Monday, October 08, 2007

BBP Exchange FOR Claudia

Do you remember what Claudia and I did a BBP (Belated Birthday Present) Exchange a short while ago?
And finally my parcel has safely delivered to Claudia and I've got an e-mail to tell about it from her, so I post some photos what I've made for her here!
I've sent out the parcel to her by Express Mail, but this time it took more than a week, so I was really worried about it... I had been checking the tracking number almost everyday online, and I was going to ask post officer where the my parcel is now...

So, when I've got an e-mail from Claudia today that my parcel has safely arrived to her, I felt so relief!!

By the way, as you already know that my tastes are not so elegant, I think it's in the genre of casual... :D
I knew Claudia loves elegant types of works, so I was a bit worried to stitch for her, and my brain worked so hard to think a lot what to stitch for her! LOL
To stitch and make this "Rose Pincushion" is the second time for me, and this time I added elegant lace around as edging.

And I stitched a small square "Dear Friend" © Elizabeth's Designs, and also added the lace around the edge and made a bourse (pouch) with it!
How is this? Actually it was the first time for me to make bourse, so I didn't know whether it was OK or not so good... :(

But Claudia told me that she loves everything I've made for her and she is so happy to received my presents, so I'm really glad to hear and happy, too!
This design "Dear Friend" © Elizabeth's Designs is actually a colourful design, but I have mostly stitched with DMC#815 and used Hand-dyed thread for the word "FOR A Dear FRIEND" and three hearts!

And... I added "Drop-shaped Coasters" for her to use when she has tea or coffee with friends!
Because I remember that she said she loved this coaster, when she saw them on my blog.
I used beautiful flowery fabric and Pearls and the laces for her, they are special version, lol!

I was soooooooooooo touched by her present for me when I've received, but I was really touched by her e-mail which I've got today!
I felt she really loves my works and her words made me sooooo happy!

Thank you Claudia for being my friend!
Let's do BP or BBP (lol) Exchange next year, too!

[note] Rose Pincushion : From : De fil en aiguille HORS-SERIE [TOUT ROUGE]
Bourse (Pouch) : "Dear Friend" © Elizabeth's Designs


Nancy said...

Everything you have made for your friend is so beautiful and elegant. I'm sure she will enjoy these very much.

Anita said...

Both pieces are so beautiful and I love the detailed finishing as well. What a great birthday present.

sugardoll said...

That is beautiful. You know I think they are very elegant and are made to fit for a queen. =^-^=

Your works are all beautiful. And it's so lovely of you to share them with friends. woohoo!!

Claudia said...

My sweet friend, I'm so happy and touched and I adore everything you sent!!!! As I told you, you do not have to be worried about the special gifts you made for me: they come from your heart and they are elegant, beautiful and so lovely much more than many things I own, because they have been specially designed and stitched for me only! You made my day and I had a very very very special birthday!
I'm happy to be your friend!!!

And we do not have to wait a whole year for another exchange.... what about a Christmas one?????? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Claudia :)

samplerlover said...

What a beautiful and elegant gift to send to Claudia. I can see that she was absolutely delighted to receive your special gift. I love your coasters they are also very elegant.

Yasmin said...

Such lovely gifts!As expected, your stitching are perfect.

pascale said...

Everything is so elegant !
It is the first time I visit your blog...plenty of treasures !

Pumpkin said...

You do such lovely work! I can see why Claudia is very happy with her gifts :o)

Thank you for visiting my blog! I will be back to yours again :o)

Nancy in IL said...

Yuko, thank you for visiting my blog, and what a delight it was to visit yours! You display everything so beautifully, and the things you've made are just delightful! Very nice to meet you and hope to visit again soon!

Joei said...

Another lovely finish! I think it's simply elegant.

Btw, let me know if you want to know something about the instructions on ATALIE biscornu. I'll be happy to help.

Have a nice day!

Sally said...

Yuko, all the things you stitched for Claudia are beautiful:)

Lelia said...

Everything is so beautiful : ) Job well done!!!

domy said...

Another masterpiece for a Belated Birthday Present, congratulations Claudia is very lucky !!

Lolly said...

The gift for Claudia is fantastic!!You are an artist...!!!!


Von said...

What darling gifts for your dear friend! Just lovely. :D

Anonymous said...

All presents are very elegant:D
You are an artist definitely...!

Enjoy your exchange.

mary said...

they are wonderful !

Michelle said...

What gorgeous gifts!! They are all lovely!

Jessie said...

wow...such a elegant work!
You are great!