Friday, January 25, 2008

"The Perfume" - Small Finish

While I have been working on unpacking and tidying up my new house (I've just moved), I haven't been able to stitch much like before, so just at night after my son has slept, I have been stitching a little by little, until I settle down I have to be patient a bit...

So, today I share my small finish that I have done yesterday!
Do you remember that I had shown it off as a Christmas present from my Aussie friend Fiona?
This is a DMC small kit and I thought I can't mess around more than now, I've chosen this small one!

After I finished stitching, I was thinking how to finish this... and I realized that I have a beautiful fabric just perfect for this stitched piece, and found PINK basket at the shop near my place, so decided to make a basket lid!

Fortunately the colours of this stitch, flowery fabric, and pom-pom trim are match so well together, and also a basket!

I used Aida which was in the kit, so was a bit difficult to make a beautiful circle shape, but the process of making a lid was so much fun!

I'm quite satisfied of this result, I think the result turned out so beautiful, especially the colour matching, it's very lovely than I expected!!

Here is a photo of inside the basket, I also used the same fabric for the back of lid.

I'm so glad that I could finish this earlier than I thought, because I really wanted to stitch this as this kit is from my dear friend!
On the same day I've finished this basket, I've received a photo of us (Fiona + my son and I) from her!
Now I'm going to e-mail to let her know that I finished this "The Perfume"!
I hope she will be happy to see what I've done with her present!

By the way, dear friends and visitors who left me warm comments...
I'm so sorry for keep you waiting...
I haven't been able to reply to your e-mails at all, actually it quite takes time for me to write in English, so please wait for me to write you back! :D

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wonderful Present FROM Claudia

It has been a long time since I've got wonderful presents from Claudia for Christmas...

Here they are! One day, a postman rung the door bell to let me know that there is a big parcel to me which can't fit in the letter box!
So I went outside to receive it, it was REAL big parcel from Italy, yes from Claudia!!! :D
I was so excited, my heart had began to beat so fast, as thinking what's in there!?

Once I opened her parcel, I was so surprised that there were so many goodies in there!
Everything was beautifully packaged by shinny bags and ribbons (like upper left photo above)!
There were so many Italian (European?) cosmetics (so nice scents!), Chocolate flower, Soap message card, Potpourri, lovely bracelet (lower right photo, can you see my name on it?)!!

There were more and more!
Look at this beautiful Hornbook!!!!!
This is my first Hornbook! I had been wanting to have my own Hornbook, but have never had a chance to have one, but she presented me, this wonderful designed Hornbook and the chart for it!
Ohhhh, I have been still excited by this, when I saw this I was speechless!
I heard that she has the same one, so we can make the same Hornbook!!! It so meant to me to have the same one with dear friends, it makes me feel like I'm with them!
So definitely I will try to start this Hornbook as soon as possible, as thinking of her, and will treasure it forever!

You'll be surprised, but there were more presents in the bag!!!
The newest chart from Passione Ricamo, and Italian chart book (like JCS ornament issue), and another lovely chart!

I love them all, they are so pretty!
What a thoughtful present I've received from faraway friend!!!
I'm so touched by them!!
She is sooooo kind and thoughtful person, and I always admire all of her works!
She is also so talented, I'm so happy to have you as my dear friend!!!
Thank you so much again, Claudia!!
You really made me so happy and feel so special!!!

And thank you so much for all of my dear friends who had sent me lots of presents, and warm wishes, I'm one of the most happiest and lucky person who have many many precious friends around!
Sometimes, No, often I think "do I deserve such special treats by you all???"
You all always make me happy and feel so special. Thank you so much, again!

And also thank you so much for everyone who is stopping by my blog and leaving comments on my posts!
I love comments :D They always make me happy and also be a big motivate to do improve my works!
Thank you, all of my friends!!!

Please feel free to leave comments, if you have time! :D

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Flower Are You?

I've found this fun Quiz on Elisabeth's blog (Sew in Love) and tried to answer the questions!
The result was, that "I am a Sunflower".
There was a message "When your friends think smile, they think of you. There is not a day that goes by that you can't find something good about the world and your fellow human."

