Tuesday, May 11, 2010

News about Scissors Sale Blog

Hi everyone, thank you so much for many of comments, e-mails to cheer me up!
I'm feeling better than before lately.

Today I have a NEWS about Scissors Sale...

Unfortunately but, I will stop selling them FOR A WHILE.

I was going to help to buy the same scissors with me as I've got many questions where you can buy them.
But I was surprised, I've received so many orders, more than 450 orders in 3 months...
So it became like a shop.

Most of them could understand my health and gave me warm words, but some people were very in hurry and I received e-mails almost everyday to send them to them, even I told them that I was not feeling well...

Maybe this became like shop or business, so I can understand they misunderstand and mad at me...

So until I feel completely well, I will stop selling scissors for a while.
Please understand about this.

I will organize papers and send invoice of PayPal a little by little for whom on the waiting list.
Please understand this all of mess.

I apologize for the delay to send out scissors for you all.

Thank you,