Saturday, September 18, 2010

My WIPs 0918

Finally the day I can share my works (WIPs) with you came today!
Now I feel good that I can update my stitching works on my blog!
There are so many WIPs, though at the moment I'm stitching them below.

At first, I'm stitching "Dog Lessons For People #143" by Lizzie*Kate.
Actually I was stitching "The Tea Room" by CCN but couldn't concentrate on at all, so decided to change the chart that I stitch to this!
The thread colours call for this chart are very colourful and lovely, so it makes me feel cheerful!
My son Tass loves dog, so I want to hung this on his room when it completed! :)

Next project is "Simple Joys" by LHN.
Actually it's stopping stitching at the moment, so the photo is the same as before I took.

Here is "The Tea Room" by CCN.
I started this with my mama friends, but couldn't concentrate on stitching this at all, so changed the design to "Dog Lessons For People #143" by Lizzie*Kate.

My all mama friends who I'm stitching with (5 people includes me) have chosen LHN or CCN designs as I thought!!
One of my friend is very fast stitcher (on Aida at the moment... but will switch and try Linen soon!), so she has stitched many of designs already!
I will share some photos of her works one day later!

And here is now I'm stitching "Pumpkin Patch" by Prairie Schooler.
I want to buy new chart for Halloween by PS, though if I bought my mum would be mad (lol), so I'm stitching the last year version.
Also my mama friend that I talked about is stitching this, too!

I hope I can show you more works forwarded later when I update next time.

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Bye for now,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my Birthday, I became thirty-something!
But, unfortunately I wasn't feeling well today, and so I couldn't celebrate my birthday.
Just received natural & organic cosmetics from mum!
Recently my mum nags me that there are too many cross stitch stuffs in this house, so she announced not to buy ANY new cross stitch stuffs from now on!!! sigh and sad...

I'm just happy to being with my family, this birthday reminded me about it as I wasn't feeling good.
I'm happy enough to hear that Sweetie always says "Mummy I love you!" and kisses me!
Thank you for my family, especially Sweetie, I love you, too!

Thanks for your visit.
Bye for now,

Past 6 months of our life...

Today, I'm going to share and show you many photos that I took in the past 6 months.
I wasn't feeling well at all, though my mum asked me to go out so often if I could change my feeling... So even though I was very tired I went out with Sweetie when I could.
Here is some photos when we went to see tulip fields near by the facility where I have worked before I've married.
There is very huge ground and so we lied down on the field, it was very nice feeling in the nature.
But after that, we found so many deer's dungs(?) on the field, and we screamed!! (lol)

Here are some photos when we went to a shores of a river with my brother's family!
It was the first time for Sweetie to play in the river, so he was very excited with his cousins!!
They found a frog and I tried to touch it! geeeeee, but ces't la vie, it's mum's lesson to touch them!

Here are some photos when the summer festival was held at Preschool.
Sweetie wore
Jinbei and played a lot!
Last year, my mum sewed Jinbei for him, though he hated to wear them...
So she (my mum) seemed a bit sad (lol), and threw away this year as Sweetie can't fit in anymore...

By the way, I changed hair style, before I was going to let my hair grow, though it's too hot this summer and so I cut my hair about 20cm and now it's bobbed.
I also changed glasses, so it looks quite different from before!

Here are some photos when we went to the sea recently.
We just went to see the sea, but Sweetie + I went into the sea!
It was like hot spring, it was amazed, how hot summer this year is!!!
We decided to visit here again to swim, so I bought swimming wear!
It's hardly believe that I wear swimming wear, probably more than 10 years since the last time I bought swimming wear in Australia...

After we went to the sea, we went to the hotel near by to have some tea and cake.
Background is the sky that I took on that day, and other two photos are from the cafe.
Aren't they beautiful?!

He looks like a big boy already, his teeth already came out!!
It's quite early, isn't it? He just became 5 years old, though...

In Japan, when we were child, when my bottom tooth came out, we throw the tooth on the roof, and then when the upper tooth came out, we buried the tooth in the ground.
But recently there are milk teeth box, so I bought lovely one and put them in it as keepsake.

Sorry that I shared just daily topics, not stitching photos nor story at all, though thank you so much for your visit and reading!
I appreciate for your comments always!

Take care + will update stitching issue next time!

Bye for now,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spring Exchange FROM Marie-P

I have mentioned that Marie-P. and I were going to Spring (Easter) Exchange, but I was really ill in the last Spring and so even though I was stitching a little by little from earlier, I couldn't make and complete anything for her...
Moreover, I'm sorry that I hadn't been showing you her beautiful work on my blog for ages.
I apologize for you, Marie.
I will planning something surprise for you one day!

By the way, here is her wonderful Spring pinkeep!
How lovely this is, I love this Prairie Schooler design so much and wanted to stitch one day as like she did!
So I was so surprised and very happy to receive this so much, you know at that time I was so ill so I was truly happy to have this and so I take this pinkeep to my bed room when I sleep and put it on beside my pillow some days :)

She trimmed edges with flowery lace (sorry I forgot the name...) and put while pearl pins.
And on top, she added very springlike colour organza ribbon.
How sweet colour combination this is!
I really love this, Thank you so much, Marie!

On the back side, she used Easter egg's print fabric, it's so rare for us Japanese, because Easter is not major yet in Japan.
So we Japanese stitch friends searched and told me the meaning of Easter and why bunnies relates for Easter? etc...
But I already forgot it... (lol)

Anyway, her stitching and finishing is just perfect!!!
I really admire for her works, if you had chance to see her works IRL, you would be amazed!

I organized photos for blog, so I will update sometime later.
Take care and have a lovely weekend!

Thank you so much for your visiting!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's been so long!

Hi everyone, it's been so long since that I wrote the last issue...
Almost 3 months???

I was not feeling well in the first 2 months of during this 3 months, though last 1 month I have been doing quite well, so I'm stitching and going out with Sweetie (not Sweetie lately, he became a big boy!).

Even though in the first 2 months while I was not feeling so well, when I found a fine day (weather and my health), I went out with my brother's family, etc... for Sweetie Tass, as he couldn't go out a lot this summer for me...

So, I will organize photos that I took in this summer and will also take photos of my stitch, exchange from Marie-P (sorry Marie!!) etc, from now and will update my blog in a few days!

I'm sorry for everyone who worried about my health.
Recently I'm doing better than before!

Thank you for stopping by, and bye for now!