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

What flower are you???

Saturday, January 19, 2008

From Friends!

How are you spending your weekend?
I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

Recently I haven't been stitching at all, just busy unpacking and tidying up my new old house...

And have been driving up to the nearest city to look for what's there around.

By the way, I have been still talking about Christmas, lol
Sorry about that, but I really want to show off what I've received from precious friends!
This is what I've received from littlehands, just before Christmas!

She sent me chocolates which she wrapped and they were in the tin which she made, I think.And as she knows that I like PINK, she added a small perfume from BVLGARI which is in the pink bottle, it smells so nice!

And also added a small cross stitch kit and lovely hair-pin which she has chosen as imagining me, I heard!
How did you know that I always use this kind of lovely hair-pin?!
I was surprised when I've heard why she has chosen this!

This is the close up photo of chocolates that she sent me!
Lovely aren't they?

Thanks for your thoughtful presents, littlehands!

And here is the photo of the present that I've received from Japanese blog friend, Hiyo.
She presented me lovely Pinkeep, and needlebook kit, teas, and lovely candy cane!

She is one of very good friend, although we've met just online, but even after I've quited Japanese blog, we have been keeping in touch by e-mail!

This is a close up photo of her Pinkeep!
Sorry that I don't have a dictionary with me right now, I don't know the title of this story in English, but the design is from fairly tales.

It's very lovely and I also like the backing fabric which she has chosen for this Pinkeep.

She is very good at cross stitching, moreover she is so fast to stitch and finish!!
I'm always surprised how fast she is, and always love her tastes.

Thanks Hiyo, I also had to stitch something for your Birthday, but it's too late, lol
Please look forward something from me, without any expectation!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sent and Received!

Please just look at this wonderful and beautiful work!!!!!
I've received this beautifully elegant needlebook from Joei in Singapore!
It was an unexpected present, so I was very surprised and was speechless when I saw this her wonderful work!!

Isn't this so beautiful and elegant?!
There is a word "Friends are always close at heart" in the middle, it made my heart really warm...

The back of this needlebook, she stitched our initials and they were stitched one over one...
They are so beautiful, it's like printed!
And also there is a word "Stitching Friends" on the back.

The right hand side photo above is the inside pocket.
Every details are so wonderfully stitched, I felt her gentle and kind heart from this stitch very much, and was so touched by this, was a bit shaking to hold it...

She is very talented and good at Hardanger, as well as cross stitching!
I was breathless when I saw this Hardanger parts the most!
Thank you so much Joei, I loved your letter, too!
You are so kind and so sweet! I'm so happy to have you as a good friend!
I'm sure I will treasure this as well as the Biscornu which you've presented me before!
Thanks again, Joei! xx

And this is what I've sent her for the last Christmas...
It's shame that I couldn't make more noble thing for her, as I was kind of rush at that time...

I made pinkeep for her from JCS ornament issue 2007, on 32ct Belfast Linen.
This is very Christmassy colour and design, so I hope she will have it as or with memories of 2007's Christmas.

This is the backing fabric I've chosen for this pinkeep!
Isn't this fabric lovely?
I really like this fabric and wanted use it for the back very much, unfortunately I forgot to put "wee pocket" on the back this time, though... lol

These are the close up photos of Ribbon and Pins.
I used big pearl bead for the top, it suits well with red ribbon very much, it made a good accent to be more Christmassy pinkeep, I think!

And I used pearl white and green pins for both sides of the pinkeep.

Compare to her work, it's a bit simple and easy, but I made it with my heart :D
I've got a lovely e-mail from Joei, and she loved what I've sent for her for the last Christmas (it reached her a bit late, sorry about it...), so I felt relief.

Anyway, her work is so wonderful, it really made me feel special!
Actually we both sent our presents secretly, so she also was surprised of my gift.
I really enjoyed it very much, and now as seeing her beautiful work, I want to feel like trying to do Hardanger again!
I still have some Hardanger kits, so want to try to stitch some of them in this year!

