Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Present Exchange FOR Claudia

For this year's Christmas, Claudia and I talked about exchanges presents each other, but I suggest whatever it's OK, I mean it's no need to be stitching thing, because we will be busy making presents.
And I hadn't confidence to manage one for her, too, at all...
Because I'm not good at control my time at all and have already been booked some ornie exchanges... So, I had no idea whether that I can make one for her or not at all then.

But I could make it for her, too! Yahoo!
I was so happy that I could manage my time to make one for her, too!
Because I really wanted to stitch something for her for Christmas!!!

And what I've chosen for her is from "Just Nan" (I forgot the name, I will add the name later...), as I know that she loves "Just Nan" a lot!It's from JCS Ornaments Issue from 2002.

Actually the square around the joy on the center was recommended to use metal frame, but I hadn't have one, so I stitched it instead...

This was the first time for me to stitch "Just Nan" design and I realised it's quite fun to stitch!
This was absolutely gorgeous and beautiful!

Gold thread made me cry again, though, lol...
I've used wine red coloured velvet for the around and the back and trimmed by gold code.

I've got an e-mail from her and I'm so happy to hear that she loved it very much!

I think this is really suit well for her elegance!!!

But, as I stitched for her, she felt she had to stitch something to me in return, so I think I made her much work... so sorry Claudia, you don't need to stitch something back to me... but I really thank for your kind heart!!!

Baci xx

"A Little Joy" © Just Nan, from JCS Ornaments issue 2002
32ct Belfast Linen (Law Linen), DMC threads - 2 strands

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Almost Be Back!

Hello everyone, I'm sorry, it's been a long time since the last time I posted here, as I had to prepare for moving and now have been unpacking!

But, I fed up with it, need to have a rest, so tried to be online so many times.
But we have no proper Internet connection at the moment, so now I have been trying to be online by connect card.
Here where we moved is a bit inconvenience and have very weak radio wave, so it's quite hard to keep being online, actually...

This is only in the living room, I can't or don't want to think about to do unpacking all boxes...

We couldn't proper and sweet Christmas this year, but I bought tall and big Christmas tree at half price on 24th, for the new house!
So, next year I'm looking forward to decorate tall and big tree beautifully, and hope we will be able to have a wonderful Christmas!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! :D
I'm going to post what I've sent to friends, and what I've got from dear friends, a little by little at night!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Ornament Exchange FOR Domy

This year, I've made lots of Christmas presents for dear friends, it was almost the first time for me to prepare for Christmas presents like this year, but I very enjoyed making presents and ornaments for my friends!

Today I received an e-mail from the recipient from France that my parcel has safely arrived to her, so I put some photos what I've made for her for this Christmas!

Here is a Christmas Ornament Exchange TO Domy!
I've made her triangle ornament, this is from JCS Ornaments Issue 2007.
It was almost the first sight love and thought she would like this design!

I added three ribbons on the bottom of the triangle and trimmed around the edges with pale-green twisted code.
I'm really satisfied with this result!

I spoiled her very much this year, I added a lot of her favourites in the parcel, so she told me that she was almost crying when she saw them in the bag!
Yeah! My trick was succeed! :D

I'm so happy that she loved all the things what I've sent her!
It also made my day, because I wanted to please my dear friends very much!!!

By the way, here is the backing fabric which I used for this ornament!
Very Christmassy fabric and I like this series very much, so have 3 colours of this fabbies as stock.

Now it's my turn to wait for the parcel from her!
I heard it's on the way to Japan!
Wow, exciting, isn't it?
I like the moment that I'm waiting for the parcels to me, like back to be a child!

I'm really looking forward her Present!
Hurry hurry Mr. Postman!
Please deliver it to me as soon as possible! :D

By the way, I have been teaching my friends' name to my 2 years old son, and when I teach him Domy's name, he always says "Nomy", he can't pronounce "Domy" properly yet, but it's so sweet to hear!
So naughty mummy is often trying him to say "Nomy", lol

Have a wonderful holiday and a warm Christmas! xx

"Quiet Night" © Erica Michaels Designs, from JCS Ornaments issue 2007
32ct Belfast Linen (Willow Green), DMC threads - 2 strands

Monday, December 17, 2007

Drop-shaped Coasters [ Christmas ver. ]

I had made this Drop-shaped Coasters before, though this time I made Christmas version!
(You can see them which I've made before, click the "Coasters" from the Labels on the left hand side bar.)

