Thursday, September 27, 2007

My very first Angel!

Finally, finally, finally, the first Angel for the "PS Wreath SAL" has finished now!!!
I'm too late and so I was really worried about this.
About this SAL always reminds me hurry to DO, but I really took matters easy, I was thinking that this design is quite easy to stitch and would be finished quickly, but actually not at all...

Full of BS and gold thread made me almost crazy, lol...
It was the first time for me to use gold thread, but as I've heard of it, it's really hard to stitch!
Uhh, there are many designs left which is used gold threads... sigh.

But what helped me is, this Angel's peaceful face and lovely sheep!
Look at this Angel's face, it really makes me feel relief.

Actually I have seven Angels to go, lol
Have enough time??? asking myself, but will try to do my best to finish as the schedule!

Well, now I'm so feeling better because I could finish the one I really had to do!

"Blackwork Angels" (Book No. 103) © Prairie Schooler
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory) with DMC (Gold = #E3821), 1 strand

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BBP Exchange FROM Claudia!

Claudia and I have became friends just recently through comments, and when we asked our Birthday each other, they were really close, and so we've decided to do "BBP Exchange" (Belated Birthday Present Exchange) LOL!
Because we definitely couldn't manage it when counted the date, there wasn't enough time at all... That's why it was named BBP, lol

And! Oh my goodness! Finally the parcel from Italy just has arrived safely to me today!It was from Claudia, and wow wow wow!!!
Just look at this wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, stunning work!!

When I opened the parcel, and saw this her work, my hands just has started to shaking, and couldn't blink for a while...
After that, I kept giving lots of sighs of seeing beauty in front of me!

What a beautiful work she has done! I can't believe that I can have it with me!
Inside fabbie is really beautiful and suit well for this "Pinkeep & Needlebook".
She also added a beautiful scissor and really sweet perfume for me!

Thank you so much, Claudia!
I can't find the words, well I was so touched by this Birthday Present from you!!
I think I can't sleep well tonight, LOL!

And I thank god to give me such wonderful opportunities to have fantastic friends around the world!
And I'd really appreciate for my dear friends all!

Thanks again Claudia, for such lovely presents for me!!!
I've sent out the parcel to you today, so it'll arrive for about 3-4 days later!
I really hope you'll like what I've made for you...
Hugs, xx

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday Present from SU !

I 've got another wonderful Birthday Present from Su!
It really surprised me a lot!!
It was unexpected present, because we told our Birthday each other very recently, so there might not have enough time for her to manage this wounderful scissor fob to send it in time for my Birthday!
I was greatly touched by her heart... Thank you so much, dear Su!

Look at this beautiful work and colours!
I'm sorry I couldn't take photos of them nicely, but in the real life, it's absolutely beautiful indeed!

And again, look at this beautiful and wounderful micro stitch!
She has done "tent stitch" which I don't even know how to do it yet, lol, but it's just wounderful!
(Please see some beautiful photos of this scissor fob @ Su's blog, lol)

She added a very beautiful scissor as well, I also wanted to buy a sharp scissor, so I'm really happy x 2! , actually x 1000000000000, LOL

Su, your works are always lovely and wonderful, you are the best!
As I told you, I really really love this!
Thank you so much again for your sweet heart!
Let's keep in touch!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Birthday Present from Hong Kong

I received the parcel from Hong Kong a day before my Birthday, it was from littlehands in Hong Kong!
She gave me a lovely pincushion (she stitched my initial "Y" on it) and a lovely chart from "M designs", and...

The board which she named "Needle Park", this is her idea and she has got an idea from car-park, (lol) lovey idea, isn't it?!
She stitched my name on it, and when I pull the lace on the left, her Birthday message which she stamped on the felt has appeared!
Wow! Thanks for a lovely idea, littlehands!

She thought and thought again what to make for my Birthday, and made such lovely things for me.
She knows that I'm doing many stitching at the same time, so she thought that I must need lots of needles, so this "Needle Park" has came up into her mind, I heard.
She might be very busy, but she spent her private time for me...

