends, colleague, etc...

Well well...


"Autumn Pinkeep" & copy; Prairie Schooler @ The Gift Of Stitching Magazine
32ct DMC Linen (White)


Nancy said...

Happy Halloween Yuko!

I love your Autumn stitching, and you are very clever to make it into a mirror. As always, your stitching is so beautiful.

You have a wonderful friend to send presents to your son and to send you such beautiful charts. Enjoy!

Yummy! I would love to have some Halloween pudding. It looks delicious.

I am so happy you will continue to stitch your beautiful angels for 2008!

Pumpkin said...

What a gorgeous mirror you have made Yuko!!!! That is such a unique idea :o)

That is some lovely stash you received. I've always wanted to see a ER catalogue.

And pumpkin pudding! Wow! Lovely picture :o)

Solstitches said...

Happy Halloween to you too Yuko :)
I love your little PS piece and the wonderful idea you came up with to finish it as a mirror.
I enjoyed hearing about some of the traditions you have in Japan.


Patricia Lessell said...

Happy Halloween to you to Yuko. I loved the parcel you got from your friend and your stitching is, as per usual, wonderful. I am so glad that you are going to enter into a SAL because I think you will really enjoy it. Patti xxx

Anita said...

Happy Halloween. Surprise gifts are the best..:) love the PS piece and your HIH frame is so pretty.

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko

Happy Halloween too.

I also love your mirror and PS piece. You are very clever.

I think the best presents that one receives are the ones are are a total surprise to us all.

Have you checked out Casamiainitalia website. Another Yuko has put another beautiful freebie on her website. It is a beautiful banner with angels on it. If you are in on my blog just click onto Casa Mia on the blogs that I visit and you will go there. You know I love angels. - Sandra.

sugardoll said...

Ohh I love how you finished that autumn design. A mirror keeper is totally creative. Beautiful!

What scrumptious pumpkin pudding. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

What a really pretty way to finish your PS Autumn pinkeep. it's such a lovely idea and would make a super gift. The pumpkin pudding looks so good. No wonder you said yum so many times...haha!

What a lovely package you received from your Japanese friend. I bet your little boy was as excited as you. Friends are really special. I was very interested to read about your traditions. New year celebrations are very imoportant in Cyprus, too :>)
Hugs, Angela

lynda said...

How clever you are to finish the PS design into a little mirror! What a great idea.

samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko, Yes I feel a little bit better although I still have those moments. I suppose I will for quite a while.

I'm glad that you like CasaMia. The other Yuko does some amazing work. I have been reading blogs for a long time before I actually started mine and this was one of my favourite blogs. I find it quite inspirational.

I have started stitching again and I hope to finish The Token soon. I have a special sampler lined up when I finish. I find that stitching is a great stress release and when something happens to me I like to do something special to remember things. - Have a lovely weekend and Thank you for being a lovely friend - Sandra.

Cheryl said...

I love your mirror....such great finishing! Ive stitched that one myself recently for an exchange.
I love hearing all about Japan :)

Dawn B. said...

Great stash you got & what a friend. Happy stitching,

Sally said...

I love your mirror finish:) The design is just perfect for it.

The gifts you received from your friend are lovely and I love the Halloween Pumpkin Pudding! It looks delicious.

Hearty Bakes said...

wow...Yuko, You are GREAT! So creative of you to come out this idea to finish it with a mirror. Something useful and practical!Beautiful too!
The Autumn colours are so matching with the fabric u used.
You are a very fast stitcher, i admire your speed and work, i hope i can be like you. I'm always stuck with one and can't move-on till its complete :)

Andrea said...

What a beautiful Autumn piece. Congratulations on your finish.

Anonymous said...

Lovely mirror keep Yuko. I'm impressed.

Yummy pudding!!!

Yasmin said...

I love your PS autumn so much..PS is one of my favourite designer. I wanted to sitch it too but didn't have time yet. And your' s really nice.. I think you are one of the best sitchers around. Your work really inspire me a lot..I am not surprise that you received so many goodies as you are such a sweet person.