It's nice for the Christmas dinner I thought, although I have to move to a new house (old one, though...) on 24th, therefore this year we can't have wonderful Christmas dinner...

Here is a photo of fabric which I used and the ribbon. It looks very Christmassy, doesn't it?
How are they? I quite like them, aren't they gorgeous?
I've added this for the Christmas present for friends, I hope friends use them for their Christmas dinner or the party.
I do hope my parcel will reach them until the Christmas!!!

I have sent all my parcel out to the recipients yesterday, so what I can do is just to wish them to reach my friends in time!!

And I do really hope friends will like my presents!

By the way, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving lots of comments!
I'm so glad to read them very much, they always make me happy and cheer me up a lot!
I really appreciate for them a lot! Thank you everyone.
Please write whatever you feel or think from now on, too!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

[ Tutorial ] - "Needle Minder"

Here it is! This is a "Needle Minder" tutorial as I promised to post.
I hope this would be helpful and useful when you make "Needle Minder" by yourself!
It's really easy, so anyone can make, I believe! Let's try to make!

Gather all the needed supplies to assemble a "Needle Minder" :

1. Jam Jar Lid
2. (Super) glue
3. Scissors
4. Double-stick Tape (both sides sticky tape ?)
5. SUPER Magnet (I highly recommend SUPER one, I found them at the "Tole Paint" stuffs counter at craft shop.)
6. Quilt Batting

7. Stitched Piece
8. Backing Fabric
9. Ribbon or Braid

Step One :

Spread glue inside bottom of Jam Jar Lid.
Then, put cut-out Quilt Batting on it to stick, and fill the Jam Jar Lid up with Quilt Batting, lay some sheets of Quilt Batting one on top another.

Step Two :

After filled the Jam Jar Lid up with Quilt Batting, like the photo on the left hand side, spread glue on the Magnet, then put it (magnet) on the center of Quilt Batting (Jam Jar Lid).

Step Three :

Stick Double-stick tape (both sides sticky tape ?) around the edge of Jam Jar Lid, like light blue part in
the right hand side photo...

Step Four :

Put stitched piece on the Jam Jar Lid top, and cover the Quilt Batting and the Magnet with it.

Then, make a slit in a piece of around the edge of the stitched piece to easy to stick and make beautiful circle shape.

(please see the photos above and on the right hand side...)

Step Five :

Spread glue on the outside bottom of Jam Jar Lid, and stick another cut-out Quilt Batting there, to hide the print of the lid or to make soft touch for the finished piece.

(please see the photo on the left hand side...)

Step Six :

Do the process "Step Three" (Stick Double-stick tape around the edge of Jam Jar Lid) again, then do the process "Step Four" again, this time is for the backing fabric, like the photo on the right hand side.
(* It doesn't matter even if the joint part is a bit mess at this moment...)

Step Seven :

Spread glue around the edge of the joint part of "Step Six", like the photo on the right hand side, to bind around with ribbon later.

Step Eight :

Bind around the edge of Jam Jar Lid with ribbon, to hide the mess part of "Step Six".

Then, FINISH!!
Here is the hand made "Needle Minder" !!

This is the back of the "Needle Minder".

The Jam Jar Lid which I used to make "Needle Minder" this time was the one that's shape of around the edge was a bit wavy, as you can see from the photo on the left hand side.
I think it's better not use wavy around Lid when you make your "Needle Minder".

Of course you can use any kinds of Jar Lid, big one, smaller one, Salsa sauce Lid (lol, I love it), etc... you can make your own with your favourite stitch!
And I think it's good for small presents for friends who use needles often!

