Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday dear friend! - "Love Notes"

I heard that my dear friend received her present from Japan for a while ago, but after that no sound... Didn't she like this gift? lol
By the way, Happy belated birthday, dear my friend!

I have shown this as sneak peaks and as finished piece, then I finished as this into a sachet.

My friend doesn't do cross stitch nor embroidery.
This is designed as pincushion, though I added lavender in this mini and long pillow to let her sleep well, as I heard that she couldn't sleep well as she was thinking a lot about something when the last time we chatted.

I was very in hurry, so photos are not good, the below one is blury... sorry!
I added tassells on four conors of this sachet.

Just a quick post, I must take bath with Sweetie, and mum is nagging me to stop
playing with PC as always! lol

Strawberries are getting bigger a little by little.
And getting a bit red, now!
These were taken on 20th, so still green, though!

Must go!!!!
So, bye for now,
Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stitching!

Pattern Name : Love Notes
Designed by : Paulette Stewart
Company :
Plum Street Samplers
Fabric : 35/36ct unknown white linen
Thread : DMC
Finished as : Pincushion / Sachet


Margaret said...

You always finish your pieces so nicely, Yuko! I bet your friend loves it! Your strawberries are looking good too!

Cole said...

What a beautiful gift for your friend!

zigzago said...

Your friend will be very happy with this beautifull gift! Renata.

Nancy said...

The pincushion you made for your friend is very pretty, and I'm sure she must love it Yuko!

Thank you for sharing an update on your strawberries. The next update we will be able to see the red. I love strawberries!

grace said...

What a wonderful birthday gift for your friend. She must truly love it!

Your strawberries are growing well. I used to grow strawberries, but the squirrels always got to them first. I only got to eat one single strawberry.

Theresa said...

Such a lovely gift~~~~~~

Carol R said...

A lovely pincushion you made for your friend's birthday - I am sure she loves it!

Your strawberries are much further advanced than mine are as they are only just flowering. I haven't bothered with tomatoes or potatoes this year.

Doris said...

lovlely stitching and finish, like always very beautiful.

Brigitte said...

A wonderful gift for your friend, Yuko. I hope you will soon hear back from her.

Sally said...

It is absolutely beautiful Yuko.

Sally said...

It is absolutely beautiful Yuko.

stefaniamascitti said...

I'm stefania from italy and i like so much your work.They are so beautiful....See you late stefy