Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wonderful Presents From My Friends!!

Today as I promised, I am going to share some photos what my friend presented me when we met at the last time!
I'm so surprised how they made such wonderful things in very short time (they also made these for 5 person!!)

Anyway, here they are!! Please enjoy to see their works!

Here is a pinkeep, I don't know and I forgot to ask what designer this is from, but this is very elegant and just beautiful, isn't this!
I also like the backing fabric which is beautiful and perfect match with this pinkeep design!

Here is Banurukotti (or Panurukotti, I don't know how to spell it exactly...) which is a kind of Korean style pincushion!
My friend referred how to make it, but sew each pieces together like when you make Biscornu.
It does need 15 pieces of square to make one pincushion, it's amazing, isn't it!
And please look how beautiful this is! Her works are always perfect!!

And here is also a pincushion in the small basket which is also made by my friend.
It's very tiny and so lovely! I do really love her taste, always!
She is also a very talented lady!!

Compare to their wonderful works, my sewing case is nothing!!!
Their works are so beautiful and sweet, I love them all!!
You see, my friends are so talented, don't you think?
I'm so proud of them and am so happy to have met them online as well as in person!

We are going to meet up next month again, they might be coming to my home next time, or we will go out for sight seeing as where I live is a famous sight seeing place!
I'm very looking forward to see them again!!

By the way, here is my Grass Hedgehog!
She is growing a little by little...
The photo was taken on 22nd of June.
My Grass Dog has dead... I hope he will recover soon...

Yesterday, we had very terrible incident...
When we went out for shopping and when we park, an old guy picked a fight with my husband, and they had argue, actually I was going to arbitrate it, but the old guy called me "Bi*ch!!", that drove me so mad, and so involuntary I jumped in their argument!! lol

Once their (our) argument has finished, we parked and went shopping, but after we finished shopping and went back to the parking lot, our car was intentionally and terribly scratched, deeply and very long (one was
about 60cm, and the other scratch was about 40cm) by key!!!!!
I couldn't believe it!!! It's obviously him, that nasty old guy!
After a long time I got angry so much, and I couldn't sleep at all last night...

We called policeman and we all watched through the video tape for prevention of crime, but it didn't show the place where we parked at all, so it couldn't help us at all...

It was so stressful day, and so I had stomachache...
Come to the conclusion, we had to swallow it... sigh (;'~';)


Margaret said...

Yuko, you poor thing. What a horrible experience. No wonder you couldn't sleep! I hope you can find consolation in your stitching

Carol R said...

Such beautiful gifts from your friends. I especially like the Banurukotti - thank you for the link to the instructions - I hope I can do one with following the pictures :o)

Mr Hedgehog is very cute but it is sad about Mr Dog.

How awful for you and your husband that not only did that nasty guy picked a fight but he defaced your car too. It's too scary to argue with anyone nowadays with idots carrying knives and guns.

Ginnie said...

What lovely gifts, they are so pretty.
Sorry to hear about the arguement and your poor car..... how horrid.

Sally said...

They are all gorgeous Yuko. you have some very talented friends.

So sorry to read about what happened to you adn your husband.

Nancy said...

Your friends are very talented and have made very beautiful gifts! But, you are just as talented, and your stitching is just as beautiful! I know you will treasure the gifts from your friends. And, it is good to see the little hedgehog is growing hair!

I am so sorry you and your husband had such an unpleasant experience. I hope you feel better today.

All things beautiful said...

Those gifts are so pretty and you are lucky to own them. The banurukotti is just awesome. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. It looks deceivingly easy but I'm sure it's not... I may just try it some time - I want to challenge myself and experiment with something new that will have me ripping out my hair in frustration! LOL. Thanks for sharing!

staci said...

So sorry about the incident with that man~~how horrible! And how awful that he damaged your car!

You've received some beautiful gifts from your friends! They're so talented!

Annie said...

So sorry you had to go through that ugly incident. Hope you can just put it out of your mind and move on.

I love the gifts from your friends, but don't sell yourself short. The gifts you make are outstanding as well.

Anonymous said...

{{{Yuko}}} - I'm sorry you and your husband had such a nasty incident. I hope you're feeling a little less upset.

Your friends stitched beautiful pieces for you - I really like the Korean-style pincushion - it certainly looks like it took a lot of work to put together!

Julie said...

Wonderful gifts from your friends, they are all very talented Yuko, just like you are.

I'm sorry this awful incident happend to you and your family

Carla said...

wow! your friends are very talented!! Their gifts are all wonderful!!

XXXdomy said...

Sorry for this sad incident, I hope you will feel better really soon.
Your friends are very talented ;-) like you, I especially love the biscornu !
Happy stitching !

Ele said...

My dear Yuko, how are you and your familiy? Hope you are well.

You've got very talented friends their gifts for you are beautiful!
On my blog I read, that you will stitch a little bit German patterns, which books do you have from Germany?

I whish you a nice week and send you all my best


flom said...

Hi yuko,

Sorry for this incident !I hope your are well now?
your friend make you a beautifull gift, the pinkeek is wonderfull!
I love it !!
a bientôt

Anonymous said...

Konnichiwa Yuko
So sorry to read about what happened to you and your husband. It's awful that this man damaged your car.
Your gifts are very beautiful. The banurukotti is so pretty !

I hope you feel better now.

Nicola said...

Yuko, I do hope you have recovered from that awful incident.

The presents from your friends are lovey especially the banurukotti. I'll have to have a go at making one of those one day.

Lillie said...

Great gifts from your friends and your hedgdog is looking pretty.

Dovilė said...

I love the gifts from your friends especially banurokotti, so gentle and bright, best wishes.

angelasweby said...

I was so sorry to read about the unpleasant old guy and the mean way he damaged your car. No wonder you were so upset and could not sleep. I'm sure he will get his punishment in the end!!

Your gifts from your friends are really lovely. They are so talented but your needlecase to them was very special too. I love the little pincushion in the basket. I just love baskets (and have my own very special pink one :>)

Little Miss Hedgehog looks so glamorous with her new hairstyle but, I miss Little Dog very much.
Take care. Warm hugs, Angela

nela said...

debo decir que estube casi 1 hora analizando ese alfiletero y luego conclui DIOS es igual al quilt que me salio mal por unir mal los padrones lo unico diferente es hecho con tela y bordado.
alli puede ver

Anonymous said...

Stupid people are everywere !!
I am so sory for your car.

Anne said...

What lovely gifts you've received from your friends, it must be so heartwarming... I hope you are ok after this unpleasant accident! Take care...

mAtilda said...

ciao, yuko, ho realizzato un banurukotti, è sul mio blog se vuoi vederlo...
ciao matilda.
in english
hello, yuko, I have realized a banurukotti, if you want to see it, it is on mine blog… hello matilda.

JariJari said...

I love particularly the korean style pincushion. Her work is really very pretty. Lucky you, !!!

Anonymous said...

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