Sunday, October 14, 2007

Preparing for the Winter

As you may already know, I can't knit at all, it's so difficult for me...
So, knitting is my mum's field and her hobby from Autumn to Winter!
She has started knitting from a few weeks ago, then she made this light green scarf as the first work for this year!

It will actually be sold at bazaar at my niece's Preschool.
Isn't it lovely? I like it very much, so I will ask her to make the same one for me as well!

Actually she already has made me an another scarf, it's also lovely!
It feels so soft and I really like this colour, it's like hand dyed thread, isn't it?!

She does knitting so fast, so she has made a small hat for my niece last night, it's also so cute!
I will post the photo of it some another time!

I really want to knit, but why???
I have no talent at knitting at all! Really poor me, I can't knit AT ALL!!! lol
It must be really fun, if I could knit... sigh... :(


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your mother ! Her scarves are very beaufitul ! you are lucky and you can try to knit you have a teacher next to you ;-))))

Hearty Bakes said...

The scarf your mother knit for u is so beautiful! The colours are so matching. She will be the best knitting teacher for u :)

Anonymous said...

Say to your mom that she knits beautifully!!! You're lucky to have a so lovely mom!!

Anonymous said...

I love the red and green scarf. It has the colors of automn leaves. My mum used to knit also beautifull things, but now that she's getting old, she says that her hands are aching. Congratullations to your mummy.