Sunday, May 03, 2009

Beautiful Yesterday!! (lots of photos)

Now in Japan, most of people are having holiday, it's called "Golden Week", this holiday is the one we can have holiday without hesitation, as we Japanese can't have long holiday at all...

But we don't like crowded place and traffic jam, so we have no plan to go anywhere special in this holiday, so we are having just normal life!

Yesterday, we all went to church as my mum had something to do, so sweetie and I were playing together while she was working, as there is an extensive garden in the site of church, it's so great place for sweetie to play and running around!

Look at this beautiful photo above!! He looks feel so fine and peace!
I love this photo the best!!

He doesn't get used to play around outside as you may know about Japanese crowded cities... There are some parks near mum's house, but it's very small and nobody is playing outside... and also he couldn't enter to Preschool because I became ill...
So he doesn't have little friends around...
Sweetie, from next year, you can make so many friends, I'm sure!

Most of photos, he just followed my instructions, I asked him to lay down on the grass, take dandelion, etc... then he fed up with me asking him to pause from the middle way of taking photos, lol

I am very famous that I HATE insects, BUT, BUT!!!!
I'm getting used to touch or catch them (only little one, though!) a little by little.
So yesterday, I caught ladybugs and attelabidae insects for my sweetie!
CAN'T BELIEVE, that I caught them!!! Mum is tough!!

Hello there, from sweetie! This place is so beautiful and feel so peace!
He was running around, I was so happy to see him running as laughing!!

And again he is playing with CAR, lol... Yesterday my brother's family and we went out for shopping to buy my niece's Birthday Present (she asked grand-ma to buy new bicycle!).
And then my brother bought my son a shelf box for toy cars' which can also be a car park, because my brother saw that my sweetie mess up very much! lol
Thanks, brother T!
Look at this, lovely photo, isn't it! It's the first time he laid down on the grass!
I think he was feeling very good, and think it was very good experience for him!
That's why I like country side!!

I realized green makes people's heart so fresh and peaceful.
The scene is from the park to the river.

I found a very old bicycle trailer in the park, of course it's the first time for him to see this, so I told him about this that when we were child old people were using this to carry things.
He knew about this image as he loves to watch "My Neighbor Totoro"!

There were so many split woods, sweetie said "I'm pixie!" and playing to step up onto them.
After then he started pretend to be pixie, and so I called his name, he correct it and said to me "Mama, call me pixie" lol
Everyday like this, he becomes Micky, Minny, Tinker Bell, Daddy, etc... and also he asks my mum + I to be someone else... before I became TV! why??? lol
Kids are so funny!

This nice picture, do you think who took it?
3 years old sweetie took some nice photos of me!!
I think he is seeing that I'm taking photos almost everyday, he knew how to take photos, so he measured the distance, etc... and checked preview and said "uhmmm it was a bit small, so I take mama's photo again" , I was very surprised!

Here is our feet (shoes)! I took this photo when we sat down on the bench.
I love this kind of photos, too! :D

Just before we going back, we met Welsh Corgi named "Kotatsu", he was very gentle and we played with him a bit! He was so lovely!!

This Clover (Trefoil?) is present from Sweetie!
Thank you Sweetie! I'm so happy to receive sweet present from you!!
My mum told me when they are taking walk, Sweetie always say "If I gave Mama, Mama will be happy and cheerful?? What do you think, grand-ma??" and took field flowers.
How sweet of him, and I'm so touched by his warm heart.
Thank you Sweetie!

Sorry all, I'm preparing to send secret projects out now, so yet no stitching photos to share...
But thank you so much for your visit comments!
I appreciate for you all!
Take care + Happy Stitching!


Bine said...

All the pics are beautiful! I can't believe how big sweetie looks on the first picture. The one where he is laying in the grass. Sweetie and my (not so)little Lisa are about the same age, I think....

Theresa said...

These photos are beautiful!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day~~~~~

Nina said...

