Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sneak Peeks + New Hobby

Hi everyone, I have been so so OK, sometimes depressing, sometimes tired, sometimes fine... like this.

This morning, I was very depressed, and suddenly I felt like singing loudly and so I asked my mum and son to go Karaoke!
It's been so long since the last time I've been to Karaoke!!
So was a bit confused with latest machines, etc... but we all had fun!

By the way, now I have been working on secret projects, all are secret, so I can't share any detailed photos, but just sneak peeks!
Here they are, this is for my dearest friend's birthday (photo above).

And here is for a Mother's day.

And here is my dear friend's baby's Birth Sampler.

And here is top secret one!

Before we go out, Sweetie was wearing toy glasses and wore my boots!
How cool he is! LOL
I asked him to be like model, he paused like this! :D

I read that "Karaoke" is nominated as the worst invention in England! LOL

When I was a school girl, Karaoke rooms ware not so good atmosphere, but today we were surprised, every things were so clean and beautiful, and there were some kids rooms, too!
Like this photo, Sweetie is playing behind me singing!
(I'm wearing Sweetie's toy glasses, silly me! lol)

It was the first time that Sweetie goes to Karaoke, so I was thinking if he didn't like it, soon we quit and go back home, but he liked it and sung so many songs, like from Anime "Totoro", "Micky Mouse march", also he sung Nataro Moriyama's song, too!!
He was very good!

He was singing with his grand-ma! But suddenly from the middle of singing, he didn't let her (my mum) sing any songs!
"No grand-ma, Only mama can sing! Why???

I think I could have found one more good hobby! :D
It was fun to sing with my son, also seeing him singing was so pleasant!
And I could refresh!
My mum and I are now listening to many songs on You Tube for the next time we go! :D
Maybe tomorrow??? lol

Take care + Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Completely Absorbed In Watching This!!

Yesterday evening, I was reading an evening paper, and red the story of Susan Boyle in the UK.
I was curious very much, so I soon searched her on You Tube, and found it and... now I'm completely absorbed in watching this video and listening to her beautiful song!

When I was in the UK for six months, I was watching "Pop Idol" every week, and I loved that program (the season Will Young and Gareth Gates have won).
It was almost 9 or 10 years ago!

After I left the UK, I couldn't watch this kind of program in Japan, so I really missed it.
I didn't know this TV program, but I was surprised that Simon and Ant and Dec were still there!

Anyway, her song was great! and I have never seen bitter Simon's that smiley face!
I laughed at Simon's comment, lol

It was the first time I saw this TV program last night, so I don't know how this program works, but does the challenger pass if he/she could receive three YESs?
And the challenger will be able to continue to sing on the stage again, like pop idol?
If so, I want to listen to her singing another song!

I'm going to listen to her song again. :D

Take care + Thanks for visiting!

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Shoes FOR Spring!

The other day when we went out for seeing "SAKURA", we also went for shopping, and I bought two pairs of new shoes!
It's been so long, I bought shoes or clothes for myself!!

Here they are!

One is Orange brown, very soft leather strap shoes.
They are very soft, and I liked this colour so much, it must suit for both pants and skirts!

And the other one is the one I was looking for!
I saw these pair of shoes on the flier of the deaprtment store, and really wanted them!
Here they are!

The surface of these shoes are like peach skin, but inside of them are rubber, so they fits very much and the cost was cheap! :D

There were some colours, but I choose this purple one!
They are so lovely when I wear skirt!

On a very fine day like today, I will wear these shoes and want to go WINDOW shopping, again!
Now I have been working on secret stitching projects, so can't show any photos, but I think only one project I will be able to show you, because my friend won't check this blog often!
So when my stitching became enough to show, I will post them later!

Take care and Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweetie, My Lovely Sweetie!

The other day, we drove down to the Herb Garden where is in very country side.
And there were natural flower field, so I took some photos of Sweetie in the field!

He loves Dandelions so much, especially to blow on Dandelion clock!
I love this photo very much! :D

Recently he doesn't like to be taken photos much, and so he was a bit upset (above photo)... lol

In the rape blossoms fields, he had great smile!

Cautiously, cautiously go forward...

A fly??? (lol)

Recently Sweetie loves to play in the (very small) garden, he loves watering!

The other day Sweetie called me "Mummy!!! Terrible!!", so when I rushed to come to him, he watered all over the garden, and the garden looked like flood!

This photo, he washing or shooting? stone flog! I think flog is out of breath, though... lol

Recently he is interested in bugs, and now he is studying how bugs move and about their body!
(I hate bugs, incects though... ces't la vie, mums are all fated to catch or touch bugs in the future... sigh...)

Today Sweetie and grandma (my mum) planted new flowers as tulips were finished.
He is helping to plant new flowers!

Here they are, Pink and Orange Dahlias which Sweetie planted!

He said, "Grow fast, grow fast, flower!" and watering a little by little.

Recently he is very stubborn and talks very saucily, so my mum and I fed up with them sometimes...

But... at the same time, he is very sweet. He named each characters of his sweets called "Koala no march", and he never eats "Mama Koala", it's been more than 1 month but he never eats that one... I asked why, he said "Because I love Mummy, so I can't eat Mama Koala, never!!"
How sweet is he?!
I love you, too Sweetie!!

Take care + Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Belated Birthday Present FOR Angela

I've got an e-mail from dear Angela (no blog) that she received a parcel safely from me!
It was a so sweet e-mail and what she wrote made me so happy!

