Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mum's work - Hat

First off, I wrote that I'm working on Bent Creek Autumn stitch in the last post, but it was wrong and actually I'm working on Heart in Hand stitch now!
It's in the middle way of stitching and I don't think there is enough progress to post here yet, so today I post my mum's work, again, lol.

Isn't it lovely?! She made knit hat for my niece, actually it was mine, but it was a bit small for me, so she changed the pattern a bit and made it to her grand-child!
I don't know she (my niece) will like it or not, but I think this is really lovely and this is just my taste!
Really suit well for my wardrobe and it's my fav colour "brown"!
So I will ask mum to make one more, a bit bigger hat for me, as well (lol) !

Anyway, I hope I can show you some progress of Heart in Hand Autumn stitch in the next post!


Susimac said...

Ooo I like it - I love the flower on it. Your mum is really talented.

Pumpkin said...

Your mom does lovely work! No wonder you wanted to keep it :o)

Jessie said...

Like mother, like daughter :)
all the beautiful work!
The colour and flower is nice!

Von said...

Visiting you blog is always a real treat! I love how you present your photos so artistically, Yuko!

Joei said...

I definitely know where you get your talent, you and your mom are alike, very talented.

It's beautiful, I'm sure your niece will like it too.

Sally said...

I think the hat is beautiful:) Your Mum is very talented.

Looking forward to seeing your Heart in Hand piece.

domy said...

Congratulations to your mother ! This little hat is "soooooo beautiful" said Clara !!

sugardoll said...

Oh oh! me like...I have a head of a 10 year old!! LOLOL

It's very cute! I love the color, very earthy. Congratulations to your momfor making such lovely hat, it will be perfect for that little hime (princess right?)!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Yuko, this hat is so pretty. I love this 1920's cloche style and the flower is perfect. It's such a beautiful seasonal colour. you are a very talented family :>)