Thursday, February 28, 2008

SBBC - Birthday Club 2008 FOR Dawn B.

I've got a lovely e-mail from my partner that my Birthday Present for "SBBC -Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club" has safely arrived to her, so I share some photos what I've sent her!

My partner was Dawn B. and I heard that she loves "Kitties", "Bears", "Snowman" and colour "Blue", so it was very easy for me to choose the design for her!
I have chosen this design "Kitty Litter" by Brittercup Designs for her and finished as a Pinkeep.
In the original design, there was used green shade threads for the border, but as I heard that she loves blue, I changed it!

I used blue multi coloured ribbon and made top pin with blue beads.

I also made some head pins for both right and left sides of the Pinkeep, like this (* right hand side photo).
And here is the backing fabric which I used for the Pinkeep.
This time I just have chosen very simple blue gingham check one which was the best for this Pinkeep, I thought.
(This time I didn't add "wee pocket" on the back"...)

I added some goodies (you can see them on her blog...) with this Pinkeep, but I had extra time and thought this isn't good enough as a Birthday Present, so I made very small thread holder with a little blue bear design which I thought she would like.

I used blue flowery ribbon and on the back I stitched her initial and year 2008.

It was the first time for me to join in public exchanges (experienced once in Japanese group, though), so I was a bit nervous and worried if she would like them.
But I've got a sweet e-mail from her today, so I'm very glad and feel so relief now!

Anyway, I had fun to join in this exchanges and think it was very good experience and opportunity!Thank you Edgar who is an owner of SBBC and thank you Dawn B.

*Pinkeep - "Kitty Litter" by Brittercup Designs
28ct Cashel Linen (Cream) , DMC threads (2 strands)

*Thread Keeper - from "De fil en aiguille" no.12Unknown fabric, DMC threads (2 strands)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Stitch - "Merci"

Recently I'm in stitch mood very much and have been working on many projects, as you can see my WIPs on the side bar!
I'm enjoying stitching very very much!
This time, I tried free stitching and finished it last night!

I had been really wanting to try free stitching from a long time ago, and finally decided to try it, as I saw very lovely design on the magazine.
It was the first time for me to try free stitching, though it was very fun!

This is a close up photo of stitched piece.
There was an instruction on the magazine, but I didn't do the same, just have done with easy stitches that I can do.

I was thinking how to finish this a lot, first I was going to make a pinkeep, but it was a bit big as a pinkeep, so decided to make it as a flat board.

I used my favourite fabric for the background and also the back, and put stitched piece on it.
Then added linen lace both top and bottom sides then also added pearl buttons!

I liked and enjoyed this, but compare to cross stitching, I realized how much I LOVE it (cross stitch)!
So I won't do free stitching anymore, lol (easy, aren't I?)
But it was a good opportunity I think, and am satisfied this result as my first work!

from "Stitch idees 2005 Vol.2"
Used DMC threads (2 strands)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pincushions for my mum + her friends

From a long time ago, my mum has been asking me to make some pincushions for her friends who loves sewing very much.
Actually I've received some handmade presents from them, too.
So I also wanted to make something for them, as well.

I have the same style pincushion (which is on
the top banner photo of this blog...), and it's very useful, because the wooden cup is a bit heavy, so doesn't move at all when I use pins.
So my mum asked me to make pincushions with this wooden cup for them.

Now my mum is staying here our place for a week, so I made them quiculy to let her bring back to her home.

These two above are for her friends.Linen I used was a bit hard, so couldn't make beautiful round shape, that's pity, though...

And here at the left is for my mum.
I asked her if she would like to have one for herself, she said "Yes, please", so made her this Violet Pincushion.
I knew she would say "Yes", lol

I could made them for about a few hours, it was very fun to make and finish them in a short time!

I have many tiny baskets in my stash, so would like to make small pincushions for my friends oneday!

Designs from "Cartonnage Brode au fil des boites"
28ct DMC Linen (White), DMC threads (2 strands)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3rd Angel for PS Wreath SAL

I added this "Blackwork Angel" by Prairie Schooler to my WIPs, but hadn't been stitching at all, actually.
But recently I've found this WIP in my stitching bag, and suddenly felt like stitching this again!
I don't know why, I didn't like gold thread either back stitch very much, though...

It has been a long time since the last time I stitched this, and this time I could enjoyed to stitch along, somehow...
Even though, there are so many gold threads area in this design.

It's only my 3rd Angel, I have 5 angels to go, lol
But I focused on 2008's Christmas, so there are plenty of time to stitch along and finish them off as ornaments.

There are so many wonderful SALs, I would like to join in some of them, but there is no time to namage them for me at the moment, so I'm giving it up...

I will try to make my stitching rotation later, so maybe I think I will be able to figure and will see what I should stitch or to do now!

Everytime when I stitch this "Blackwork Angels", I feel very relief and relax by this Angels faces.
Their faces are so peacefull, even though I got tired, her face makes me smile.

P.S. I have been asked from some people about the name of white flower which I posted before, but unfortunately there was no name tag for that flower when I bought it, so I don't know what the name is... I'm sorry about it :D

"Blackwork Angels" (Book No. 103) © Prairie Schooler
35ct Wichelt Linen (Cream / Ivory) with DMC (Gold = #E3821), 1 strand

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Lovebird" - Hornbook

I was working on the freebie "Lovebird" by Midsummer Night Designs these few days, and finally have finished to stitch it last night!
I was thinking how to finish this all the time, it was a bit big to be a Pinkeep or Pincushion, so I was thinking to make another basket lid.

But I realised that I had some wooden boards like Hornbook in my stash, and the size was just for this design!
So I decided to make Hornbook with this stitch!

