Thursday, March 19, 2015

"All Because" Framed! (Photos a lot)

Hello friends, suddenly the weather here has been fine and very warm nowadays, it's so nice to go outside, but unfortunately it started raining from this evening and it will keep raining until tomorrow.
We're gonna visit my auntie from Friday so hopefully the weather will be fine again!

Anyway, I've finished framing "All Because" © Imaginating Wedding Sampler for my dear friend Aya and handed it to her in person!
As this design was her choice, she was so pleased to have it IRL and it made me so happy, too!

Unfortunately the day I've taken these photos the weather was very gloomy, so these photos don't show colours justice but the frame and mat are just like this.

Colours are a little bit more lighter than there photos and look more cheerfully and sweet IRL.
I'm hiding their names sorry it looks messy, though...

This photo above is close up photo of the frame I've chosen, isn't this beautiful for the wedding sampler?!
Can you see many of hearts around the edge of this frame?
I think it really suits for happy wedding theme!

My friend Aya was quite surprised as she doesn't know about cross stitch and she said "It's just like what I saw on the web site when I've chosen this design, amazing!", and this her words made me very proud of myself!

I'm always quite anxious to present cross stitch stuff to friends as I don't know if they like this kind of hand made gift, but this time I've asked her to choose the design, so I didn't need to feel anxious to present this to her! :D

Now my Christmas rose in my tiny garden are full blooming and they are just beautiful.
I'm happy to take photos with flowers.

And also these flowers are my favourite to look at everyday which was planted by myself, I will show you whole thing of this plant.

This photo above is the whole framed piece to show you, it's more bright and I'm satisfied about this result!

Here are some photos of what I planted the other day, one above photo is what I planted in the basket which was made by my mum, I planted wire plants, viola, snowdrops, hyacinth, now hyacinth are full blooming so will cut them and put them in the vase tomorrow!
I love how this turned out and am so satisfied about the result.

And also here is my favourite flower Lilly of the Valley, it looks so elegant and innocent and I really love it, but unfortunately mine has done already...
Should get them one more time!

Take care friends and thanks for stopping by.
I'm sorry that I haven't been replying you all yet, will write you when I have enough time!

Until next time, see you!

Design : "All Because" © Imaginating, Designed by Diane Arthurs
Fabric : 28ct Ivory
Threads : DMC


butterfly said...

Great post your frame looks wonderful.

Nancy said...

Yuko this is so beautiful! Your stitching looks perfect and the frame and mat go so well with the sampler. I'm sure your friend will be very happy! Beautiful flowers, and don't worry about the rain. It will give you a lovely Spring!

Vickie said...

It turned out so very lovely.
I like your flowers very much.

Chiloe said...

Beautiful and I love your flowers !!! :D

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

What a beautiful gift! The sampler and your frame choice look perfect together!

Carol R said...

Beautiful wedding sampler Yuko!

samplerlover said...

It's really beautiful and you have done a wonderful job.

misa said...


Marexstitch said...

A very special beautiful gift. I am sure it will be cherished.