Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas tree of scissors

A day before yesterday, "Christmas tree of scissors" has just finished!I like Echevette but also like this free charts from the blog "The Meri Wonderer"!

I made this with 18ct fabric and the size was just fitting in the normal (Japanese size, though...) photo frame!
Isnt't this lovely?!
Christmas tree part was a bit complecated, but other than that were quite easy to stitch along, so I could finish this for about 1.5 days!

"Christmas tree of Scissors" Free chart @ The Meri Wonderer© Meridel Abrams
Started : 2006/12/15
Finished : 2006/12/17

Trying to knit

Recently I've started to try to knitting!
Actually, I'm really not good at knitting, it's terrible at all, lol...

So now my mum is teaching me how to do it as sitting beside me...(My mum is visiting us and staying at my home now!)

This green doiry is made by my mum!Actually I wanted to make this doiry by myself as the first work, but couldn't make it, lol.So my mum made it instead.

And this motif is that I have been trying to knit now!
The colours are really nice and that's just my taste (This would be a small bag)!

I really don't know whether that I could make it or not, but will try to do my best to complete this bag!I'll post the photo when it has done!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Blackboard Clock

Thanks for stopping by!

This time, I show you Blackboard Clock that I made.
It was quite easy to made.

You just need Blackboard, hands of clock, and test tube to put flower in, that's all!

Just put hands into the blackboard, then glue test tube on it!
Isn't it easy?!

I wanted to draw the dial and some messages on the blackboard with chalk, but couldn't do nicely and lovely at all, that's why it's just simple and blank, lol

But it looks quite sharp and modern without writing, I think!Please try to make it! It's quite easier than you think!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Souvenir d' Alsace

Thanks for stopping by!
Last night, "Souvenir d' Alsace" from
Echevette was finished!
I'm one of big fan of Echevette, really love desgins that she makes!

This time, I used stripe fabric for the frame, and added big white buttons on the four corners.

At the first time when I saw this pattern, there was an idea came up into my mind to use red polka dot fabric for the frame, but it was so-called "red", so it didn't suit DMC#498 which I used to stitch for this chart.
Therefore I used this stripe cloth instead this time!

I'm quite satisfied with this result!
I'm planning to put it on the rails on the wall which I bought @ IKEA a few weeks ago!

"Souvenir d' Alsace" Free chart by Dominique A. @ Echevette
Started : 2006/11/23
Finished : 2006/11/30