Monday, November 30, 2009

[Edited] "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765" by The Sampler Girl

[Edited : 04/Dec/2009]
Hi, I posted this earlier, though the photos were not good to see, so I took some photos in the house today.
I hope they are able to see well than before!
Sorry, I didn't change the sentenses that I wrote earlier, so the photos and sentenses will not correspond with...

Hi, today I finally framed the finished piece that I had finished stitching before Sweetie had been hospitalized.
I had been wanted to finish this more earlier, but lazy me, I didn't do it at all and forgot about it.
But mum tidied up around the table today and found this finished piece and she said "This is very lovely, why don't you finish this??", so I did finished as I'm feeling fine as also the weather is very fine!
This is one of finished pieces of The Sampler Girl "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765".
Once again I wanted to finish like a sample photo of this chart, and here it is!

Sorry, the shadow of geranium is reflected on the glass, so a bit hard to see the stitched piece.
It's hard to take a pictures in this mum's house, because rooms are very dark, so I took them along the edge of a house facing the garden.

Here is a close up photo, I should have taken photos without glass...

Here are some photos that I took today!

I added lovely autumnal fabric (this chart is named "Spring Sampler", though...) beside the stitched piece and also added dark brown rick rack tape on the seam.
And I choose very simple wooden frame for this!

Recently it's been hassle to take photos also blogging somehow, maybe because Sweetie is not completely fine? (Now he has cold and he still have slight fever...)
But today I took photos and it made me motivate to do more like before!
I have some un-posted articles that I want to share with you, so will post them when I have own time!

P.S. Sweetie Tass soon found this finished piece after he came home from Preschool!
And he said, "Mummy this is very lovely, I like this!" Oh Sweetie, you are the best!! :D

Take care and thank you always for your visit!

Bye for now,

Design : "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765" © The Sampler Girl
Fabric : 32ct Lambswol
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

"#3 Hope Perches” by The Sampler Girl

Hi, it's been so while since I posted my work last time!
Finally I can share it with you all... whew
I had finished this before Sweetie Tass had been hospitalized, but had no chance to take photo and post it here until now.

I finished as mini pillow as same as the sample photo of this chart.
Luckily I could find the nice fabric for this, I'm so happy that I could make this into mini pillow like this, as I fell in love with the sample photo when I first saw!

I'm going to finish another The Sampler Girl's finished piece into something.
I also have to work on my PIF gifts!! I wrote on the last post, though please forgive me, Susan and Marie!
I have ideas for the PIF gifts in my mind, so please wait for it's finished!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thank you for your visit.

Design : "#3 Hope Perches” © The Sampler Girl
Fabric : 32ct Belfast "Vintage country mocha"
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Friday, November 20, 2009


As you all may know or had seen these beautiful present from Su, as she has shown them on her blog earlier.
Sorry Su, as you know my son was ill and so we were in the hospital for a long time.
So although I have received present from Su before Sweetie had been hospitalized, I couldn't share these wonderful birthday present from Su for a long time.

Look at this! How beautiful and romantic this cylindrical box had been made by her!
She added yo-yo quilts on the lid of this box and rickrack tape around the edge.
I was totally overwhelmed by her beautiful work and taste by this time, but there were something in the box!

Look at them again, she made me a little pincushion and thread keeper.
They are stitched on 40ct, and her satin stitch and rose web stitchis are perfect as always!
I really love her taste, it's always so soft and charming.

And also there were rose tea candles in there, they smelled so nice!!
She knew how I love candles! :D

Thank you SO SO much dear Su, for your warm heart and friendship.

I always appreciate for you.

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thank you for your visit.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thank you so much, he is doing OK!

Hi, thank you so much for many get well wishes and warm comments for him and also for me, too.
And thank you so much for the e-cards and e-mails!
I really appreciate for your kindness, friends!

Yesterday, Sweetie Tass and I went to a big and famous hospital to check up again, and also have second opinion.
I told everything about him to a doctor, and come to the conclusion, nothing bad was found from his body after a week.
And a doctor told me to check his fever everyday as always, and if it keeps going for a long term, or if his condition has changed, come to the hospital again.

But if he keeps having slight fever, he won't be able to take vaccinations from now on, but a doctor told me to say "He is Okay even though he has a slight fever."

He guaranteed about it, so finally I breathed a sigh of relief.

For a week or a few weeks, I won't let him go to Preschool yet, because I feel a bit scare and have to check his condition after hospitalized.

Just wanted to let you know what is going on around him and me!

Thank you so much for concerning about us!
Really appreciate for you all.

Take care and have a lovely week!
I hope soon I can share some my stitchy projects with you!

P.S. Susan in the US and Marie in France whom my PIF partner, the deadline has already passed, but please forgive me.
I will make PIF gifts to you when I have time and when I'm relaxed.

P.S.S. Caro in France, please forgive me that I haven't been able to reply you and do exchange.
I'm not forgetting about you and our exchange.
I will e-mail you back when I relief. Sorry!!

P.S.S.S. Su, my dear friend, sorry that I have already received your wonderful Birthday gift, though I haven't been able to share your beautiful works on here with everybody.

I will organize the photos and post them as soon as when I have much own time!

Yuko ((hugs))

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We came home!

Hi everyone, thank you SO SO much for sending your get well wishes for my Sweetie Tass.
I really really appreciate for your kindness, I'm so surprised when I opened my PC, there were so many comments for the last post.
Thank you so much, really appreciate for you all!

Tass and I came home yesterday, but but he still have slight fever.
And I didn't agree with the doctor has done the way of treatment for Tass at all.
Nurses were not good at all, either.
So I will visit another big hospital with him in a week or a week later.

My cousin's daughter has got Septicemia when she was little, and so my cousin really know how dangerous this sick is, and so she gave me so many advices about this sick.
And also I have a doctor friend, so I asked him about this sick, too and he gave me his advices, too.
But they were very different with the hospital has done for my Tass this time.
I hope another hospital (doctor) will be able to find what's wrong and what is happening in his body...

I had to sleep on the very simple, flat and hard bed while I was in the hospital, so was very tired and now I have backache.
But it was for my Sweetie, it didn't bother me at all while I was there. Mums are tough!
He was very good boy in the cage type bed... (poor him...)

Well, we came back, so I just wanted to tell you we are home now!
And wanted to tell my appreciation for you all.
Thank you again!

Take care and have a lovely day!

Yuko ((hugs))

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Just a quick note...

Hi everyone, it's been so long since I posted last time.
To be honest, my Sweetie has been hospitalized, and so I'm with him 24 hours to look after.
He has got blood poisoning (Septicemia), and the due to get out of the hospital was today, but he still have slight fever, so he couldn't get out of his bed...
Sorry now I don't have dictionary with me, so I don't know whether you can understand what I'm writing or not...

Well, I'm not closing my blog nor quiting cross stitcing!

We will be back soon!
Please fingers crossed for us!

Yuko ((hugs))