Monday, May 18, 2009

Now I'm with a big FROG... (sigh)

"Oh No!", "Oh No!"
This is what I have been kept saying nowadays... (lol)
It seems that there is a big frog on my back or somewhere very close to me!
I have been frogging so many times, oh how tiring this is!

Here is a "Mum's the word..." for my mum. I was thinking nothing wrong with this, BUT!
I found a big big mistake!
The tree has to be four linen threads right, so I have to frog the whole tree later... (sigh)

And here is another new project that I started today, this has started with specialty stitches and so it was quite hard for me to go forward...
When I get used it, I found that I shouldn't stitch it first, I stitched too much... oh no...

And after I frogged, another new specialty stitch has appeared, and when I finished it I found a big mistake and so I should frog this specialty stitch, yes everything... (big sigh...)

Please go away, a big FROG from me!! from here!!!

As for my health, as I knew that it's the side effect of medicine, I'm thinking I should get used it and face to this condition.
I still have fever everyday, but I got used it and so not like before...
So now I can stitch, only a little by little, though I'm happy with it!

Thank you so much everyone for thinking about my health always.
Everyone lefts comments with warm words which is concerning of my health.
I'm so touched by them everyday, but sorry that I can't reply to your comment at all...

Sweetie (my son) is getting more active than before, so I have to look after him with mum, so no time to read your blogs, no time to reply to e-mails, comments, etc... nowadays.
SO sorry, but when I have time, I will try to do my best for them!!

Here is a snap of his new bicycle from my mum as his 4th Birthday present!
He choose Micky Mouse's helmet, I knew that you will chose it! :D

Take care and have a lovely week!
Happy Stitching!


Margaret said...

Oh don't you hate those frogs? Ugh! I had a bit of that yesterday as well. Glad you're feeling somewhat better. I'm sorry to hear that the medicine will just make you feel this way and you have to get used to it. Hopefully it will get better, but since it's the medicine, I guess not. I'm glad your mom is there to help you -- she sounds so wonderful! You have a wonderful family and your son is so cute!

Nina said...

Good to see you are feeling better dear Yuko!! Don't worry about the frog ;))

Nancy said...

Just tell the frog to hop away that you have no time for him! I'm so happy that you are feeling better Yuko.

Sweetie looks like he is enjoying his new bicycle and Mickey Mouse helmet. Have fun!

valerie said...

Hope those frogs go away...I was visited by one last night too!

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a little bit better and can stitch.

Lovely bicycle for sweetie! Cute photo of him with his Mickey Mouse helmet!

Carol R said...

Just shoo those frogs away although your frog pictures are rather cute!

Love Sweetie's bicycle and the Mickey Mouse helmet - can I have a ride please Sweetie?


Theresa said...

Go away frog!!!
Sweetie is looking so cute with the bike and helmet!!

Deb said...

I hope that the frog leaves you soon. How tiring to have to frog all of that out!!!! Hopefully your next start will result in perfect stitches.

Sally said...

So glad to hear that you're feeling a little better but sorry you've had a few visits from the frog. Hope he stays away now:)

Lovely photos of you and your sweet son:)

Tammy said...

I LOL @ your photos of the frog--too funny. But I am sorry he's been visiting!

Julie said...

Nice to hear you are feeling a little better.
Lovely bicylce sweetie received.

Doris said...

oh the frogs!i hope they go away.

i am gald that you feel better,i hope the fever disapear soon.

loveley bike!

Carla said...

ugh those frogs :S hope they leave your home soon!!
Glad to read you're feeling better!