Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mum's The Word...

Tomorrow, 10th of May (2nd Sunday of May) is a Mother's Day in Japan.
Last year I stitched "Love You, Mom" © Bent Creek for my mum, and this year I choose this design for her "Mum's the Word..." © Primrose Needleworks.

I have been working on spinning threads on bobbin as how I organized threads were not good idea for a lazy person like me, I was putting threads them in plastic bags like small ZipLock, and put them in the boxes.
But this idea wasn't really good TO me, I couldn't find what I want to find and so bought threads and at the end so many same colours were found in the box... silly me!

So now I can't find the recommended threads easily as I have been working on it and messing around with threads!
So recent work of mine, I changed colours a lot, but it doesn't mean that I don't like the recommended threads, just couldn't find them, lol

Anyways, so I changed colours for this pattern, too.
"Chrysanthemums" in #746 wasn't show up well, shame...
I didn't know "Chrysanthemums (菊)" and checked dictionary, and then the dictionary said it's used for funeral as well... so I asked Su if this pattern would be for dead person???
But Su told me, in England it's also the symbol of mum or mother's day!
In Japan also "Chrysanthemums" is used for funeral, so when Su told me about that I felt OK! go and start stitching! :D
Thank you, Su!

I added "2009 YUKO" above the word "Chrysanthemums", but I stitched it with one strand and so it was shown quite weak, but it's OK, I'm a modest, lol

Here is a humming bird, the chart was written to do backstitch, but I couldn't do beautifully, so I did long stitch. I think it's fine and beautifully done, though what do you think???

I framed this with beautiful mat, and presented to my "Surrogate Mum" in England.
I have been stitching the same design for my mum, too, as she loved this as well!
I heard that my "Surrogate Mum" received it safely, so I will share some photos of framed piece tomorrow!

Back to stitching, until tomorrow I would like to finish my mum's one!

Here is another diary "Tomato Diary" lol
Now we have been growing strawberries and tomatoes in the planter.

This is so nice experience for little kid to see and know how they grow up!

Here is a tomato's flower.
I didn't know that tomato's flower is yellow like this until now.

My mum is always thinking about my son Tass, thinking how she makes him happy, smile and make him excited!

I really appreciate for her, she doesn't do anything to me, she says "just relax now", but she is old so seems quite tough to nursing him all day.
Thank you, Mum!

P.S. To Bonnie who has left a comment on my last post, could you please tell me your e-mail address? Thanks.

Take care + Have a lovely weekend!
Thanks for visiting!!

Design : "Mum's the word... (Chrysanthemums)" © Primrose Needleworks
Fabric : 32ct Witchelt Linen (Sandstone)
Thread : GAST, CC, and DMC (I changed some colours)


Brigitte said...

Yuko, your work is always very beautiful. Your mom will be delighted.

Sheila said...

Your Mums gift for your surrogate mum (and your own mum) are beautiful . I just love the little hummingbird - it brings a special smile to the piece.
Your work is as lovely as ever :)

Melissa said...

Lovely present for your mom! I've eyed that chart before too!

Kids love to watch things grow. Your plants are looking very healthy! Happy gardening!

Nina said...

Beautiful work, Yuko! Stunning :)
Happy Mother's Day for you and your Mom!

Nancy said...

Yuko this is very beautiful! Your surrogate mum must be very happy to receive this. I think the hummingbird looks just perfect the way you have stitched it. Gorgeous work!

Thank you for sharing your Tomato Diary (and Strawberry Diary too!). I enjoy reading about these and watching them grow. I didn't know a tomato flower was yellow!

Happy Mother's Day to your mum!

Kate said...

The hummingbird is beautiful. I like the long stitch better than the backstitch. It looks like the bird is hovering on the fabric. I also keep my threads in bags but sort them into large bags or boxes by color # or Color. Keep stitching and smiling.

Berit said...

I also prefer the longstitch; it seems more elegant! Additionally, it is particularly suited to wings.

Theresa said...

This pattern is absolutely beautiful!!!!! I love the colors and the humming bird is sooo cute~~ I never seen a real one before I moved to California, but I have seen it so many times since I moved here~
I also planted tomatos on my balcony!!!! This is my first time and I hope it will be successful~

Jennifer said...

As usual, your work is just amazingly beautiful! I love how the hummingbird turned out with the long stitch!

Irene said...

Wonderful finish !

Dorothy said...

Yuko, you do such amazing work, and the flowers you and your hubby gave your mother are beautiful!
I hope you both had a wonderful Mother's Day.