Monday, March 26, 2007

Sewing Case From S.

A few days ago, I've received a parcel from S. who is my Japanese blog friend!I presented her a Japanese style pin-cushion before, and she made and gave me a really cute sewing case in return!This is obviously "A sprat to ctch a mackere" ! lol

She also gave me nice tea, little rabbit figure and a mini bag!
She stitched the red border also!
Inside of the sewing case is below...

She added an intial tape "Y" for Yuko on it, how lovely it is!
She is a very talented woman, her works always amaze and amuze me!
Very quick and very beautiful and cute!

Thank you so much S.!
I love you, too! Let's keep in touch and be friends always! xx

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The proof of our friendship!

On Sunday, I met Mii who is my Japanese blog friend, in person!
It was the first time to met her and her son!
We both have one year old boy, and have very similar taste on cross stitch!
Therefore although it was the first met, we didn't feel that at all, we felt like we were old friends!

And I've got a present from her, she stitched the design from Praire Schooler as the proof of our friendship!

She stitched this as thinking of me! How happy person I am!
Very beautifully stitched and on the below, she stitched intials "Y" and "M".

When I heard of the story why she stitched this for me, and when I saw this initials and the sentenses "We have been..." , tears of joy ran down my face without any notice...

Thank you so much Mii! I really love you too! You are my true friend indeed!
Our happy time slipped by...Our sons were seemed also very happy together!

Mii, let's keep in touch and let's meet soon again!
Thanks again, xx

Friday, March 16, 2007

Lots of Presents from France!!

Last week, I've met a friend who I've met online!
She is my French friend Domy's friend Reiko (a bit complicated, though, lol).

She lives in France but now she came back to Japan for holiday, so we've decided to meet in person!

And I've got many presents from France!Firstable from Reiko...

Newest De Fil... and beautiful deep red linen!
Wow, wow, I really waned the De Fil... so was really happy and issue was so wonderful.
And this deep red linen, it's unusual color, have never seen this beautiful coloured linen in Japan!Thank you Reiko!!

And secondble from Domy...

Very beautiful colourd linens!! Especially the right one, the nice idea came up to my mind soon when I saw this colour!
Don't you think the marmaid or sea life design suit this colour?
And the chart is from Isabelle Vautier. The truth is, she (Isabelle) has chosen this chart for me, and she said that she dedicate this chart to me!!
Wow, wow, sounds so lovely!
Thank you Domy and Isabelle!

And at the same day I met Reiko, when I was back home I've got a parcel from Rirumu who is my Japanese blog friend!
I pesented a
Japanese style pin cushion to her and so, she sent me so many lovely cloths!!

Once I saw these cute cloths, I thought I should try to patchwork!!
But, when I went to the book shop, I was really desapointed, because it's really complicated to finish up and of course I can't manage it!!!
So... sorry Rirumu, I can't use these cloths for patchwork, but I will use them to make small things!And thank you so much Rirumu!

Recently I really feel that I have really nice friends around!
Actually I had sad thing recently and I was very depressed, but all my friends cheered me up very much, and listened to me for so many hours on the phone...I realised how happy I am, so many kind friends are around me, and they are always beside me when I was down.

I thank god about this. Thank you all my friends!! include blogs friends!
I really love you all!!!

(This time I wrote without dictionary, so sorry for my poor English and miss spelled, lol.Umm? Poor English is as always? lol)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

SAL - Mars Finished

SAL des maisons de campagne - Mars

Finally the SAL Mars was finished!! Yeah!It was quite tough to stitch along as always! lol

Here are the photos! This SAL is really pretty as I always say!
I can't believe what these charts are free!!

Here is the photo of three houses which I already completed.
They are very cute aren't they?!I'm really looking forward to seeing one for the next month!

Free Chart : SAL des maisons de campagne : Mars @
Les grilles de Maryse
32ct Zweigart Belfast Linen (Raw Linen)

Monday, March 05, 2007

SAL - Fevrier Finished

SAL des maisons de campagne - Fevrier

Finally I finished SAL des maisons de campagne - Fevrier (February)!
I realized why I wasn't in the mood to stitch, that was because I had lots of work to do...
It was till the end of Feb. but actually it's still running... sigh

But, it will finally finish one thing left to go, now what I have to do is just send a disc to a company.
Once I could see the goal, I have been feeling fine and started to stitch again!
Yes, it (my work) will be finished soon for this time! Yeah!

I will meet a friend on Thursday, who I met online!
It makes me really excited! Wow wow!
She does cross stitch as well, so we are planing to go out for shopping to buy some things for cross stitch and sewing together!

Free Chart : SAL des maisons de campagne : Fevrier @ Les grilles de Maryse
32ct Zweigart Belfast Linen (Raw Linen)