Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Since 1st Of October - "Boo! Club 2009" Lizzie*Kate [Photos Edited]

Since 1st of this month, I have been working on THIS!
I always wanted to stitch this series since these charts were released in 2009, but I never thought that I can complete whole designs, so till now I had been keeping them in my closet.
But this year I decided to stitch some things for Halloween, and tried to start this.

10月に入ってすぐ、ハロウィンに向けて Lizzie*Kate 2009 Boo! Club シリーズを刺し始めました!

I was thinking that I don't like to change colours (threads) often, but this project is so fun to stitch along!
I aimed to complete one block a day, and it went well as I planned.
See, I have to stitch border all around this design, but most of them are completed! Yeah!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Merci (C) Danybrod AND Little Destroyer

Hi, thank you always for your visit and your comments!
I appreciate for them all.

As you saw before, I stitched and finished "merci" © Danybrod as pincushion.
When I saw this design, I thought of my friends who may love this design, and sent them for them.

以前の日記に載せた、merci をやっとピンクッションに仕上げました。


I heard that they received my pincushion safely and so update my blog today!
I'm happy to hear that they loved them!
I didn't have the colour that chart called for, so used two colours of DMC for flowers.