I trimmed stitched piece with light pink pom-pom trim, and I think it made this a good accent.
I like pom-pom trim very much, it's so useful to hide messy parts, lol

By the way, this is a very lovely design, isn't it?
I thought this would be a perfect gift for Valentine!
So I told to my husband to give this to him, but as I expected he seemed very confused and said... "uhmmm, I'm sorry but, no thanks... I can't do anything with this... You can display at your stitching place! But thanks anyway..." LOL
See, I can't share my passion with a snowboarder, lol
I just teased him, I guaranteed that he would say so!

By the way, the wooden board that I used this time as Hornbook is like them on the left photo.
I don't know what they are, or what to do with them actually, but they were sold as "Message Board" or "Craft Borad", but I thought if they could be Hornbooks?
So I have bought them and stocked in my closet.

I think they are a bit big as a Hornbook or thread holder, if I compare to lovely Hornbook which Claudia gave me before.
But I think it's OK to use them like this time...
I'm quite satisfied this result, anyway! :D

Next time I would like to make thread holder with this wooden boards!

By the way, recently I can't use "Spell Check" system when I post the article, somehow...
I wish there were "Grammer Check" system, as well, it would very helpfull for non English speaker! lol

"Lovebird" (freebie) - © Midsummer Night Designs
28ct Cashel Linen (Cream), DMC threads (2 strands)
(I changed the thread colour #794 ---> #932)

My Favourite Photo

Just to share this my favourite photo which was taken
in my garden, just after snow has melted...

I have just finished "Love Bird" by Midsummer
Night Designs - freebie, tonight...
I will post it later when I have time!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I have been asked from some people about the name of white flower which I posted before, but unfortunately there was no name tag for that flower when I bought it, so I don't know what the name is... I'm sorry about it :D

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sweet Gift FROM Angela

As I wrote in the last post, more than a week ago, the big box was waiting for me to be picked up in the mailbox!
It was from Angela in England!
I was so excited to see the big box and very thrilled!

Sorry I had been very ill past over one week, so hadn't been able to post it soon after I've received it.
But this parcel from Angela made me so happy and cheered me up, since I had received it when I was ill!

She was very busy, was working on for the other projects, but she also spread time to stitch this beautiful notebook for me!

When I saw this, I amazed so much, because this has stitched one ver one, very delicate and beautiful, indeed!

And I've already told her though, I'm wondering how did she know that recently I love "Red" as well as "Pink", and so am interested in "Redwork" very much!
She used red silk for the notebook, it's so beautiful!

And she also added me so many goodies!
Beautiful fabbies (include some silks!!, ribbons, foot care stuffs, soap, etc...)
As I often talk about my mum to her, she even added goodies for my mum and my son!
What a sweet person she is!

And "THIS" made me more happier to see in the box!
Yes, "Willow Tree Doll" she has chosen and sent me!
Oh my, what a beautiful doll she is!

Absolutely beautiful!!

Do you remember that Su had sent me one for the last Christmas as well?
Angela had also bought one for me at the same time, and she told me that she thought it would be very beautiful to display both of them together!
They both are so beautiful, I really do love them so much!

Now "Willow Tree Doll" is the best figure to me, more than Lladro or Nao, and or Hummel (Goebel)!!

Thank you so much for your sweetheart, Angela!!

Here are dinosaurs for my son from Angela!
She even thought of my son... oh she is so nice, isn't she?!
They are the first dinosaurs toys for my son, so he didn't know what they are actually, but soon he realised that he has seen it in the "Chip'n Dale" DVD which is his favourite!
In that DVD, "Chip'n Dale" misunderstood that dinosaur is a ghost when they saw dinosaurs' shadow, then say "Oh ghost!!!".

So my son is thinking that "dinosaur = ghost", lol
Even so many times we correct that it's not ghosts but dinosaurs, he says "Ghosts!" lol, it's very funny but lovely!
Recently these "Ghosts (lol)" are travelling around in my house by my son's favourite cars, sometimes they drive the car, lol

By the way, thank you so much Angela for such a sweet parcel to me!
I was so touched by them, indeed!

This is my favourite photo of two of Willow Trees from my dear friends!!

I can't find any other words except "Stunning" or "Beautiful"...
I'm always looking at them and smiling at them, everyday, it's my new routaine!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

Last Sunday, when we woke up we were really surprised that everything was covered with snow!!!
It's quite rare for us to have lots of snow around here, so it was a big surprise to us!

Even if it snowed, it is usually powdery snow, roads were covered with a thin layer of snow, so it becomes slushy and dirty, so I didn't like snow much.
But this time was totally different, there were more than 10 cm snow, and was still snowing!
Actually I have never seen such a snowy scene ever since, so I was quite excited like a child.
I have never been to skiing or snowboarding in my life, even though my husband is a snowboarder (he was a snowboard instructor in Colorado, US, when he was young)...

These photos were taken in our garden.

But on such a snowy day, I had to go to see a doctor, so I caught a bus then went to a hospital...
I was almost slipping many times (lol, it was so scary!!), so as I was carefully walking, it took so much time to go back home...
I thought it won't melt soon and I won't be able to drive up to the city for shopping for a few days or more, I bought lots of groceries on that day.
My guess was right, there are still lots of snow left, especially on our backyard.
It quitted once, but now it's snowing again...
I think tomorrow morning we will see everything is covered with snow again!
Uhhmmm, happy or unhappy???
My son will ask me to make a big snowman again, brrrr I hate cold weather!!

By the way, I've got sweet gift from Angela in the UK more than a week ago, but I was ill past one week, so haven't been able to post it yet...
Sorry Angela, I will update what I've received from you in the next post! :D

Thank you so much everyone for stopping by my blog and thank you so much for lovely comments!
I really appreciate them all!
I love to read your comments, please feel free to leave comments anytime! Thank you!