Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All Our Troubles - Finished!!

Hi, friends!
About a week ago, I've finished this "All Our Troubles" © La-D-Da.

While without the berries, I thought that this is a little bit dark design, but when I've stitched red berries, it made this piece more beautiful!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our New Family

Hi, today I share some photos of our new family!!
Here they are!
Our new family ; Hamster calls "Ham chan" (male).
We have been having him since 1st of July.

He is so cute, but he is a nocturnal animal so most of daytime he is sleeping in the mushroom jar that is showed behind him on a photo above.
And then just after we turn off the light, he starts to move around!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Exchange FOR Marie-P

Hi, how are you?
This weekend, Tass and I stayed over at "Hoshinoko Yakata" with his friends.
As well as their mums are my good stitching friends.

Although we couldn't see Jupiter from the big astronomical because the weather wasn't good, we could have wonderful time together!

By the way, I heard that my friend
Marie-P has received her parcel from Japan, I share some shots of our exchange piece.

We decided to do exchange for Easter in 2010, but as you may know I wasn't well for a long time, and so I've received her wonderful pinkeep last year but I hadn't been sending out mine to her for a long long time...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My WIP 10 Nov, 2011

Hi, friends!
Thank you for your comment for the last post!
I'm so happy to receive comments from you all.

Here is my WIP from this month, "All Our Troubles" © La-D-Da.


At the moment I can't stitch on small count so I'm stitching on 32ct.
I have so many 40ct linens, so hope I will be able to stitch on 40ct again one day!

Monday, November 07, 2011


Hello friends,

Thank you so so much for your comments, e-mails, and messages for my health.
Although I have been taking medicines for headache every day, I am getting better than before.
So I have started to stitch again from this month!!
To stitch makes me so happy and I am feeling so nice that I can stitch again!

Thank you so much,

I will update my re-start stitching piece later.

Take care and have a lovely day.