Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strawberry Diary 0526 And WIP

Strawberries, it's been only 3 days or less since I saw green berries, it suddenly turned to red like this!!

Today Sweetie picked them (only 3 though!) up, I think it must be a very great experience for him!

My mum put empty pet bottles in the planter and let strawberries up to be bathe in the sun, so suddenly they started turning into red!

First home raised strawberries!!

Sweetie : Yay! here it is, but I don't like fruits and veges, actually...

It's fun to raise veges and fruits at home, I always wanted Sweetie to have such experiences, so I'm so happy that we could!
More strawberries are growing and Tomatoes!
We are very looking forward to see them every day!

How was the taste??? mmm... (lol) it was quite sour, not sweet at all, haha!

Here is my WIP that I can show here at the moment.
I have been working secret project at the same time, so here it is, Blackbird Designs Freebie!
I didn't see the chart (thread colour) and went to the room where I store threads and picked up "Antique Rose" (GAST), as I thought it would be nice for this design.

And after I saw the chart, it was stitched by the same thread, "Antique Rose"! wow!
So I was very happy that I picked up same colour with a designer, as thinking it would be nice!

The white clover ("Shirotsumekusa" in Japanese) you can see above photo and below was from Sweetie for me!
When he took a walk with his grand-ma (my mum), he always brought back wild flowers for me.
Mum told me he always says "Do you think mummy will be happy if I gave this?"

How sweet boy he is! Sometimes too naughty and I'm fed up with it, though he has very sweet heart!!
Thank you so much, my dearest Sweetie Tass! I love you, too!

Sweetie has started his "English Rhythmic" class from today, and he was so happy and seemed he had very much fun!
So at home we did the same thing like "head, shoulders, knees and toes~" and played, it's fun for mums, too!
I hope he will continue this class and will be able to speak English fluently in the future, and want him to meet and talk with my dear friends abroad, especially with Auntie Carol!

Take care and have a lovely day!
Thanks for your visit!


grace said...

Wow~ the strawberries ripened so fast! Last year I grew strawberries and the first one I tasted was incredibly sweet, all the ones after that were eaten by a family of squirrels. The animals really seem to know the best. I feed my hamsters strawberries sometimes and when it's sweet they eat it, and when it's not they don't even go near it.

Your WIP looks so sweet. That's so funny how you just picked out the thread without knowing that it was the color the designer intended.

Those flowers are very sweet! What a lovely sweetie you have.

Deb said...

Such beautiful pictures as always! Those strawberries look so good. Ours should be coming in soon too.

Berit said...

I love those white clover blossoms--definitely my favorite flowers (wild or cultivated!) If you know, could you please tell me their name in Japanese? (kana or kanji--either one is fine. :)

As for strawberries, they are one of my favorite fruits! I wonder about them being too sour...maybe they should be on the vine a bit longer? (Not that I know too much about gardening...) They certainly look beautiful!

How much fun is it that your taste lined up so exactly with the designer's? I love that beautiful warm pink colour! I have a pencil (sort of) that colour and it is called "blush".

Theresa said...

Wow~~ those strawberries sure turn color quick!!! At least they look very delocious..... LOL
It must have been very excited for sweetie~~

Anonymous said...

Hello Yuko,

I just stumbled across your blog - you have a VERY nice blog! I enjoyed my visit, and of course your work.

Nina said...

Hmmm, strawberries look yummiiiii :) Delicious!!

Your progress on that lovely freebie is very beautiful, like your finished pincushion posted before.


Carol R said...

Wow your strawberries look delicious and mine are only just flowering! Great pictures!

The BBD freebie looks lovely and your clover flowers from Sweetie are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

The Eiffel Tower is going round the world ! It looks pretty when stitched, much more impressive for real !

Doris said...

the strawberries look so bright red, lovley stitching too.