I promised her to make this tote bag with her Initial from a long long time ago, but I couldn't make one for her for a long time...
Sorry for kept you waiting, Angela!
But finally I could make one for her and am so happy to hear that she loved this so much!!

This was very belated Birthday Present for her!
She knows about my health so much, so she could wait for me.

She loved this Initial tote bags that I have been making for my friends so much since when she first saw, and she loved it more than that when she saw Su's tote bag that I made in person when she visited Su!

I knew it, so I really wanted to make one for my dear so much, but I'm not good on sewing machine at all and if I make one, I should pull it out from the closet, so it took more time, sorry Angela!
This time I made it with pink fabrics which is her favourite colour, and stitched her Initial on center of the bag!

I also added some gifts for her MIL's 100th Birthday, and her son's girlfriend, and also some other gifts for Angela!

I'm so glad to hear that you loved everything what I sent you, Angela!
You are my dear, you always listen to me well and gives me warm words and wishes.
Your e-mail made my heart warm so much always, thanks!

You can see all the tote bags that I made (here)

Take care and have a lovely day!
Thanks for visiting!

From : "Charted Monograms for Needlepoint and Cross-Stitch"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Antique Bag

The other day when we went out for seeing "SAKURA", we also went out for shopping.
It's been so long time I went out for shopping for myself!!
After I met cross stitch, my interests and most of money have been spending on cross stitch stuffs!
And I hadn't bought my clothes at all!

On that day, the weather was very fine and hot, so we didn't walk on main street to the station, we walked on an arcaded street.

There were so many new shops, and a small and lovely shop caught my eyes!

I went into the shop immediately and found so many lovely clothes, bags, accessories, etc...
And soon this bag caught my eyes, when I picked up this bag to look at, it seemed antique, so I asked shop staff about this bag.
It's from USA and maybe 1960's...
I fell in love with this, but I thought this would be so expensive...
So I timidly asked about the price of this bag to a shop staff, but it was not so expensive than I expected!

I also bought some skirts for spring, they are very lovely, too!
I was irresolute about this bag to the very end, but decided to buy!!
I thought this was "a once-in-a-lifetime chance".

The bottom of the bag was made by wood, so a bit heavy to carry, though!

There are many stains, but I like them!

Recently I am very interested in antique things, and the other day when I visited my mum's friend's home, she gave me many of antique-like things that she doesn't need anymore!

They are very lovely, so I will share some photos sometime later after I took photos of them!

Today I found a piece of flier of the department store where there is "Antique Fair" now, and quite similar antique bag was on it with photo!

And the price was very very expensive!!

Yay! I love this design more than the one on the flier and I've got quite cheaper than it!

Now I can't have my own room as I'm at mum's home, but when I back to my home, I want to change rooms a little by little (except my husband's room! He loves modern style!) with antique things!

Take care and have a lovely week ahead!
Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

(Edited) Flowers In Mum's Garden

[ Ornithogalum ]
日本名 : オーニソガラム・ウンベラツム、大甘菜(おおあまな)

Scientific Name : Ornithogalum umbellatum
Generic Name : Ornithogalum
Family : Lily

[ Primrose ]
日本名 : 桜草(さくらそう)
Scientific Name : Primula sieboldii
Generic Name : Primula
Family : Primrose

[ Tulip ]
日本名 : チューリップ
Scientific Name : Tulipa
Generic Name : Tulip
Family : Lily

[ Christmas rose, Lenten rose, Helleborus ]
日本名 : クリスマスローズ
Scientific Name : Helleborus niger
Generic Name : Helleborus
Family : Buttercup

[ Banksian Rose ]
日本名 : モッコウバラ
Scientific Name : Rosa banksiae
Generic Name : Rosa
Family : Rose

[ Geranium ]
日本名 : ゼラニウム
Scientific Name : Pelargonium zonale
Generic Name : Pelargonium, zonale

[ Cherry Sage ]
日本名 : チェリーセージ
Scientific Name : Salvia microphylla
Generic Name : Salvia
Family : Perilla frutescens crispa

[ Abutilon, Tyrolean Lamp ]
日本名 : アブチロン、チロリアンランプ
Scientific Name : Abutilon megapotamicum
Generic Name : Abutilon
Family : Mallow

[ Narcissus ]
日本名 : 水仙
Scientific Name : Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis
Generic Name : Narcissus
Family : Cluster Amaryllis

[ Tulip ]
日本名 : チューリップ
Scientific Name : Tulipa
Generic Name : Tulip
Family : Lily

[ 立浪草 : Tatsunami-sou ]
日本名 : 立浪草
Scientific Name : Scutellaria indica
Generic Name : Scutellaria
Family : Perilla frutescens crispa

[ Money Tree ]
日本名 : 金の成る木
Scientific Name : Crassula portulacea
Generic Name : Crassula
Family : Orpine

[ Winter daphne ]
日本名 : 沈丁花(じんちょうげ)
Scientific Name : Daphne odora
Generic Name : Daphne
Family : Fragrant Daphne

[ Poppy]
日本名 : 長実雛罌粟(ながみひなげし)
Scientific Name : Papaver dubium
Generic Name : Papaver
Family : Papaver

[ Cyclamen ]
日本名 : シクラメン
Scientific Name : Cyclamen persicum
Generic Name : Cyclamen
Family : Primrose