Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Speechless... Gift From Carol R. (lots of photos)

Yesterday, I found a puffy envelope in the post, and it was from Carol R.!!!
She mentioned that she sent sweetie + me something about a week ago, and it arrived safely yesterday afternoon!
When I said "Oh sweetie, there is a parcel from Carol!" in Japanese, but he replied to me "Oh, Auntie Carol?" in English! (lol)

I was so thrilled to open it, and as always I opened the envelope with my sweetie Tass!
This time my mum was also with us looking forward to seeing what's in there!

Once I opened envelope, there were many of gifts everything was beautifully wrapped!
I was already touched by seeing them, I felt her warm heart already then...

First, we opened Present for Tass.
He was so excited to see what's inside, there were Thomas's English books, Jelly beans (Auntie Carol knows how much he loves jelly beans!) and some miniature toys!!

Look at them!! How sweet of her, she bought them for my son when she went to London with her grand daughter Kirby!
They are too cute!!! Tass was crazy about them soon he saw them, but I also fell in love with these tiny sets!!

Look at this sweet pink Mini!! I love this photo, so I will make postcard with this photo, later!
I asked Tass "Can you give me this Pink Mini???", he immediately said "No~!!!", lol
I just teased him! :D
Now he makes a town and there is London city, but he is thinking London is a country, lol
It's difficult to understand for 4 years old boy yet... but he knows American, Japanese, Canadian, England's flags already!

And she kindly sent him some British coins to play!!
How thoughtful lady she is! Now he is playing with them! Thanks Carol!
His real PIL didn't send him anything for his Birthday, but he is so lucky boy who is always thought by many friends of mine!!
Thank you so much for your constant consideration, Carol and also my friends!!

AND!!! Here they are!!! What sweet Carol sent me!
She isn't pinky type, though she knows that I like pink, so she sent me pinky stuffs!
Thank you so much, Carol!!

HERE!!! I was just speechless, not WAS still NOW, I'm speechless of seeing her perfect work!
This is what I was always seeing as drooling every time she made and posted on her blog.
My mum was also speechless to see her stunning work!!
I took many of this pincushion (how can I use this as pincushion!!), so please look at this her perfect work for a while...

Can you see my name YUKO at the corner?

And also can you see CAROL's name, too?

I'm sure you all are seeing this as drooling like me!

She knew that I love this pincushion so much, so she was secretly making this for me, I heard!
I'm so lucky enough to be a recipient of this her work, thank you so much Carol!!

Here is another her beautiful work, scissor fob!
Lovely, isn't it?! She added a charm which was written "Made with Love".
Yes, definitely this was made with her love, I felt!

Thank you SO SO much, Carol as always!
You made our day, indeed!
I really appreciate for you!

Here is an additional silly billy photo of me, lol
I was cooling my forehead with ice, and tied it by handkerchief, not I was dancing (lol)

I said I have been feeling better than before maybe on the last post, but still have been suffering from fever...
It's not piggie flu, so don't worry everybody, but it's side effect of medicine.
And it's getting higher and higher nowadays.
But I think my body has got used to it, so I don't feel ill much even though I had high fever.
Just feel hot and thirsty very much...

In Japan piggie flu is spreading, new patients was found in Tokyo area...
Actually the prefecture where I am present now is most popular for piggie flu, but if it's spread in Tokyo area, it would be awful!
It will soon spread around Tokyo area as there are so many people.
My hubby's company is in the center of Tokyo, and he goes to company by crowded train everyday, so he should be very careful for it...
I hope it won't spread much...

Take care + Thanks for visiting
And happy stitching!


samplerlover said...

Hi Yuko,
Well what can I say about your Aunty Carol. What an amazing lady. She is a wonderful Non MIL.
What a beautiful pincushion. It is to beautiful to use. It is a work of art. The presents for Sweetie are lovely. I love the London collection. My Sister when she goes overseas used to buy little things like this for my sons. They have a special set of shelves hanging in their bedrooms with all these special treasures on them. In fact my eldest son has taken them with him and has them on display in his home.
I'm glad that you are feeling a lot better. We have a couple of cases now of piggie flu in Australia. - Sandra.

Brigitte said...

Oh Yuko, what wonderful gifts for your sweetie and you. Carol must be a very special lady indeed. Enjoy everything!
I hope your feeling better will continue in spite of the fever. And I hope the swine flu won't be spreading more in your country.

Carol R said...

I'm glad you and Sweetie are happy with your gifts. Keep well and safe from the piggie flu!

Evik said...

Yuko, these are wonderful gifts for you and your sweetie :) Carol is really an amazing woman!

Sally said...

Wow what wonderful gifts for you and Tass from Carol! The pincushion is so beautiful.

zigzago said...

Hi Yoko, realy wonderfull gifts from Carol! The pincushion i a real perfect beauty! Renata.

Berit said...

These are all so wonderful!!

I have to say that I love Sweetie's gifts as much as yours! (I love foreign monies and tiny things like little metal cars).

Doris said...

oh my!! the pincushion is just,perfect!! the stitches in the corner are so perfect, beautiful gift Yuko.

i hope your body adjust soon the medine, is hard time wait the adjustment and with fever more.

take care of the A-Flu.

Deb said...

What absolutely wonderful gifts for you and Sweetie. That pincushion is absolutely beautiful. Such a lucky girl to have a friend like that!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Oh wow sure got beautiful things from Carol. That was so very sweet of her to send you all of that as well as for your son too.

I dearly love that Pincushion. I could not use that as a Pincushion. That would go in a Curio Cabinet or something. That is way too beautiful.

I am so glad that you got all of that cause you deserve it.

I hope and pray that your fever goes away pretty soon and that your husband won't get the Piggy Flu.

Congratulations to you and to your son for all of the wonderful gifts that you got.

I love your is so pretty and I read it every day.

Take care & Happy Stitching

Patti said...

What a wonderful gift you received from Carol. I do hope you stay very well and don't get the swine flu. Love Patti xxx

Melissa said...

Aunty Carol's gifts are wonderful. Tass must be so pleased with his gifts - love that Double Decker bus!

Wishing you lots of health.

Theresa said...

Carol is one amazing woman!!!! She is so thoughtful!!!! Such perfect gifts for you and sweetie~~~

Nancy said...

Yuko these gifts are gorgeous! Carol is so talented, isn't she? Very beautiful stitching and finishing. I love Sweetie's miniature set of London! Thank you for sharing your lovely gifts. Take good care of yourself.

Jeanie said...

Carol's work is stunning ! Such beautiful gifts for you and your sweetie !
Take care.

Mayumi said...



熱、大丈夫? もう慣れたようなことも書いてあるようだけど