Monday, November 27, 2006

Joyeux Noel

Here is the pretty design "Joyeux Noel" from "Echevette" France!
I made a mount with red fabric and added snowflake spangles on it.
I think it looks became more Christmassy!

This is a very small pattern, so I could make it for about 1.5 days, even I am a beginer as you know! I really enjoyed stitching along, this time too!
Thanks Echevette!I love your design very much!

Sorry for my poor English, it's shame that I can't express about what I want to say properly in English, sigh...

"Joyeux Noel "Free chart @
Echevette Dominique A.Started : 2006/11/07
Finished : 2006/11/09

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Little Bear Backpack

I had been thinking that I wanted to make this small backpack for my son as a small gift, when he started walking.

He loves this bear very much and he always nestle his cheek on this! Isn't he lovely?!
I want to take a picture of him shoulder this backpack, but recently he is walking around, so I can't take a picture properly at allI like to see the scene that he is toddling his way shoulder this backpack on his small back, it always makes me smile!


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Reindeer Tapestry

Recently, I have been stitching Christmas things!
This time what I stitched is "Reindeer Tapestry" from LECIEN (Japanese maker).
It was the first time for me to make a Tapestry, and it was also the first time to stitch on "Linen Band".
It was quite easy to stitch on this cloth, I mean it was very smooth to stitch along and finished.
I like this colors combination very much, it makes me feel warm!
Now it's hanging on the wall at the entrance in my house!

Reindeer Tapestry LECIEN
Started : 2006/11/03
Finished : 2006/11/07

Monday, November 20, 2006

Antique Christmas Trees

For the Christmas of this year, I have chosen and decided to stitch this "Antique Christmas Trees" from JBW designs, because it seemed very small and simple so I thought it would be a better choice for the beginer!

Here are the photos of them which I have stitched!
The design is very simple as I wrote above, but, I think this is so cute as seeing the finished piece in the frame!
I made mount with dark green velvet by myself and it very suits well with gold frame which I bought at IKEA!

There was no IKEA in Japan, but recently two stores have just opened! And moreover, one has opened in our city, so we often go there for shopping, only buy small things, though!

Well, I added a gold tree charm between the reindeers, and rabbit's tail was stitched by french knots. It looks gorgeous in a gold frame, doesn't it?! I'm really satisfied about this result!


JBW "Antique Christmas Trees"
Started : 2006/10/29
Finished : 2006/10/31

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Coeur de bienvenue

"Coeur de bienvenue" from Echevette has just finished today!
Echevette is one of my favourite blog (site) and when I saw this design at the site, it was like "first sight love", and I have downloaded it immediately, it has just hit my heart (lol)!

I trimmed around the edge with linen lace just inside the frame, it looks became really cute!

Recommends colour is #ecru (DMC) but I used #blanc, because the colour of fabric I used was quite similar with #ecru, so it didn't show well the outline or the heart itself much. That's why I used #blanc instead.

To stitch along white area of this big heart was quite tough, but I enjoyed stitch along synthetically!
I had been excited to see the finished piece, so I was really happy when I have done this!!

"Coeur de bienvenue"Free Chart @ Echevette Dominique A.
Started : 2006/10/05
Finished : 2006/10/25

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tissue Box Case

I made "Tissue box case" as refering the book. (see details below...)
I had been thinking that to make this would be easy, but actually it wasn't for me...

It was quite difficult than I thought.
Here are the photos of them. This flower fabric is from the famous fabric shop in Japan "CHECK&STRIPE", and I also used "half linen", blue checked fabric for the edge.
It looks really different from the model in the book, this is more familiar than the model, I think.

Actually I wanted to make one more with different fabbies, more classy one, but it's enough, LOL

I don't have enough encouragement to make the same one again...
But I like this and am very satisfied of this result!

"Watashi rashiku Kurashitai" ---- Saori Obata sewing recipe (2004/11)See details...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Three small motifs

I've remembered that I had three small frames in the closet which I've bought for a long time ago.
Then the nice idea suddenly came up in my mind!

I decided to stitch small motifs for those small frames.

I searched and found really nice designs for them.
I stitched with dark brown thread (forgot the DMC #...),

A bird is from free chart @ Echevette, and other two are also free chart from A Mon Ami Pierre.
I've chosen and extracted these three motifs from their charts.

Actually I've mistaken to center the fabric for the first one, so tried to add the lace design on the top, and it became much better than nothing, so... it means I should have added the "lace" for other two as well to unify! lol

These are very cute I think and they are my favourites now!
They are hanging on the post (pillar) in my house now!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I've chosen and stitched this free Halloween chart for this year!
I should have been more carefully, but I had cut the fabric when I was really sleepy... Therefore when I've noticed at it, unfortunately there was no enough space each cornaers at all...

So I thought deeply and tried to have an idea to trick...
I sew brown cloth around each corners on the stitched fabric, then glued bunches of sticks and pine cones on it!
I think it would be better than in a frame, I just had an idea floating in my brain about how to finish it!
'm quite happy with this result!

From : Si le point metait compte... (Free Chart)
Started : 2006/09/11
Finished : 2006/09/15

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Not For You!

I stitched this Hummel's "Not For You" for my son!
I have really lovely Hummel's figure (in the below of this picture) that my husband has bought for my son as a souvenir from business trip in Germany!

This design is very sweet and I love it!
At first, I thought I won't be able to finish this as I saw there were so many threads inside the kit, but It was really fun to stitch along beyond expectation!
I would like to try another Hummel's Kit someday again!

© Hummel "Not For You" (Kit)Started : 2006/06/09Finished : 2006/06/29

Friday, November 10, 2006

Lovely Tiny Pin Cushion

I didn't have any pin cushions for cross stitch needles yet, and there is a little baby around me anytime, so I really needed to hurry up to make a pin cushion for cross stitch needles and my son!!

The bear at the left on the picture is my son's favorite! Still I didn't know much about cross stitch, so I didn't know where I can buy DMC threads etc... and there was no shops where sell DMC threads near my house, so I used Cosmo threads instead.

When I have shown this pin cushion to my son, he made big smile and hugged this tightly!
Lovely, isn't he?!

From : De fil en aiguille No.12 (Design by P. Samouiloff)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My first work!!

This beautiful red work has became my first cross stitch work!!
Since when the first time I've seen this flower letter on the book, I really had been longing to do stitch this flower letter!

I didn't know much about cross stitch yet then, so this ignoramus (lol) had stitched this complicate pattern on the tripled-gauze cushion cover with waste canvas... LOL!
Of course it was so hard and took time to finish up as it was the first time.
It's definitely reckless, but was quite fun for me to DO cross stitch!

I really like this cushion cover, it's my favourite!
But my son (one year old) doesn't know how my efforts, he wiped on the floor with this cushion!!

From : "marie claire idees POINT DE CROIX"

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nice to meet you!

Hello, This is Yuko from Japan.
I love cross stitching and crafting a lot!
I have just started to cross stitch since May, 2006 (about a half year ago...), when my son has became one year old!
I have been studying English now, therefore please over look my funny English, sometimes :D
I'm looking forward to making stitcher friends who can share the same hobby and passion!

Please feel free to leave comments.