Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Mum's Works (3)

Hi everyone, how have you been doing?
I have been better than before in country side with mum and sweetie.
I have started stitching recently, but it's for my friend's birthday present, so I can't show it at the moment...
So, again, I share some photos of my mum's works (sorry for not posting stitched piece at all...)

Today we went to the car dealer for a periodical inspection.
I'm having relaxed life, but what I don't like is mum's driving (LOL)!
I'm always going to be car sickness!! :(

Anyways, here is the knitted vest that my mum made for me!
Isn't this lovely? I love this yarns colour very much!

And here is an another vest for my sweetie.
He was playing with toys at car dealer, and he served baked cakes for us with spoons, forks and knives!

While he was playing with toys and I was stitching, the real car carrier has stopped in front of the dealer and of course sweetie was so excited to see the real one just in front of him!
That was also fun for us to see how to manage these kind of car.

After we came back home, sweetie tried to make the car carrier by acorns!
How is this? Quite good, isn't it?
Recently it's amazing to see how he growing up, he speaks so clearly and so well, and creative so many things with something around.
I will show some photos of his creativity sometimes later!

By the way, as for my illness, I went to a huge hospital yesterday to have check-up.
I checked my symptoms on the net and found some suspicious disease.
So I wanted to see a doctor who is the medical specialist of that disease, I could see the doctor, but it was the first time for me to visit that hospital and see the doctor, so it took 4 hours totally from when we left our home to arrived our home!!
We spent our time at the hospital more than 3 hours!!
I said mum and sweetie to go back home because it's tiring, but they were with me (I think that mum felt that I was nervous...), waited for me.
Thank you so much both of you, I appreciate for you two.
I took stitching stuffs, but I was quite nervous and it was huge hospital and most of things were mechanization, so I couldn't concentrate on stitching at all...

I had some tests, but have to visit there again and again to have more tests.
My next appointment is 2nd of March, but just for some tests again, and next time I can see a doctor is one more month ahead!! whew...
I will be able to know how I am in the end of March.
Think positive!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Stitching!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Speechless... PIF FROM Dovile

I've received a parcel safely from Dovile in Lithuania!
I was so thrilled to open it as I know her works are so wonderful always.
My son and I couldn't resist to open it and once I opened, it smelt so nice from the envelope.

By the way, here they are! Look at them, here are Dovile's wonderful works!!
I LOVE them SO much!!

These colours are so soft and nice, and I really love them! and her stitch and finishing is so beautiful! It's amazing!
I don't know what's this design, though isn't this so lovely?
She added rickrack tape and button on handles, it's so nice idea and so lovely!

And here is a pinkeep!! Isn't this also so beautiful and sweet?!
She added rickrack tape around the edge and sew buttons...
I also love this colours so much! She knows what I love!!

And she also added so nice scent tea and chocolate, and also the toy car which her son choose for my son!
How kind of him and her!
Thanks so much, Dovile!
You really made my day, indeed!!! I'm so lucky girl, aren't I?!

I won't be able to use the bag, because I don't want to get it dirty!
I will treasure them always!
Thanks again!
and.. Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Were Waiting For Me...

Hi, I have just arrived to my mum's home yesterday, whew...
I still have fever (sometimes it's slight fever...), so I will visit some doctors.

Anyways, what were waiting for me when I arrived mum's house is, so many envelopes, some were puffy! :)
Of course I couldn't resit to open them soon I have found them, and I was so excited!!!
Please let me share them with you!

First of all, my dear friend Angela (no blog) have told me that she sent presents for me and for my son to my mum's home, and here they are!

Angela also knows that I love Pink (she also likes pink!), so she gathered pink goodies for me!
How sweet of her, they are SO lovely, truly lovely, I love everything she sent me!
Fabrics that she sent me are so pretty, she added so many laces and ribbons and pale pink and purple linen, rose soaps, chocolate, heart shaped hook! Oh my...
Thank you so much Angela!!!

But she added more than them!
She made me a so sweet pinkeep which I fell in love when she showed me in the e-mail last year!
This is from Ewe & Eye & Friends (EEF), it's so lovely, isn't it?!

The backing fabric she used is also so cute and perfect, which her sister sent her, I heard.
I'm so happy to have this with me now!
Thank you so much for your warm heart always, dear Angela!

She also sent some toys for my son!! Activity Fun Notebook and zebra's puppet, and chocolate and there was also Coca Cola's truck!!! Why the truck wasn't in the photo???
Of course he opened it sooner after he found it started play with it! :)

Thank you Angela, now he is remembering about your name and where you are from!
He is now saying Auntie Angela! ("Angela Obachan" in Japanese)

And here is some trade that I have done with some friends.
As you may know that I have opened Sale & Trade blog before (I will open it later again), and some people asked me to trade charts!

