Monday, July 30, 2012

Magnifying Glass

Hi, it's been long time!
I have been busy with my son as it's a summer holiday and he is always be here.
Lots of homework, projects he has to do, and I have to look after what he is doing as he is still a little boy.

A week ago, we went to Zoo and he drew animals! And next day I was on duty for kids' swimming pool at school. I think I was under the direct rays of the sun for two days, now I have herpes virus on the upper jaw, and it's terrible and today I was at hospital for 5 hours, whew, tiring!!

By the way, I thought it's about time to try to stitch over 32ct again, and tried to stitch on 36ct.
I had bought a magnifying glass before, so tried to use it for 36ct, but it was hard for my eyes yet...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Bo-Peep" WIP 0712 - Leaves done

Hi, how have you been?
It's so humid day around here today... Summer has come, I heard cicada was shrilling this morning!!


Since I've finished "Birds of Killingworth" and framing, I've been stitching "Bo-Peep" © La-D-Da.
And here it is, I've finished all leaves!! whew... I don't like to stitch leaves much, so now I'm feeling very nice!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

1st Anniversary - We love you!

Hi, thanks for your visit and thank you for your comments!
A year ago today, 1st of July is the day our hamster "Ham-Chan" came to our home!

He is so nice and calm hamster and always sleepy, lol

Here are "Ham-Chan"'s photos to share!

As you already know that hamster is nocturnal animal, so when I see, he is always sleeping like this.
Sometimes he sleeps on the spin wheel (I don't know how to say in English), and sometimes he is nod in a doze!