Thank you so much littlehands, indeed!
And "Pink" has just hit my heart! (lol)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Present from my friend and cousin

I don't know why, but this year I've got so many books for my Birthday!
Again, these books are Birthday Present from my friend Yukari and from my cousin Keiko.

Yukari gave me a photo-book of "Prince Edward Island", she knows my taste!
We have very similar taste and thinking, and we both like PEI, Tasha Tudor or Chihiro Iwasaki (Japanese watercolour painter)!
This time she has chosen PEI book for my Birthday. Thank you Yukari!

Here is a Birthday Present from my cousin Keiko. She also gave me a photo-book "Hoshino Monogatari" which shows about the life of North Pole.
There are lots of Arctic animals, aurora etc... very beautiful book indeed!

Thank you so much Yukari and Keiko!

Birthday Present from Hubbie

These are Birthday Present from my husband!
I asked him to buy something about cross stitch for me for this year, and so I made my "Wishlist" to help him (lol)!

He saw my "Wishlist", but he didn't choose anything from my "Wishlist" (lol) and bought some books about cross stitch for me!
This is from the US, "STITCH", there are so many kinds of stitches other than cross stitch on it.
Very beautiful and wonderful ideas of interior are on it as well!

Here is "marie claire idees" from France, there is also some kind of stitches other than cross stitch on it. I like this series of "marie claire idees", this is also a very nice book indeed!

Here is a cross stitch magazine from Italy for children.
There are so many designs for children, there are also some knitting designs on it.
They all are very colourful and I thought it's really Italian-like!

And another present is "Lisa & Gaspar" (I don't know how to spell correctly...) dolls, (lol).
He might believe that I still like this kind of dolls like a little girl, LOL!
But thank you, hubbie!
They all are really wonderful and I like all of them a lot!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birthday Present from Mum

This year, I've got so many wonderful books as my Birthday Present!!

Here is a Birthday Present from my mum, she gave me a book which I asked her before, as a Birthday Present!

The book I asked her is "Cartonnage Brode" from France, it's an absolutely beautiful and wonderful book!

This is what I was looking for!!
Thanks, mum! I'm still being a really spoiled daughter, lol!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all the friends who gave me
Birthday Wishing, warm hearts and lots of presents!
Thanks to you all, I could have a wonderful Birthday!

I wish I could express my emotion or feeling with words in English properly... but can't at the moment with my ability, lol
So, simply say, I am so happy to met you all my friends!
And I'm so happy to be with my family, being a mum of you, my lovely son "T"!


Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy **th Birthday!

It is my **th Birthday today!
I became thirty something years old.
We went out for dinner and celebrated
my Birthdaywith famiy at the restaurant!

It might sound a bit strange, but I have never been
celebrated by so many people, like this year.
I've already got many BP from family and friends!!
I thank you so much indeed for everyone!

Have a nice weekend and enjoy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blue Bird Pincushion

I think now I'm in a stitching slump, I don't know why but I don't feel like stitching so much than before, as I wrote the last post.

So I startd to stitch from a small thing, like Pincushion, etc...
Then last night I made this Pincushion!

I was looking for the right size design from magazines, and found this bird!
I thoguht it would be more casual but, after I saw this finished piece, I thought it's not casual at all (lol), so changed my mind!

I added peral-lace around the wooden cup and I sew drop-shaped coaster for this Pincushion. It's actually not my taste (lol), but sometimes this kind of elegant things make me feel gogeous and rich, LOL
By the way, I have so many things to stitch!!
There is no time, shouldn't have rest and nap (lol), hurry hurry!

From De fil en aiguille "TOUT BLEU" / 32ct DMC Linen (white)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

"Drop-shaped" Coasters

Since I've finished some exchanging, I don't know why but suddenly I don't feel like stitching at all...

so... I've made these coasters by sewing machine!
It's very easy to sew up and there are many ways to use, like...

and like this... I made lots of them and present them in return to my friends who gave me lovely presents before!
I realised when if I don't feel like cross stitching, I would do make something by sewing macihe!Then my feeling would be refleshed and be better!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gift from Singapore...