Sharon and I traded a chart and she asked me to send over dyed threads instead charts or pay.
And I love to correct over dyed threads which I can't easily to buy in Japan, so I said OK to trade with threads!
And Sharon kindly sent me so many beautiful threads!!! Look at them!
Lovely colours over dyed threads and some Vikki Clayton's silk threads!
Thank you so much, Sharon!
I really love them as I told you in the mail, thanks a lot!!

And here is from Melissa. Melissa and I also traded a chart, but she also kindly send me an extra chart which I wanted!
How sweet of you, Melissa! Thank you so much for your kindness!
I want to stitch it as soon as I can!

Thanks everyone for your kind heart towards me, I do really appreciate for them all!!!

By the way, here in Japan the tradition of "St. Valentine's day" is give chocolate from women to men (I don't like this tradition much...).

As always I bought chocolates for my husband and this year for my son, too!
Here is a chocolate for my husband with some message... :)

And here is for my sweetie!
Actually I just wanted this heart shaped tin can, LOL (sorry sweetie, but I know you also just want chocolates, lol)

I don't feel like stitching yet, though I started a few lines from last night not to fall asleep soon.
Just a little by little, it's getting be fun.
I'm going to stitch some lines from now, too! :)
I hope that motivation for stitching will be increase more and more!!

Take care and have a lovely day!
Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birthday Present FOR Jessie

Hi! Finally I can share my stitched piece with you!
This is my first work in 2009 that is for my friend Jessie's Birthday.
I knew that I haven't been well, so I started this from the last year... so it took almost 2 months to finish...
Anyway, Happy Birthday, Jessie!
Sorry, it didn't arrive to you in time...

I know that Jessie loves Lizzie*Kate, so when I was looking for the design for her Birthday, I thought this would be nice to stitch for her Birthday Present!
This is stitched on 40ct Wichelt Linen (Sandstone / Tea) which I like the best!

Around the candle and cake, the chart was written to one cross stitch, but I thought it would be so cute and beautiful to add pearl beads instead!
Isn't this lovely?!

When I framed this stitched piece, there was blank area both right and left sides so I added linen laces, it was quite simple and beautiful without laces, though I thought Jessie likes laces so decided to add! Yes, it's more cute than nothing...

Jessie's name and her Birthday was stitched on 1 over 1 on 40ct, it was quite hard for me as I have bad sight, though when I finished I was really happy and hoped she will like it!
It was very pleased to stitch this lovely design for her!
I do really hope she will like what I've sent for her, also the PINK goodies!
I forgot to take photos of them, though I think she will post what I sent.

There are so many ideas and designs that I want to stitch in my mind, I wish I could stitch all of them!!!
Uhmmm... what shall I stitch next? I'm now thinking a lot as seeing my stash!
But finally I just ordered Linen and Vikki Clayton's silks for BP Quaker SAL, so I'm very loooking forward to start it! And hope the linen colour is the right colour what I want!

Take care and have a lovely day!

And thanks for visiting!

Happy Stitching!

Design : "Birthday Blessings" © Lizzie*Kate
Linen : 40ct Wichelt Linen : Sandstone / Tea
Threads : DMC

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm getting better than before!

Thank you for all the comments and e-mails to cheer me up.
I really appreciate for your kind and warm hearts.
Fortunately I think I'm getting better than before.
The medicine that my doctor gave me from a week ago is working well for my depressing, and so I feel very calm and peaceful.
But, there is also the side effect of this medicine, it's drowsiness, it's not ordinary, it's like a hundred of the sandman are around me...
So after 15 minutes I took that medicine, I can't stop yawn and am sank into the floor...

But there are so many things to do, so today I had test not to take THAT medicine, so I could work!! Can you imagine how happy I was?!
I don't know it's good thing or not, but I will ask a doctor about it that if I can skip the medicine when I really need to do something.

Actually since the drowsiness, I haven't been packing to go back to mum's home to recover my illness, so maybe this coming weekend, I will ask my husband to look after my son and stop THAT medicine and will work for packing. :)

About the hormonal problem, I went to the hospital where I had check-up, the result wasn't so bad, so a doctor said it was cause of the side effect of medicine.
And now I haven't taking that medicine which cause for hormone, my menopausal disorders (-like) is getting better than before! So no irritates!

And I have been slight fever more than a month, though it's the autonomous nervous system agitation, so I will ask a doctor for another medicine for it.

I have been stitching only few lines a day before I go to bed.
And I finished my first work for 2009!

I will be able to show it to you later, hopefully this weekend!

Take care and thank you so much for concerning about my health.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Happy Stitching!