Love to see your wonderful photos!!
I think you had a really fantastic day :))


Brigitte said...

Such joyful and happy pictures. Enjoy all your days like that.

Carol R said...

Wonderful photos Yuko. I especially like the one of Sweetie and the dandelion - just look as those eyelashes! Now why don't I have eyelashes like those?

I owe you an email so I'm off to answer yours right now.


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What wonderful pictures and such a lovely day!

Kim D Messick said...

Sweetie is so adorable! Your pictures made my heart happy today!

Dianne said...

It looks like you had a very fun day! I love vacation days!

Margaret said...

What a fun day you had! You have a very sweet son!

Julie's Keepsakes said...

These are fabulous photos, Yuko! I can't believe you held that one bug with the antennas coming from it. YIKES!!! I would never - LOL.

You look gorgeous in that photo. I'm shocked a 3 year old took that. Good for him! :D

Angela said...

What beautiful photos. These are what memories are made of. You will always be able to look back at these magical days when Tass was playing with such energy and imagination. His imagination is fantastic. Playing like is so good for little children. I love the photo he took of you. It's beautiful :>) And the one you took of the shoes :>)
Carry on enjoying this precious time! Once Sweetie goes to kindergarten he will begin to change but this is good too.
Congratulations for losing some of your fear of insects :>) Ladybirds - yes! Spiders - definitely NO! Haha!
Hugs Angela

Berit said...

Green does make your heart feel peaceful, you are right.

Also, I love seeing the clover blossoms that sweetie gave you--Those are my very most favorite flower, and I haven't seen any this year yet, I realized. I like them because they are lovely, yet hardy.

Doris said...

thank to you Yuko for sharing this peacedull and happy moment with your kid, the picture are so beautiful.

i like insect,,but arachnids Noo!,i fear spiders...when i see one spider i run and scream like a chicken, mi DD and Hubby not fair..

Anonymous said...

Great photos! So beautiful, jolly and peacefull :)

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful and happy photos Yuko! You made me smile. I am so glad that you and Sweetie had such a fun day. He is adorable, and you look so pretty. He had so much fun playing in the countryside, didn't he? I don't like bugs either, but I love ladybugs and fireflies. I hope you continue to have such happy days, and I hope they make you feel very good.

Anonymous said...

Looking at your photos makes me happy! Your son is such a doll and the weather looks beautiful. It is already very hot here. It also seems you are feeling a little better? I hope so and hope your doctors have found what is wrong and are treating you well. I have an illness that gives me great pain, weak and fatigues and doesn't let me do what I want to always - very frustrating - but each day is new and I am glad for it! Hope you and your family enjoy the lovely weather a lot!

Nihal said...

Beauty+full yesterday, gorgeous today and hope+full tomorrow:)
So lovely post w/ stunning photos from one of my fave spots in the world, Japan. One to another my curious clicks brought me on your page, lucky me ha:)
Howdy from Istanbul.
Watashi mo nihongo-ga hanasu koto ga dekiru. Mo- ichido kite yomu to omoimasu.
O-genki de, Yukosan~

Tammy said...

Aw, what adorable photos Yuko! You are beautiful and your son is precious!

Carla said...

It seems that all of you had a realy good time! Isn't it nice to have some quality time with family?!

Your boy is so cute! I loved the photo that shows him with a flower. It's just alike that photos in beautiful books shot by famous photographers.

Just like you, I don't like crowded places and humongous traffic jams and I prefer to spend holydays at home. As everybody goes out of the city, crowding anywhere else and facing those traffic jams, our day by day place seems much more peaceful.

Oh, and just one more thing: just like you, I also HAAAAATE insects. Except ladybugs. hahahaha!

Congrats for your gorgeous photos. I love coming visit you because you always have beautiful handwork and lovely photos.

Lillie said...

What a great beautiful day both of you had. Happy holidays !

Andrea said...

Beautiful photos.