About a week ago, I've got a surprise gift from Singapore! It was from Joei, who is one of my Blogger friend. I was so surpised because I haven't expected receive one from her at all.

There were very beautiful stitched card and a really curios red box in there!
She stitched the "Thank You!" card by herself, it was so beautifully stitched, and I was touched her letter very much.

In the red box, there was really beautiful Biscornu which she stitched for me, and also she dyed the fabric with tea (18ct Aida)!
This is so beautifl, isn't it?! I was really impressed
I have never done any Biscornu yet, but I was really interested in stiching Biscornu, so this perfect Biscornu will be my model!
Her stitch is so beautiful, I have to learn by imitating her beautiful stitching!

Actually, I don't deserve this at all, to receive such lovely gift from her...
Well, she has sked me to translate some Japanese charts (
Fujico Collection) into English, if it does OK with me, for a long time ago. It was a really polite message, but actually I hesitated a bit to translate them beause my English ability is not good enough to transltate them at all, I thought...
So I told her so and then promised it but only the key parts (like, 2 strands, etc..).

After I've received the charts, unfortunatelly I was quite busy, in the day time everyday I had to chasing around my son, and at night there were some exchanges etc... so I had to stitch...
I knew I had to her translate, but it took 3 months from her order to I've sent it out
I kept her waiting for 3 months, I really should apologize her, but whenever I mailed her, she was very kind to me and just say "I know you are busy, so please take you time!"...

When I've sent out the translated charts to her, I added a pair of "
Hardanger Coasters" which I've made for a luv luv couple.
She was so happy to received the envelope from me, and this time she made me a Biscornu and a card instead...
Actually I have to say sorry to her, kept her waiting so long, but how nice she is!
Do I actually deserve this lovely gift???
But, thank you so much for your kindness and pure herat, Joei!
Your gifts made my soooo happy and they will be my treasure, too!And moreover, I'm happy that we became friends from this exhange!

Thanks again! Hugs xx

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pinkeep Exchange FROM Su !

I think some people already might know about this, but!FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, the parcel from Su had safely arrived to me in Japan on Monday!It might sounds funny or silly, but I was under extreme tension, so couldn't open the parcel for about an hour! LOL

My mom laught at me, and asked me "Shall I open it instead??? (lol)" many times, but OF COURSE I wanted to open it by myself when I became calm down!I had nice flavoured tea from France (which Domy has sent me), and tried to be calm down, and finally I've opend the parcel...

This is the pinkeep for our "Pinkeep Exchange" from Su, the design is from LHN!
She had chosen this design as she knew that I like LHN and CCN!It's soooooooo lovely and beautiful, isn't it!!

Finally I could see Su's work in person, I'm a sooooooo lucky girl, aren't I?!

She trimed the edges with double silk ribbons, and the flower braid, and added red and black glass pins (like ladybugs )around the pinkeep.
The backing fabbie is also beautiful and sooooooo suit well for this pinkeep!
She is absolutely wonderful as I always feel, her stitching and finishing are perfect indeed, and truly she is talented!!!!!

She added some beautiful wee things too, the beautiful colourfull fabbie and the hand dyed threads!I really like these soft colours of threads, but how shall I use for these threads?

What colour of fabrics suit well for these threads do you think? Please give me some of your ideas!(My present plan is, stitch the Noel design (from AMAP) with this threads on a deep red linen, what do you think?)

Well, I'm sooooooooooooooo happy for our wonderful "Pinkeep Exchange" this time!
Su asked me to do next exchange, this sweet offer made me extremly happy!

Thanks Su! You are really torelant, I'd really appreciate for this our met, although it is only online, but we definately hope to stay friends for a long time!

Dear Su, "THE WORD" for the next exchange, I will think about it and tell you later! Big Hugs xx