Pinkeep : from JCS ornament issue 2007 © ""
32ct Belfast Linen (Law), with DMC threads, 2strands

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas Ornament Exchange with SU

We both, Su and I have done Christmas Ornaments exchange 2007, and just only 30 minutes before I've left for the 4 hours trip to the new house, I've safely received Su's Christmas present.

What a nice timing!!!
I was so excited and I opened her parcel immediately after I had received it!!!

Here is what she's stitched for me and what she had sent me for the last Christmas!

Of course Su's stitching and finishing is perfect as always, as you know!
She stitched CHS design for me!
This is simply beautiful, isn't this?! I really love it!!!
She used beautiful iridescent colour's silk for the back, it's absolutely gorgeous!
And it matches very well with the ribbon to hang on the tree!!

And this is an additional wonderful wonderful present from her!
Do you remember that I was looking for this "Willow Tree" doll before?

Friends had told me where I can buy online, but actually they said they are not sending any their products to Japan (Asia), maybe because it's fragile...?
So, I haven't been able to buy any of it, but now it's with me!!!

It's in front of me in the real life, thanks to sweet Su!!!!!

And you know, this doll's title (name) is "FRIENDSHIP"!!!

It made me almost shed tears... not almost... actually I teared a bit...
What a sweet person she is!!!!!
And how beautiful this doll is!!!

We both have quite similar collections.
We like to collect, Lladro, Nao, Goebel (Hummel), Willow Tree figures, etc...

I truly love this "FRIENDSHIP" Willow Tree doll, it's absolutely stunning!

Now she is on the cupboard where I can see anytime when I'm in living room!!

And she didn't forget to send me a chocolate, lol.
This reindeer chocolate is also soooooo cute! Of course I won't eat him, he is also in the cupboard now! :D

Thank you sooooooo much, Su! I'm sure I will treasure them forever! xxxxx

And here is what I had stitched and sent her for our exchange!
When I saw this design, soon I had imagined Su and decided to stitch this design for her!

This design is so sweet and beautiful, so I was very enjoyed stitching along!
And also want to stitch one more for myself, later when I have time!
It was from JCS Ornament issue 2007, but it's not Christmassy at all (don't you think?), so if I stitched one for myself, I think I would be able to put it on somewhere in my house whole year!

By the way, I used dark green velvet for around the stitched piece, and used the same fabric for the back as well.
And trimmed by light green twisted code and added four shell flower shaped buttons on the four corners.

Actually I had stitched her name and my name, and the year on the back, but it's sooo messy (Sorry Su!), so can't show it to anybody, lol
Thanks for Su, she also didn't show it on her blog, I felt so relief, lol

This time I sew around by sewing machine, but it was a bit rough and messy, so I feel sorry to Su...

I shouldn't have done that, I should had sew by hand...
I have to do more practice for finishing...!

"Peace" © Country Cottage Needleworks, from JCS Ornament issue 2007
35ct (Cream / Ivory) + DMC threads

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Big Surprise!!!

Now some friends know that I'm addicted to Cross Stitch, so some of them had presented me something about Cross Stitch for the last Christmas!

One of them, my OZ friend Fiona who I had lived with in Australia (she's got married to a Japanese guy and now is living in Japan!) has sent me a Christmas card and DMC Cross Stitch Kit!
It's called "The Perfume" and its design is very cute!

I was very happy with this thoughtful present! Thanks a lot, Fiona!

By the way, the BIGGEST SURPRISE was happened today!!!
We (my family) went for shopping to IKEA and while we were shopping, the name I recognize was announced in the store... it was Fiona's husbands' name, and so I asked the shop staff if he was with a Western girl???
So the shop staff said "Yes!"...
Yes, that's right! my guess was right, a person who was called was him!

It has been about 8 years since the last time we've met in person, so my heart suddenly has started to beat fast, and I was so excited to see her again!!!!
But they were a bit late, so I called her and asked "Fiona? if are you in IKEA now???", she was extremely surprised and said "Yes, if you are here, too??? Please stay there!!!!"

She came to see us soon after we cut the line, that was the most exciting moment!
What a coincidence! Actually we are living far away from IKEA and each other, though!!!

