Sunday, October 28, 2007

Autumn Medley - "Framed"

I was going to change the frame colour to Black like the sample photo of this chart.
But this is a ready-made frame and there were glass which I couldn't take off, so didn't change the colour...
So this frame colour is just as it was...
Actually this ready-made frame is for Japanese art, like below...
It says... "Go for your dream..." something like that in Japanese, with 8 small birds. isn't it cute??

By the way, there were blank areas at both top and bottom of this stitched piece, when I put it into this frame.
I thought a lot what to do next... and a few ideas were floating in my mind, I didn't know whether it would be sucseed or not, but I have just tried!

There were about 3cm depth in this frame, so I made the two lines with small pine cones for these blank area .
Why didn't I just put (glued) them on the stitched piece???

I'm typically a fickle person (lol), so I will definitely change my mind someday in the near future!
That's why I made this as easily attached or removed. LOL

I know myself well! lol
I added them this time, but sometimes I felt like attaching linen laces on it, I can easily remove these pine cones! (lol)
It's a nice idea, isn't it?!

Well, here is a close up photo of this "Autumn Medley".

I wanted to change the frame colour, but it's still nice in a natural colour frame, don't you think so? There are so many kind of oblong designs © Heart in Hand, so I think it would be nice to add some seasonal designs and change it when the next season has come!

"Autumn Medley" © Heart in Hand
32ct Belfast Linen (Platinum)


Nancy said...

Hello Yuko,

I think your Heart in Hand Autumn design looks very pretty framed. You did a beautiful job, and since it is for Autumn, I think the pinecones are a special touch!

Enjoy your weekend,

Sally said...

I love the way you've framed this Yuko:) It looks so beautiful and I think the pine cones are perfect.

I hope you received my email thanking you for the gorgeous Christmas fabric and the beautiful ribbon. Thank you so much {{{{hugs}}}}

Patti said...

Oh Yuko it is just so lovely. Everything you do is wonderful. Lots of love Patti xxx

Barbara said...

Great framing idea Yuko! Fab work!

Jessie said...

Hi Yuko,
those small pine cones are so cute and goes so well with the overall stitches & framing. You are very creative!

petitescroixetbidouilles said...

Wonderful, you're so talented !! Your Heart in Hand Autumn is very beautiful and unic !
The little birds are toOOOO cute !!
Have fun XXXX ! Domy

Claudia said...

It's ssssssssssssooooooooo lovely!!!!!!!! I love the pine cones you added: they give to the framend piece a very autumn touch!!! You're so talented and you have a wonderful taste for this accents!
Well done, my friend!!!

Susimac said...

WOW Yuko your frame is perfect for this and the frame colour is so right for it too. I love the pin cone additions you have really completed a marvellous job on this - very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

You Heart in Hand Autumn looks great in the frame, great choice and the pine cones are the perfect finishing touch :)

Von said...

What a fabulously creative framing job you did! :D

Anonymous said...

You definitely have a creative and artistic flair. The frame is perfect and adding the tiny pinecones gives just the right touch for Autumn. A big success :>)
Warm wishes, Angela

Hazel said...

Hi Yuko. Thanks for your comments on my blog. The framing looks fantastic! And a very cute design too. No I am not stitching Villiage of HRH although I would dearly love to. It's on my wish list. I have the collaberation sampler which I need to start. That's on my "to do" list lol. Lovely blog. xx

Wendy said...

I like the natural wood frame! I think the darker wood might be too dark for this piece? And I think the wee pine cones are a perfect addition. You are so creative!!! You did a wonderful job stitching and framing this :-D

Pumpkin said...

Well done Yuko! You are very creative and smart :o) I never would have thought to put pinecones in there. It goes very well and like you said, now you can change them down the road. Brilliant!

Stitchingnow said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. When I get my computer back up and running I will be shure to visit you again. Love your blog and the english is good too. TTFN from Texas.

Juls said...

So creative! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!!! Sweet Sweet Babe only took me 8 days to finish. It was fun!!!

sugardoll said...

What a perfect job you've done framing this piece. The added pinecones makes it even more autumny and beautiful.

Yasmin said...

Hi Yuko,
I love the frame! You are so creative.. Another idea for me to ponder upon :))