Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthday Present from Nanami!

Today, I've got a biiiiiiiiig parcel from my Japanese dearest friend Nanami.
She had been telling me that she has been stitching something for my Birthday, although it would be very late, she said definitely will send it to me!

And finally, THAT parcel has safely arrived today, it's the first time for me to see her stitch in person, and we have really similar tastes, so I was really excited to open the big box!!
Actually I couldn't open it as soon as it arrived, I left away from my little son to be alone (lol), and I breath deeply before I opened it.

Actually we haven't met in person, since we've met online, we've became really really good friends soon!
We both have in common a lot, about stitching style, taste etc...
I always admire her works very much!
By the way, she stitched large design for me, it must took really long time to stitch along, and her stitching is really beautiful!!
And more! She added so many goodies!!
Thank you Nanami!

Look at this wonderful works!!

She also does Quilting, so she quilted both sides of this stitch and added laces on the top and the bottom!

I really like how she finishes always, and this present is also awesome as always!
And, her husband and she (both two) made this lovely frame for me as well, can you believe how kind they are?
I like a little rough looks on frames, so this is the perfect one for me!

She made two lovely pincushions for me, too!!
She stitched my initials on the faces and the backs are cotton knitting!!

How lovely they are!
I can't knit at all, and I've heard that she is not good at knitting either and don't like it much, so I can see her efforts to make these two for me!

Oh my goodness! Can I deserve such wonderful presents from friends??
I called her tonight to say "Thank you so much" from the bottom of my heart, actually it was the first time for us to talk on the phone, but she was the lady who I always imagined from her e-mail or her works.
Har voice, kind voice and how to speak were really comforted me, as I expected!!
Thank you so much indeed, Nanami!

Remember... I will always besides you like your hubbie, whenever you are sad, happy, down, I'm here for you, even though I can't be there WITH you in person, I will always here for you to listen to you!

Stay friends for a long long time!
And I thank god to gave me such a lovely opportunity to have met you!

[note] Framed stitch : "Sampler Girls" © M Designs


Cheryl said...

Wonderful presents from your friend! So kind of her

Claudia said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!!! Nanami did for you wonderful wonderful wonderful pieces!!!!! She is sooooooooo lovely!!! I love those pincushions: so elegant and with a special touch!!!!! And the framed piece... Stunning!!!
You're so lucky, Yuko, to have such a wonderful friend! And Nanami is a very lovely stitcher!

domy said...

How lucky you are !!! Nanami is a real good stitcher and I love all your gifts and her taste. Congratulations to her ! Your friends are soooo sweet !!
It's a wonderful birthday for you, insn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Wow Yuko,
What beautiful gifts from nanami. No wonder you are breathless with pleasure :>)
Everything is so beautifully made and the frame is just perfect. The pincushions are definitely made with love and the knitting is just amazing
What a lovely friend she is.

Sally said...

What beautiful gifts from your friend:) You are so lucky.

Andrea said...

A beautiful birthday present which I'm sure you will treasure forever.

samplerlover said...

Another great birthday present to treasure. Your friend Nanami has done a beautiful job.

Georgie said...

What a lovely blog you have! And friends aswell. Love the sampler! Thankyou for commenting on mine aswell.

Yasmin said...

Hi Yuko,
I'm very happy for you! The gifts are beautiful.. Nanami' stitching is as sweet as yours.Thank God for good friends!

Pumpkin said...

What beautiful gifts Yuko! I would be just as happy as you are to receive such lovely hand made items from someone special :o)