Sunday, May 17, 2009

Antique Lamp and Cupboard

A while ago when we all went to my mum's friend's home, my son and I were surprised by her unique home decoration, as I've heard of it from my mum, though they all were very unique!
Basically her home decoration is like Bali (Southeast Asian) taste, but when I told her that I'm interested in Antique things recently, she suddenly remembered there are some stuffs that she doesn't use anymore and so brought them for me.

One of them that I liked the best is this very old lamp!!
This is so beautiful antique lamp, I think! Yay!
I don't know what my husband would say about these kind of things, but I will definitely bring them back to my home!

I better a bit clean inside of the lamp, though it's so nice, isn't it?!
She also gave me antiqued cake rack, and same style bird cage to decorate greens inside, etc...

Thank you so much for her from here again!
Oh she is the one who made me a
lovely tote bag before.

And here is a cupboard which my grand parents were used.
I found this in the garage and immediately decided to bring back this, too!

I think it's nice to store the magazines or books of cross stitch, and also charts!!

My mum's home is actually my grand parents' home, so there are so many old things in this house. So I'm quite exciting to find something old!
I have found some lovely antique things already, and so I'm asking mum if I could bring back them, too.
But mum is worried about where I place them, as my home is small...

And also she is sure that my hubby wouldn't be happy if I brought them back (lol)
Don't worry, mum!

Finally piggie flu has come into my city... sigh
Schools are closed for some weeks, I heard.
I do really hope everyone is fine.

Take great care and Thanks for visiting!


Nancy said...

Hi Yuko! Your antique lamp and cupboard are wonderful. I know how excited you are to find these things because that is how I get when I find treasures too (as you already know!). I hope you will find a place for them when you return to your home. Have a happy day and take care!

Nihal said...

How many years old is the gas lamp, do you know? To me, it looks like a vintage one, but not an antique one.
I think you should go for painting as it's really rusted.
And the cupboard, yes it's also vintage one and could be nicer if you apply some painting or collage on it:)

I hope you will enjoy looking through your old stuff after renewed a bit:)

Theresa said...

I love the lamp!!! It is full of character~~~ I'm sure there is a lot of treasure you can find at your mom's house, since it once belonged to your grandparents~ It alwasy so much fun to go treasure hunting!!!