Friday, July 31, 2009

Kazuko Aoki "Rose is a rose" Re-framed

Hi, I re-framed my Kazuko Aoki's "Rose is a rose" (=薔薇はバラ色?).
Mum's wasn't re-framed, just as it was, but when I found this rosy fabric at craft shop, I couldn't resist to buy it and this idea just came into my mind!

Is it a bit fussy?
I wanted it to be a bit more prettier, so I made it into like this.
When I saw mum's, it's also simple and beautiful, so I just sew it easily backside to whenever I can change mind and make into the original.
I took photos without glass, so it seems a bit weak, but if added glass it's beautiful IRL.

When I took this photo, I've got three mosquito bites, oh no!
Japan is a very humid country, so there are so many mosquitoes...
I often hear that people are stitching just in front of the lake, but no mosquito, etc...
How about your country???
My PC is funny recently, I'm scared if I should buy another new one again???
Now I can't use mouse, actually usb port etc... and I lost some true type fonts, so I can't see any words when I leave you a comment... or when I edit my HTML...
I should ask my husband to send me fonts.

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Happy Stitching!

Design : from Book "バラと暮らす”(=Bara to Kurasu)
Fabric : 12B Fremme Linen
Thread : DMC

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Present FOR Nancy!

Hi, I've received a sweet e-mail from Nancy that my Birthday Present for her has arrived safely to her!
And fortunately, it has arrived on her Birthday!!
Happy Birthday dear Nancy!

This is what I made for her Birthday, when I saw this design, Nancy's face came into my mind, and so I decided to stitch this for her Birthday!
I stitched this and made it into a basket lid.

I had a nice white painted basket in my stash, so I checked stitch count, it was perfect, so I added stitched piece to this basket!
And added organza lace around the edge, it's quite neat and clean, isn't it?

Here is back of the lid and inside.
When I think about Nancy, always dark red comes into my mind, and so this was stitched red and white, so I used this dark red rosy fabric for the back of lid.
And I added my favourite SAKURANBO (cherry) tea from Lupicia in it!

I also added beads on the stitched piece, but I was hurry to send it out, so forgot to take close up photos...
I'm so happy that Nancy told me that she loves this and another goodies that I added, too.
I hope you had a wonderful dinner with your family, Nancy!

Take care and thanks for your visit!

Happy Stitching!

Design : Guirlande Tasses rouges © Tralala
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen
Thread : DMC

Finished as : Basket lid

Monday, July 27, 2009

Relatives gather!

Now it's half past 2 am in Japan, but Sweetie cried very much tonight, so I woke up and since then I can't sleep at all, so I'm still up!

Yesterday we held a memorial service on the sixth anniversary of our grandma's death.
So a relatives gathered at mum's home, and we had nice time!

After memorial service, kids were running around in the home, and seemed they were having great fun!!
My dear cousin came, too with her son, but they had to go home earlier, so after they left, my brother's family and Sweetie and I went to shrine to catch cicadas, as kids' request.

But it was just after raining, so not so many cicadas were there.
My brother is tall so he could catch cicadas for each kids! :D
I couldn't catch any... nobody else couldn't either...

We were prepared, but we've got so many mosquito bites.... yuk!
I've got about 7 bites... Everyone was saying "itchy, itchy, itchy!!!" (lol) as looking for cicadas!
This photo above is lovely, isn't it?!
Now as seeing this photo, I want to stitch CCN's "Boys and Bugs"! :D

Here is Hydrangea which is my favourite flower, I took in my garden.
Next issue is Tomato Diary!

Now we have got more than 15 tomatoes and they all were so delicious.
It's not big, not petit, but medium size, and about 2 days ago Sweetie has tried to harvest them.
We told him to pick red one, but he's got mistake, he picked green tomatoes, too (lol)

Here they are! They were so delicious, how can I say, it tastes RICH, yes richer than tomatoes that was sold at supermarket!
I couldn't believe that house tomatoes are such delicious, I'm sure I will grow it at my house, too!

Today, we let my nephew and cousin's son to pick fresh tomatoes!
They seemed very happy and fun!
We gave some for my brother's family and we ate some!

My mum already divided some roots for replanting, and gave the plants to my aunt and my SIL.
Their tomatoes is growing little by little, I heard today! :D
I have never thought that veges garden is such fun!
I hope this memory is kept in Sweeties mind for a long long time!

Take care and thanks for your visit!
Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kazuko Aoki "Rose is a rose" Framed!

About a week ago, I went to a big art and craft shop and bought some frames!
And I framed Kazuko Aoki's "Rose is a rose" (<= I just named it in English, in Japanese ”薔薇はバラ色(bara wa bara iro)”.

As you may know that I stitched this piece for two, one is for mum and another one is for myself.
We bought the same frame and now she is hanging on the wall in the bathroom.

Here is mum's. There were blank area both top and bottom so as always I added laces.
I added different laces for mum's and mine, I like mine (lol)!

Here is mine, I added a lace which was given by Arcadia in France before! It's so beautiful lace and I love it!
I added some close up photos of laces below...

Here is mum's...

And this is mine!

Which do you like?? :D
Now I have been working on two CCN designs!
I have so many WIPs, and have to organize, but even I wrote them on the notebook to organize, I couldn't...
Because a beautiful French design just have messed up my plan, lol
I can't resist to start it, but have to be patient for a while!!!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Thanks for your visit and thanks for purchasing from my Sale and Trade blog!

