Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear My Friend!!

Today is my dear friend's Birthday, It's Su! and I've got an e-mail from her that my parcel has safely arrived to her, so I post some photos what I've made and sent for her here, to share you all!
Actually since it has arrived too earlier to her, she had to be really patient to open it till her Birthday, today! You had been a good girl !!! LOL

By the way, this time I made her Tin-Can and some sewing stuff from "Sampler Girls" © M Designs.

Actually this is from the same chart from my dearest friend Nanami presented me.
There are two designs in one chart, so I stitched a small one for her!

I added woolly lace around the tin-top, and inside bottom and the around the tin-can, I used black x beige checked fabbie, inside around I used lacy fabbie which I really like!!

I also made and added some stuff, Pincushion, Tape measure, and scissor fob from the same design.
Pincushion that I made is actually too big, it's like mini-pillow, (lol) I added wooden beads and inside it I added lavender, so it smells really nice.
I hope she likes lavender scent!

And tape measure, I added open heart charm for the pull tab, it's lovely isn't it?!
It's "cm" and "meter" measure, I don't know which is used in the UK, if you use "inch" or "feet", sorry about that! (lol)

As for the scissor fob, I made it from two buttons, actually.
I added small tassel for it! It's quite small and lovely, so I definitely will make one for myself as well!
Actually I love them all what I've made for her (LOL), so when I have time, I will definitely make the same set for myself!!
But as for the pincushion (pin-pillow), I will make more smaller than this one I sent her, LOL!

Well, I'm so happy to hear that she love them all which I've made for her Birthday!
She sent me soooooo sweet e-mail, so it also made my day!
Thank you, dear my friend!

Let's stay friends and keep in touch!


"Sampler Girls" © M Designs
32ct Belfast Linen (Vintage Country Mocha)


Sally said...

Oh wow all the things you stitched are beautiful!! You are so talented:)

Andrea said...

A beautiful stitched gift. Congratulations on a great finish.

Susimac said...

I adore my birthday present its so beautiful and it smells wonderful, thankyou again my dear friend Hugs

Anita said...

Wow, what a wonderful stitching gift.

Jessie said...

i'm always impress with your work! Its so beautiful!
Lovely set of gift you specially stitched for your friend!

Nancy said...

Hello Yuko,

I saw this beautiful gift on Su's blog. You did an amazing job on everything!

samplerlover said...

What an amazing gift. You truly are talented. I'm sure that Su will treasure it. Love your sampler girls.

Claudia said...

Stunning, stunning, stunning!!!!
You stitched them perfectly and you finished them as little precious treasures!!!Su will love them for ages!!!!
I can say for sure that you have fairy hands and a precious talent!!!!
Congrats, my sweet friend!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh, what gorgeous pieces! They are so lovely!

mary said...

it's lovely !

Joei said...

Lovely gifts!

Pumpkin said...

Yuko you are so talented! What a beautiful gift to receive. I'm sure your friend was VERY happy :o)

Yasmin said...

Hi Yuko,
I was not online for the past week and when I log on, WOW!! such beautiful work. I have seen your tin can before and realy love it and I always imagine you will stitch it ever so lovely and neatly! The smallies are soooo sweet too... I never knew that you could use 2 buttons for the fob! Good idea! Your friend must be very happy!

sugardoll said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Sue. She sure is lucky to have received such beautiful works of art from you. Everything you made is just delightful.