Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hi, I'm Back with this!

Hi, I'm back here! It was a very hot day today, like in August... but I'm still surviving!
I have been stitching this LHN's "Simple Joys" when I was feeling fine.
It has not done yet, though I wanted to post this today, as today is the special day for me.

Recently I have been messing up (always? lol) threads, so it was quite hard to find the right threads the chart calls for (actually I couldn't find them out), so I looked for similar colours of threads for this design, so most of the threads are different from the chart calls for...

Actually I have plenty of time to stitch when I'm feeling fine, but now I'm addicted in gaming online (silly me!), but I will finish this in this week or in the near future!

Tomorrow my friends will come to my house to stitch together!!
How fun would that be!

I'm going to look for charts we will stitch, we will decide which one we will stitch, maybe we choose as we like...
I will report about it later!

Take care and have a lovely day!

Bye for now,


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What's going on my life!

Thank you so much for your visit although I haven't been updating at all, and thank you so so much for your warm comments, e-mails, e-cards, etc...
Sorry that I made some friends worry very much, I apologize for my late reply, At the same time I really appreciate for your warm hearts, as always!

Today I feel fine at the moment (now it's in the morning), and so I decided to write what was happening in the last one month.

Since I wrote the last post, we all had cold. Mum and Tass got well soon, though I have been suffering from cough even now.
I don't want this blog to be "Sick Blog" though! (lol)
I was thinking "Why lots of blue things happen to me!!!", but mum told me "If Tass became like you, can you bear for it??" Of course "NO", so I changed my mind that these happen instead of Tass would have.

But there are so many to share and tell you!

On Tass's Birthday (5/14), he was on TV program with lots of children to sing "My Neighbour Totoro"s theme songs, because the singer of Totoro's theme (Azumi Inoue) was on TV to sing them, so we went to Osaka.

Osaka is just one hour from here by train, but for my present physical energy, it was quite tough, so we decided to stay over my relatives house in Takarazuka.
I enjoyed the time there, but from the second day, I got high fever, and although I had antivirals it didn't go down, so I went to emergency hospital...

After we came home, my mum had cold and then Tass too, again...
I have also been having cold while they were having cold, then suddenly my cough got very harder than harder like asthma, I couldn't breath well, since I have experienced asthma so I knew it doesn't asthma attack, but it was like that, then went to see a doctor to check up.

Finally my examined paper has arrived, then there were nothing wrong, no allergy, no other disease.
But I have still been coughing... Actually I lost my weight, so it was quite good exercise!
My friend said to me "If you kept coughing, you would be able to be thin!!" (lol)

By the way, Tass received a guitar for his birthday present from mum (me), and then he is now having private lessons to be like "Naotaro Moriyama" !!
But when the last lesson was held, he was sleepy and he was almost going to sleep with guitar (lol)

Actually I'm also having lesson to help him because he is still small, so I remember better than him and now I can play easy songs! :D

No photos, but just wanted to tell you how we were (are) doing.

Thank you so much,
I hope I will be able to share something stitched piece with you on the next post!

Take care and have a lovely day!