Friday, October 05, 2007

Please tell me about this doll...

Today I want to ask someone who knows about this lovely wooden doll in the photo below.
This picture is from © "Sampler Girl".
I want to buy this chart but, at the same time I want to get this beautiful wooden carving doll as well!

© Sampler Girl

I've searched a lot to find this wooden doll with many search words, but couldn't find out the right one which I really want.
I've seen this kind of wooden carving dolls at some peoples' blog, but forgot the URL where they were...
Therefore, I decided to ask you all here, today!

If there is someone who knows this doll's maker, brand or name, etc..., anything is ok, please tell me some hints or words!

If we could afford to buy one, we would like to have lovely one at home!!

Photos from © "Sampler Girl"


Jaimie said...

I don't know. Sorry. But I will be checking back to see if anyone else knows. She is so cute! the sampler looks good too.

Susimac said...

Hi Yuko

They aren't wooden they are actually made of china, they are by Willow. I'll email you and we can have a chat about them.
Hugs Su

Anita said...

Sampler girl does have a blog, you can leave a message on her blog and maybe you can give you more info.I am also at her yahoo group, so I can contact her for you too.

Can you email me at I have a blog question to ask you.


Anonymous said...

Yuko, hi
I can see Su has already answered your question about these wonderful dolls. I have a small collection of them and you will be interested to know that they all have a name. Many of them are Angels and called Angel of Friendship, Angel of Knowledge, Angel of Freedom and many depict qualities such as Compassion, Gentleness and Generosity so they make really great gifts :>)
Warm wishes Angela

Anonymous said...

I'm back again. I typed Willow angels into Google and lots came up. This site is from ebay which has lots for sale at excellent prices

It might not work so just type in Willow Angels and follow the link.
There is also an online catalogue with all the figures, not only angels. Hope this helps :>)

mary said...


Cindy said...

The Willow Tree figurines are made by a company called Demdaco. You can see their entire catalog here:

The one in the picture is called With Affection.