Bye for now,

Design : Book "バラと暮らす" ("Bara to kurasu") by Kazuko Aoki
Fabric : 12B Fremme Linen
Thread : DMC

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Sale & Trade" now Open

I've added some stash on my
SALE & TRADE blog.
And I'm going to add more and more from now on.
Now I have added some Braid, Rope, Ribbon (good for pinkeep!!), etc...

Please visit there and if you are interested in, please contact mewithout any hesitation! Thanks!

Take care and have a lovely day!
Thanks for your visit!

Happy Stitching!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tote Bag FOR Sweetie!

From a week ago, Sweetie is going to Preschool!
In Japan a new term starts from April, Sweetie was going to another Preschool in my area, but as my physical condition was very bad and weak in Feb and May, we came back to my mum's home.
I payed all money for the Preschool, but they couldn't refund it, well c'est la vie...

By the way, recently most of kids go to Preschool from 3 years old, so even we went to parks nobody is playing... so Sweetie wanted to have friends.
So I asked the most nearest Preschool from my mum's home, soon the director accepted him to go there!
They are very kind and nursery cost is very cheaper than the city one where I lived!

City Preschool where Sweetie was going to was very strict, let mums make bags etc and everything and all the size was decided, etc... but this Preschool where now Sweetie goes is very free, so we very like it so much.
Teachers are so nice and kind, gentle, everything is great!

This Preschool doesn't need any handmade bags, etc... but I wanted to make something for Sweetie, so as Sweetie loves rabbit, I choose this pattern from gazette94 and stitched to make a bag!
Actually I just stitched, and mum made it into a tote bag! :D

Here is a photo of us go to Preschool by walk, the Preschool is placed only 5 minutes by walk!
Sweetie is a very good boy to exchange greetings, his voice is very cheerful and loud and so teachers always praise Sweetie, and so I'm very proud of him!

At the moment, he comes back at noon as trial, but from August he will stay there until 3 pm!
It means my stitching time will be secured!! Woo Hoo!
But Sweetie hates veges and fruits and to take a nap, so I'm worried about school lunch and nap time...
I hope he will do the same as other children do! :D

Design : Freebie ©
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (White)
Thread : DMC

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Biscornu Exchange FOR Miya

As you may know that I've joined Biscornu Exchange (Japanese group) and here is what I made for my partner Miya.
I received an e-mail from her, so I share what I made.
But I received wonderful Biscornus from her, so I so hesitate to show mine... >_<

This is freebie from French site, I thought it would be very lovely as there were my favourite Spider web roses!
I also added beads as chart recommended, and I found a green button in my stash, so I added it on the center of it.

This is the back side of the Biscornu.
I added my favourite light milk pink button on the center on this side.

I thought this is a bit quiet, so I used over dyed thread to sew two pieces together, I hope it got to make it bit more cheerful!
Thank you Miya for this wonderful exchange.

And thank you for your visit and comments!
I really appreciate for them all!

Take care and happy stitching!

Design : © (freebie)
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (White)
Thread : DMC

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Hot Summer day in Japan!!

Today the summer festival of our little town was held at the shrine where is placed very near by my mum's house.
The weather is so humid and hot today, but very fine day for the festival!!

We often go to this shrine especially in the summer to catch cicadas with kids!
This year I must go there again and again with Sweetie, I'm sure!

There was a big ring which was made by thatch (It is called "Chi no wa" in Japanese), and it is said that you went through this ring as like write "8" three times, you can drive evil sprites out!

This is the signboard of how to go through "Chi no wa"
And we went through like the signboard and went to the center of the shrine to pray!

The most biggest event for us were this and that (photo below)!
The first scooping goldfish for Sweetie!!
He couldn't scoop any goldfishes and me either (shame...).
But neighbours gave us 4 goldfishes, thank you an old man (Ojisan)!

Here is catch yo-yoes! Sweetie could get 4 yo-yoes!
Well done!!

Actually neighbors tried to let him catch easily, that's why!
Thank you again!!
Sweetie seemed so happy to do these kind of games!

And when we were going back, fire engine was there in front of the shrine to train!
He was so happy to see fire engine so close.

A member of fire fighters told Sweetie to board!
Sweetie was a bit nervous, and when I said him to pause to take a photo, he did "4" with his fingers, it means 4 years old, why? Was he very confused?? (lol)

When we were going back home there was a flower field which was made by townsfolk, I liked this Hydrangea, isn't it beautiful??

And just in front of our house, we found a beautiful blue dragonfly!
As you may know that I hate insects or bugs, but this time I thought it's beautiful, and I wanted to give Sweetie chances to catch it!
This dragonfly didn't escape from us at all, he flied around but soon he came back to us.
So I told Sweetie that he wants to play with us! I thought so, and so does Sweetie!

Sweetie touched him, and seemed SO happy!!!
Sweetie was talking to him, "Mr. Dragonfly (Tombo-san), Let's play together tomorrow, too, OK? and please come to my garden, too!"
It was so sweet to hear! :D

Finally we came back home, whew the weather was too fine, I was quite tired.
Here are 4 goldfishes, I put them in the water plant as it is (in the plastic bag) which is our old and big goldfish's home, then 2 hours later we let them in the water.
I thought if the old big goldfish try to attac them?, but she/he didn't! Good girl/boy!

Japanese humid and hot summer will last long, whew!
I wrote we are livint without air-con on the last post, though today we switched on!!!
In the hot summer, I become to like Tatami or Igusa-mat (which is Sweetie is lying down in the photo) that is quite cool!

Thanks for your visit!
And have a lovely weekend!!