This is my bad habit, though I often loose needles, so I decided to make my own "Needle Minder" !
This time I presented this for my friend, but I will make some for myself and for friends!

I do hope you all can make your own favourite "Needle Minder" by this tutorial!!

P.S. Sorry for my poor English... I don't even know some nominal names...
I do hope you could understand how to make mainly by photos, :D

Thank you!!

Design from "In The Pink" © Ewe Eye & Friends
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory)

Friday, December 07, 2007

"Smalls Exchange" FROM Yasmin

Here it is! Finally what I had been waiting for had safely arrived from Yasmin, from Malaysia a few days ago!
She has sent me a really beautiful "Mattress Pincushion" which I've fell in love, at the first sight at her blog!
Look at this! She also made me a pretty fob, aren't they just so cute and beautiful?!

I can't figure out how can she stitch and make such beautifully like this, even how many times I stare at joint parts...

She added so many goodies as well!
Look at the photo! I love all of them very much!!
Thank you so much Yasmin!

Look at this beautiful stitching... Beautiful... I just can't find any word...
And I love this word "When this you see think of me", yes I'm sure I will think and remember of you when I see this, Yasmin!

There are so many specialty stitches in this design, I hope she enjoyed stitching these specialty stitches and she likes them as much as I do!

Back of this Mattress Pincushion and fob, she stitched our names on them!
It made me very happy, and it will be a good memory!
But it realised and reminded me that I always have been forgetting add names of recipient and mine on the finished piece... silly me...

By the way, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leave and left lots of comments!!
I'm so happy to read them all and I would like to reply them all, but now I have been so busy working on Christmas stuffs, so I thank you all and really appreciate them a lot!

As I wrote and promised that I will make tutorial page of Needle Minder, I will make it later, as soon as I can!
Take care!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Smalls Exchange" FOR Yasmin

Today I've received an e-mail and heard that my exchange things has safely arrived to the recipient, so I put some photos here!
A few month ago, Yasmin and I had been talking about exchanging something in the near future, then finally the day of our exchange has came!
And I've heard that Yasmin love everything what I've stitched to her, so I'm very happy and it also made my day!

Actually there was no thema, we've only decided exchange small things.
I like mattress pincushion which Yasmin have been stitching and making very much.
Actually we both wanted to do "mattress pincushion exchange", but I have never made it and I wasn't confident to exchange it with someone at all.
But, how greedy I am! I wanted to have her mattress pincushion very much (LOL), so I told about it to her, then she kindly said to me "You can make anything to me, As you like", it helped me a lot, LOL

By the way, this time I decided to make pinkeep for her, as I knew that she loves Ewe & Eye & Friends as much as I do, I've chosen "In The Pink" from EEF collection!

I love EEF designs very much, too! This design is so cute as same as the others!
Special stitches were fun and I love this colour "Pink"!

Here are Pins which I've made by myself, some are cat's eye beads and some are metallic roses.

Here is the ribbon and top pearl pin which I also made by myself.
This time I used Bordeaux colour velvet ribbon for this pinkeep, as I thought it matches for this season.

Here is the back of pinkeep and the fabric which I've chosen for this design!
Before when I've exchanged pinkeep with Su, I also added this wee pocket and I've heard a lot that people liked this wee pocket and said nice idea, so this time I added "wee pocket" to Yasmin's again!

Actually I didn't know "wee" means then, and asked Su "What is 'wee' means?"
She told me the meaning, so now I know how to use and the meaning but, before then I just knew the word "wee wee", so it made me really confused. LOL

By the way, here is also another small present to Yasmin that I've made.
It's "Needle Minder", inside this (under the pink flower), there is Super Magnet in it!
So pins are stick on it, so she doesn't loose pins when she change threads colours!
Actually I made this by jam jar lid!

If friends want to know how to make this "Needle Minder", I had taken photos of the process to make one, so I will post a tutorial page later!

Anyway, I'm so happy that Yasmin really loved them all what I've sent to her!
It was really fun to stitch along as thinking of her!

"In The Pink" © Ewe & Eye & Friends
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory), DMC 1 strand