Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Pumpkin House" - freebie

Yesterday, "Pumpkin House" (freebie) © The Sampler Girl which I was working on these few days has finished!
It was almost the first sight love, and I finished this as like the photo of this chart!
Only one different part is... I just added ribbon on the top!

This is the first one for me to stitch fall design for this year, and I was so happy that I could make it even one, because I like autumn colours and designs very much, like "Acorns", "Pumpkins", "Squirrels", "Halloween", etc... I love autumn-like design so much, so this first Autumn stitch was really meant to me and made me happy!

How is this?
On the left photo, these are the fabbies which I used for this mini-pillow.
I was very happy when I found these fabbies which are similar to the photo of the chart!

I'm quite satisfied of this result, even though it's a bit bigger than I expected, LOL

On the right photo, this is a ribbon which I added on the top of this mini pillow as my original finishing!
I also added wooden button on it!

Now I'm working on the Autumn stitch from Bent Creek Heart in Hand.
It's lovely and I'm really enjoyed stitching it!
But what I'm thinking a lot is it's very oblong, so how to finish is the problem for me at the moment...

In Japan framing is very expensive (in your countries, too?) and there are not so many good designs...
I will ask how much it will cost me, and decide what to do!

If it's too expensive, I may try to make its frame by myself!! :D

[ note ] "Pumpkin House" (freebie) © The Sampler Girl
32ct Belfast Linen (Law)


Nancy said...

Your Pumpkin House pillow is gorgeous! Your stitching is so perfect, and I love the ribbon and wood button. Enjoy stitching your Bent Creek Autumn design, and I look forward to your photo.

Claudia said...

Ohhhhhhh sooooo beautiful!!!!! Yuko, you did a so cute pillow!
In Italy we have expensive framers and cheap ones: it depends on the resut you're looking for and the way you frame your stitched piece. For us, cheaper means glued stitched piece on a backing cardboard and a not so appealing frame... but sometimes the final look is awesome. But of course, we have handmade antique frames and framers that "pin" the stitched piece to the backing cardboard, for a better and expensive final touch... :D

Sally said...

Oh I love your Pumpkin House finish:) Your finishing is so beautiful.

Barbara said...

Thanks for coming by my blog Yuko! You do great stitiching yourself and your finishing is so impeccable!

Love the little pillow!

Jessie said...

Beautiful finishes! The fabric match very well with your cross-stitch.

domy said...

Absolutly gorgeous !
For the frame, in France we have expensive and cheaper frames it depends on the final look you'd like !If it's a handmade one, it's very expensive. Personnaly I buy a frame before started my embroidery so I could adapt the size of the fabric with my frame ;-))

rouge antique said...

it's beautiful !!!!
rouge antique

Joei said...

You always impress me with your finishing, Yuko. Lovely pillow!! As always, perfect!

Pumpkin said...

What a gorgeous finish Yuko! Your photography is lovely as well :o)

Framing here is very expensive :o( I usually get one huge piece done a year or a couple of medium sized ones.

NIKY said...

Hi Yuko thank you so much for visitng my blog so often. you really do wonderfull stitches too. Your fall pillow is great!

Anonymous said...

Your Pumpkin House is really gorgeous. I love your fabbies and the way you have used them to finish your little pillow.

Cindy said...

Very pretty finish :)

Framing here is very expensive, too. I usually try to find other ways to finish my pieces. I do make an exception for large pieces that I have spent a lot of time on, and also for most of my SB finishes (those mats are just too cute to resist!)

I have framed a few things myself. We have a couple of large department stores that sell framed art and usually have good coupons and sales. I have been known to buy a framed art piece or two just so that I can use the frame and mat!

samplerlover said...

Yuko, your pumpkin house is beautiful. You take the most amazing photo's.

Framing in Australia is also very expensive. I usually try and frame my work my self.

By the way have you checked out the new Needleprint website - www. - they have a lovely new freebie especially for halloween. It is called Bee Witch. - Sandra.

Yasmin said...

Hi Yuko,
This is so lovely and your finishing is great! The fabric really goes well with the stitching..I wish it was as easier finding fabric here.

Susimac said...

How did I miss this when I popped on the otherday - Its lovely what a wonderful finish

sugardoll said...

Wow Yuko that is a lovely finish! I bet it surpassed that of the model on the design cover =)

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous finish!
Yes, framing is expensive here in the UK too

Tanya said...

Your Pumpkin House is beautiful ~ the photography on your Blog is so clear and precise. Love reading it all. Happy Stitching, Tanya