Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Present FROM Nina!

On the last Saturday, postman rung the door bell and he had a box for me in his hand!
It was from my dearest friend Nina in Hungary!
I was told from her that she sent me a parcel, so I was so pleased and happy that I could receive it safely!
Once I opened the box, her parcel smelled very fragrantly.
There were Marcipanos (Marcipan) and a parcel that was wrapped with chocolate picture paper!
I was so thrilled to open them, especially the one was wrapped with chocolate paper!

I always think that the parcel from abroad smells so nice always, but how about from Japan, my friends? Do they smell soy sauce??

Wow, she spoiled me again, she sent me hand dyed linen by her, hand dyed threads, and very lovely wee chart (w/buttons) from Heart in HAND that the title is "friendship endures", how nice it is!
And I shouldn't forget, of course I don't forget to share you her perfect work!

Isn't this ornament so sweet?! She stitched from CCN's one of series "Cupcake" and added three Spider Web Roses on this ornament as she likes it, as well as I do!
As always her work is so perfect and very neat, I want to show you her works IRL!
And from all her items, we smelt so nice, Sweetie was like a dog, he kept saying "Where does this nice smell come from" and kept doing sniff-sniff (lol)!

On the back side, she stitched "Happy birthday Yuko" and added heart charm, how sweet of her!
Thank you SO SO much Nina, as always you care of me, and your warm and kind heart!

I love her sweet heart, it touches me always, Thank you Nina!
As soon as I have got time, I want to stitch wee design that you gave me!!

Here they are, Marcipanos! Yummy yummy photo, isn't it?!
I've heard of just a name of Marcipanos before, but haven't had them before.

When Nina sent me exchange piece, she added lovely elephant shaped Marcipanos for my Sweetie, but we couldn't eat him, he is still there in our dining room!
But this time, we couldn't resist to eat them, I cut them and we ate them all together!

Mmmmm, Yum! We were very satisfied very much, they were so nice with coffee!
My auntie came when we were eating Marcipanos, then she ate them and she also said "Yum", so we shared some for her, too!

But there is still some left, he he he from now I will have them with coffee again!

Today, I found beautiful Cosmos on the middle way of Preschool, so after I came home I took camera out and took this photo.
I have a single-lens reflex camera, but have never used it before, so I should read a manual and take more beautiful photos!

P.S Flower photos that I posted on the last post werer not daffoil!!!
My mum laught at me so much, it's called Rain lily! Sorry for my poor knowledge, lol

Thank you for your visit and Take care!
Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanks, Tanya! "The Sampler Girl"

Hi, nowadays I'm quite well, maybe because I could make new friends and the weather is getting cool, I think!
But I had been in stitching slum for a long time, whatever I started stitching, I couldn't concentrate on at all.
Then started new design and stopped...
So I looked for something small in my stash and found these designs!

Here is "#3 Hope Perches" by The Sampler Girl, luckily I had recommended threads, too so I could start soon!
But recommended thread was quite different than the sample photo, so I changed birds colour.
I stitched on 32ct Belfast Vintage country mocha.

I have completely recovered as I could finish "#3 Hope Perches" soon, and so I started another design by "The Sampler Girl".
Here is "Sarah's Spring Sampler 1765", it was so fun to stitch and I became liking "The Sampler Girl" more and more!

Isn't this lovely?! I'm so looking forward to finish this!!
I stitched on 32ct Lambswool with DMC threads.

And the last one is "Jane Austen Book Bag", I wanted to make bankbooks bag with this design and fabrics, but I couldn't make it with my sewing ability...
I stitched on 32ct Flax linen with DMC threads. On the sample photo, a girl is wearing blue clothes and have pink flower, but I changed them opposite as the fabric I wanted to use was based pink.

Now I think I could get out of slump of stitching! Thanks, Tanya for such lovely designs!!
I have been working fall design now!
But I found that my dear friend is stitching Christmas Village by The Prairie Schooler which I had been wanted to stitch for a long time, so I may start it with her, don't know yet, though!

Here are the photos of daffodils Rain lily in my (mum's) garden.
I love flowers, they make me happy and cheerful!

My camera was quite strange recently, I couldn't see the thing clearly through lenz.

But! I found why it was, Sweetie was touching lenz with his dirty fingers!!!
So recent photos are not clear much, photos on this post, either...

Thanks for your visit and Take care!
Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple

Today we went to an Art and Craft Museum in our city as my mum's friend's teacher's ceramic art exhibition was held there, and we've got a tea-ceremony ticket and had green tea with his works of tea cup.
Green tea was quite bitter, but Sweetie had it and liked it and he was a very good boy then!
Oh you certainly are Japanese!
After that, we said good-bye to mum's friend as she had to go to discussion of her teacher, and also we wanted to go to Shosha-zan (Mt.Shosha) as there was an event at the mountain, and I wanted to visit my friend who was helping her friend's work today, so we off to go up there.

Here are some photos of the view from ropeway, aren't they nice view of country side?!
The red flowers on the first photo is cluster amaryllis.
To tell you the truth, shamefully I had never been to Shosha-zan and Engyo-ji temple where the filming of Last Samurai was held.
First of all, we had to board on ropeway to get to the mountain, and after we got off we had to walk so many kilometers...
We should have board minibus...
I understand why Tom Cruise appeared by his own helicopter for filming, lol
Here is a photo of us on the top of the mountain! whew...
By way of precaution, I'm not pregnant (lol), recently many of people asked me "Oh, second baby??" , "If are you pregnant??"
It's just I'm getting chubby because of the side effect of medicine!!!
Sweetie asked me "What's this mummy, your tummy is like a water melon!!"
Mummy was shocked by what you said, Sweetie!!

