Thursday, October 04, 2007

Finally we've got them!

Finally what we've bought are these cups from Starbucks! lol
I really don't know why, but I really wanted them from a long time ago...
We often go to Starbucks to have some coffee and chat with family.
Somehow, and whenever I've been there, I've checked this cup...

It's actually nothing special at all as you already know, but what made me to buy was this part!
These check box on the side of the cup is what I liked, lol
It pretends like a paper cup!

Once I bought tall one, but it was too big for me, so I gave it to my husband and I bought a small one, the other day!

Does your country have original tastes @ Starbucks??
We Japanese Starbucks have "Maccha (green tea) Cream Frappucino" etc...

And I like this "Maccha Cream Frappucino" very much, but only in the summer time, though!


MiC said...

my favorite is the simple mocha, but with soja milk. and I add lots of cinamon.
I live in France, and I adooore Starbucks too

sugardoll said...

I'd have to go with their frapuccino. The other day I also asked hubby to buy me a starbucks traveling mug LOL. It has to say starbucks, so i look like a socialite...LOLOL

Cindy said...

We are *finally* getting a Starbucks here, and by work. I like the seasonal minty-mocha drinks :)

Beatrice said...

We have a Starbucks at our Chapters book store in the mall closest to us is 20-25min drive. I live in the country on Lake Ontario ...The Bay of Quinte. I like coffee a lot so when I get the chance I drink Columbian coffee. We also have Tim Hortons which is very popular in Canada and there are 5 places in the nearest town where I work. So lots of visits to them.
I love your cups!!!!

Sally said...

Hi Yuko. I'm not a coffee drinker so can't comment on this but just wanted to say thank you for your comment in my blog. If you would like the La D Da freebie chart I would be happy to send it to you. If you would like it please email your address, my email is in my profile:)