We both wanted to see each other sooooo much, so has been keeping in touch often!
What an accidental meeting!! I was so excited and so happy to met her and her husband, and also was happy that I could finally introduce my family to them in person!
Oh, I think I won't be able to sleep well tonight, too excited today, like a child, lol!

By the way, my husband is working for a German company, and so my son and I had been to Germany with him about 2 years ago, when my son was only 4 months old.
Then, we were invited from some very kind family of his co-workers, and had lovely time with them there!

One of them, Sabine (who is my husband's co-workers' wife) and I have been keeping in touch.
The last Christmas, she has sent me a Christmas card and this Cross Stitch book!

This is in German and the designs in the book are so sweet!
I want to stitch this design for cushion (on the cover) very much, it will suit well for our living room!
I also want to stitch some other designs from this book, they are quite rare to see, I think!
Thank you so much, Sabine!

Some day, I want to present stitch works for both of them!
I'm so happy to have both of you as my friends, and was touched by these thoughtful presents!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Christmas Present FROM Domy!

Domy and I have promised to do an exchanges for the last Christmas, and here they are what I've received from France!
I was so excited and surprised of so many goodies and her beautiful work!!!

She has made me a sewing bag (Stitching bag) by patchwork what she is now crazy for!
And she added the beautiful hand made beads accessory on it!

It can take off and she also added a necklace for it to add!
I love the colours of fabbies she has chosen, and it would be very useful when I organize stitching stuffs!!
I really love it, how beautiful it is!
Her works are always beautiful!!!
It's special thing and I of course will treasure it!
Thanks Domy!!!

She also made a cup? box? by Christmassy fabric and buttons for chocolates!!
Isn't this so beautiful?! I'm displaying it and the beautiful tin of tea in the cupboard!
She knows that I love chocolate and flavoured teas and coffee! lol
So she always sends me nice flavoured teas!! I love them a lot, and so my husband!
My son quickly has found these chocolates and coax to let him eat them all!!!
I gave him a few, but after that of course he cried a lot, lol!

Thank you so much for my dear friend, Domy!
I really really love them all!
Let's think and do exchanges 2008, too!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Small Ornaments For Friends!

Thank you so much everyone for stopping by my blog and leaving warm comments!
I have still been working hard to unpacking and tidy + clean up my new (old) house at the moment, so the time I can be online is just at the late night, and just to upload my blog...

So sorry for my friends who gave me e-mails, messages, e-cards,etc...
I haven't been able to replying them at all, but always thinking of you and of course about to stitching!!
I will reply you a little by little when I have time, so please forgive it!

By the way, I have been still talking about Christmas, lol

Here is the small ornament which I've stitched and sent to Angela for Christmas.

The design is from "Homespun Elegance".
As I've heard that it is her favourite designer!

I trimmed it around with green and gold twisted code and added green ribbon on the top and the bottom.

Here is the backing fabric which I've used for Angela's ornament.
It's quite small, so I was a bit worried if it wasn't fit for the foreign big Christmas tree, but I've got a sweet e-mail from Angela and she loved them all what I've sent her, so I felt relief by then!

And this is the ornament which I've sent to Patti.
This design is from Prairie Schooler and from JCS 2002 Ornament issue.

I was quite rush to stitch, so it might be a bit rough finishing... sorry Patti, but if we had a chance to exchange or something like that in the future, I would calculate the time left and stitch very beautifully next time!

By the way, I trimmed it around the dark red single code and added leaf and white ribbon on the top.
I quite like this simple design!

Here is the backing fabric which I've used for Patti's ornament.
I've chosen black coloured fabric to be matched the design.

I've stitched and sent them to both my friend secretly, so they were so surprised to receive the Christmas pressie from me!
It was my intention, and it was fun to make friends happy with big surprise!

They were just from my heart to thank both of you, for your kindness and warm heart!

I hope you two, and everyone has a wonderful happy new year!

Angela's Ornament : © Homespun Elegance Ltd.
Patti's Ornament : "The Cabin Pinkeep" © Prairie Schooler from JCS Ornament issue 2002