Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sweet Cousins & Silly Auntie...

Today, my brother's kids were here to see their grand-ma and play with my son!
They were running around in the house as screaming, it sounded so funny!
Kids are so sweet!
Here is a photo of my Sweetie's cousins!
They are so sweet, they are 8 and 6, and Sweetie is 4. I think 8 years old boy doesn't care about a little kid much, but this lovely nephew is so sweet and he always care and look for Tass so much!

Boys are running around everywhere, jumping on the bed, etc...! So active!But 6 years old girl doesn't join them much, she was drawing princess, etc... so I played with her to be a model.
I passed her Tass's toy glasses and let her wear my scarf and what do you say? Hair-band?
I let her wear it on her head, and told her to pose for a picture like a model!
How is she? Isn't she cute?! She was poisoned by lacquer, so her cheeks were red and swollen yet, poor niece... Get well soon!
Here is a silly auntie Yuko... (lol)
My niece asked me to do the same, and she took this photo, haha!

Silly me, but I'm always like this, I love to amuse children so much, so when I always take photos of kids, I make noise like pig grunt to make them smile!
Oh... here... Now I'm addicted to this, Yes, Kiri!!!
Why is this such delicious???

I can't stop eating Kiri, when one of near supermarket did sale on Kiri, we bought 20 boxes!!!
Crazy, aren't we?!

I'm dreaming to sleep on the bed which was made by Kiri... lol

Tomato's stems are growing so much, but not much flowers yet...
And here is a flower, it's very small though, is this really be a tomato after the flower finished???
I hope it will go well!!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments always.
I'm so behind, actually no time to read everyone's blog at the moment, so I haven't been visiting your blogs for a long time, either leaving comments, though please forgive me!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thank you for your visit!


Nancy said...

The kids are all very sweet! Auntie Yuko looks like she has so much fun with them!

Thank you for posting an update on your Tomato Diary. I never knew they had flowers! I hope they will grow well for you.

grace said...

Being around kids always makes me smile! It's great to see you and the kids had a great time!
I hope there will be a tomato replacing the flower soon! :)

Julie said...

A fun time had by all it seems.

Theresa said...

Sounds like a very fun day~~~ The kids are so sweet~~

Doris said...

The kids always bring us happyness and joy, they are a light in the life.
when i ssee the smyle in the face of my Daughter, i am happy.

Good luck with the tomato,the aroma and taste of a freshly cut tomato is delicious.

angelasweby said...

Yuko, what lovely photos of Tass with his cousins. They all look so happy and you too, I think, you enjoy playing with the children very much :>)
What a shame about your sister's daughter having a problem with the lacquer, i hope she is better very soon.
Like you i just love Kiri and I have a lovely recipe that uses this to make a cake. I will email it to you .
Your tomato plants are very advanced. ours are only the size of your hand !!!
Thinking of you all with love Angela

Susan said...

It looks like your son had a wonderful time playing with his cousins!

Carol R said...

Looks like Sweetie had a fun day with his cousins and so Aunt Yuko did too!