Here are some photos of Kannon. There were so many Kannons both side of the mountain path, though I took these two photos of Kannnon that I liked their face, they seemed very peaceful, I thought.

Here it is, finally we could arrive to the Engyo-ji temple, but when we arrived, the event which I was looking forward was finished...
What was that tiring mountain path!!! Silly me, I should have checked the time schedule!!!
So we reward Sweetie with a soft ice cream, and I had milk (lol, because I wanted to have coffee though, it wasn't cold at all!).
On the way back, it was a bit easy to go down, and there was a bell so Sweetie and I tried to toll it!
It was very nice sound, Sweetie was a bit surprised by a loud sound!
On the way back I took a twig that it will be used for cross stitch finishing someday, and maple leaf.
Next time I want to visit inside of Engyo-ji temple by all means!
But of course I will take a minibus next time!!!

Thank you for your visit!
I'm going to post cross stitch stuff next time with photos!
So please look forward to see them!

Take care and Happy Stitching!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank you & Visitation Day

A few days ago, my new friend A. who is Sweetie's friend's mum gave me beautiful Birthday present!!
Sweetie entered the Preschool in July, it means he entered 3 months later than the other kids, but every children are so sweet and kind and so are their mums!

I didn't have any friends near by when I was in Yokohama and Kamakura, but after I came back to my home town, I got very nice friends through Sweetie!
A. is a women I admire, she is so fashionable and so beautiful and so sweet person.
She gave me this pale purple dried Hydrangea and same colour hair accessory as a present.
How beautiful are they?! She already knows what I love! :D
Thank you So much A. for your kind heart!

Today I bought new nail varnish to match the hair accessory that A. gave me!
I added ribbon seal which is for nail on my nails, how are they? Aren't they cute?!
Sweetie saw this and said "Mummy, you are cute! :D ", Thanks Sweetie, so you are and I love you!!

Today was a day of Preschool visitation. I was so excited to see how Sweetie spend time in the Preschool!
He was so lovely, they sung some sings, danced, etc...
I was so happy to see him in other children!

The other day, teacher told me that Sweetie picked his green peas and passed to next girls bowl while she and a teacher were looking the other way! (lol)
He is so picky, but other girl found it and told to a teacher about it (lol), and he had to eat them after all... Teacher told me that he seemed quite sad, LOL!!

By the way, Sweetie is getting be a big boy, he couldn't touch even sand because he didn't like to get dirty when he was a bit more small, but recently look at the photos!
Tarara~! He is having much fun with sand or mud to play!
This is how children should be!!
He learnt so much at the Preschool, too, so recently he is so happy and so I am!!

I have finished three small stitches, though mum's sewing machine has got problem now, so I can't do finishing work at the moment, so now I'm stitching fall design.
When the sewing machine has got well, I will finish and share them, of course!

Thank you SO SO much for everyone who left me Birthday wishes through comments, by e-mails, e-cards, messages, etc...

I really really appreciate for them all.

I'm going to reply you as much as I can!

Take care and thanks for visiting.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi! It's been a long time since the last time I posted, I was in stitching slump and also didn't open my lap top much these last few weeks, somehow...
So sorry for friends that I haven't been able to reply you, haven't been leaving you comments, etc...

By the way, today is my Birthday, I turned 35!!
If 35 rounded off, it becomes 40!!! Ghhh

Time flies so fast!!

As I may have mentioned before that I (we) don't like whipped cream much, so we bought roll cake as my Birthday cake, and added chocolate plate and 3 + 5 candles!! :D
The cake was so yum, Sweetie liked it so much. Actually Sweetie blew candles, he sung a Birthday song for me, but he misunderstood that his birthday came again (lol)

As President Obama said to avoid piggie flu, sing "Happy Birthday" song twice, so we are doing it, so he loves Happy Birthday song.

Yesterday, my dear friend Nanako-san sent me SPECIAL birthday present for me!!!
Look at this, she stitched and made it into a cartonnage box!!! How gorgeous!
Can you imagine that this stunning box which was made by your best friend is placed just beside you? Romantic, isn't it?

And also she added so many ribbons and so many beautiful clothes inside!
How generous she is. Nanako-san and I've met online and haven't met IRL yet, though we both really want to meet up someday in our life!

I was so touched by Nanako-san's work, and her generosity and kind heart, so I gave surprise call to her tonight! We enjoyed talking so much!

Thank you SO SO much again, Nanako-san.

Here is another present from my dear friend S-chan. She stitched BBD's design and made it into a lovely pouch!

How lovely and beautiful this is!

Her works are always perfect and so beautiful!

Isn't this lovely?! She also added so many goodies for me, I loved everything she sent me!
Thank you SO much S-chan!!

Let's meet up again someday in the near future!

One more Birthday Present is from Mum, this lovely shoes!
I loved the last pair of this shoes (different colour), though they were shapeless very much as I liked and walked so much, so Mum presented me new pair!
They are so comfy and so soft, from Koos.
Thanks, Mum!!

Last but not least, thank you SO much for everyone who sent me Birthday wishes by e-mails, through e-cards, messages, etc...
I really appreciate for your kindness from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks for your visit and Happy Stitching!
Take care!