Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Dance!!! - My First "Tilda"

I had been longing for Tilda's works very much from a long time ago, and have been looking at the blog "Tilda Addict's" for a long time!
But I was not confident to make such lovely stuffs by my hands, so had been hesitating to try it out.

But, I couldn't be patient as just looking at them and finally I tried to make one!
Here is my first "Tilda (snail)"!

Ohhhh, it's so lovely, isn't it!
I'm so happy that I could make one by myself!!!
Although when I asked my son "What's this?", he said "A fox" (lol), but I'm quite satisfied of this result!!

A fox... uhmmm why? lol
I did makeup her face, can you see her cheeks are a little bit pink by brusher?

I used black x white polka dot fabric for her shell, and added woolly lace around the joint part, and also added lace knitting flower on her shell.

Here is the close up photo, it's a bit blurry, though...
I added Lavendar in her shell with cotton, so she smells so nice!

I have never thought that I will be able to make one in short time.
I made this snail while my son was having nap.

Actually I can't understand the instruction in French at all, so it will be hard to make more difficult dolls by myself...
But as this is so lovely, I want to make some more and other types, too (if I can...)!

Ahhhh, can you imagine how I'm happy now?!
I have been smiling all the time since I've finished this! lol
I think I will show this to my husband immediately when he came back from work tonight!!!

Here is my Grass Dog, the photo was taken on 28th.
This time I tied up his long hair with red ribbon, lol
How is he?
Actually his face is getting horrible with roots, now he also grow a mustache!
Oh he became an adult (lol), about two weeks ago he was only a baby, though time flies so fast! :D
I have been thinking how to trim his hair...
Until I decide how to do, I will let his hair grow more and more and will see how it will be!

Buhhh, my son is keep saying "fox, fox----!!!" about my Tilda snail...
I hope he doesn't throw it away or break it...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Small Gift FOR Angela

Thank you everyone for leaving me warm comments, always.
I'd really appreciate for them, indeed!

Today I share another basket lid which I've made for my dear friend Angela.
I have made the same style of basket lid before, though I knew that Angela liked this very much and she LOVES pink (so do I), I have made the same style for her.
(The stitched piece is different from the last one...)

Actually I wanted to send this for her Birthday in Feb. (too late!!), but I wanted to add and make something special for her, but to make it, I needed to sew by sewing machine...
That is what made me lose my nerve and finally I couldn't sent it to her...
I'm so sorry Angela, next time when I pull out sewing machine, I will make one for you!

Here is the inside of the basket.
I used the same fabric as the front, and added pom-pom trim around the edge.
My mum also liked this basket lid, so when she has came here to see us, she has made the same one (but the stitching piece was different...) with me!

As I know that Angela loves pink so much, this time I made a "pink box" for her!
Everything were pink, I added pink ribbons, pink trims and braids, pink fabrics, pink buttons etc... etc...
And I wrapped the box with pink paper!

I've heard that she has received my parcel safely and she loved everything that I've sent her, so I felt very relief and was so happy to heard of it!

By the way, recently I've received lots of e-mails from my old friends and they all are now pregnant!!! OH my! What's going on!
Just 2 months ago, also my old friend (one of the member of our group) have just gave birth to a baby girl, and I promised to stitch something for a sweet baby girl!

BUT! now around me, there are totally five (besides they all are my dear friends!) friends are pregnant!!
Do I need to stitch for all of them, lol?
I should be an "Asura", I need 5 more pairs of hands, otherwise I can't manage everything!!

So I will stop to join in any exchanges for a while after June (except private exchanges or SALs)...
I hope I can present something even small for them to celebrate their new born babies!

By the way, here it is, my grass dog!
I knew that lots of people are looking forward to seeing his photo from their comments, so they might be laughing at him by now! LOL
My little son is also looking forward to seeing him every day, and he is very excited and after that laughing at him!

His hair grow so fast, don't you think?
This photo was taken on 25th, so now his hair is more longer than this photo!! lol
I think I will be able to tie his hair up with ribbon soon, lol

What kind of hair style would you like want me to do for him?
Any requests??
At the moment, I have no idea what to do next, so please give me some ideas of his hair style! :D

Basket lid design : from "De fil en aiguille no.21"
Fabric : 28ct DMC linen (white)
Thread : DMC #3779
Finished as : Basket lid

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My 2nd Anniversary!

It's been 2 years since I've started cross stitch.
So this May is my 2nd anniversary!

I'm so happy that I could find such an enjoyable hobby!
Before then I had no particular hobbies at all...

Thanks to cross stitch and blog,
I could "meet" so many wonderful friends!
And it brighten up my life.

Thank you all of my friends and everyone
who visits and leaves comments to this blog!
I'd appreciate for them a lot.

I will do my best for my 3rd year, too!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Happy Yesterday!

Thank you so much for warm and nice comments to my Biscornu on the last post!
I really appreciate for them a lot!

Yesterday, I went out to TOKYO to meet up with my online friends!
Since I still have a small kid, I hadn't been able to gone out alone, but yesterday my husband looked after my son at home, so I could go out and could meet my friends in person!
I really appreciate for my husband.

Anyway, we met at Tokyo with five girls all together, one of them I have met before, but other three girls I hadn't met in person before, so I was a bit nervous at first, but once we met, we couldn't stop chatting and I didn't feel that it was the first met at all!
We went to see the small cross stitch exhibition together in Tokyo!

I'm living in the next Pref. to Tokyo, though actually I had never been there by train, so was very excited and found a funny poster at metro (photo above...).
In Japan, lots of girls do make-up in the train (lol), so this poster notices and says "Please do it at home" (lol).

After we went to the exhibition, we had Indian curry lunch, and went to famous and a long established store of handcraft "
I bought some Permin linens, linen bands, wire hangers, some over dyed threads, ribbons, twisted codes for finishing, etc...

After our shopping, we went out for tea, this time we had Japanese style desserts at "Tsujiri".

I had shaved ice with green tea and condensed milk syrup + three different tastes ice creams on top! It was so yum, but as I was just under the air conditioner, I became feel very chilly at the end!
My friends told me that I was (my hands were) shaking (lol)

Some of my friends brought some gifts and gave them to each one.
Oops, I didn't prepare anything for them!
So I will stitch or make something for them for the next time we meet up!
Here are the gifts that my friends gave me!

Top one is a card case which I can organize my members cards or cash cards etc...
She stitched Prairie Schooler's design for me! It's cute isn't it!
I always wanted a card case because inside of my purse was always messy with lots of cards...

Next one, is a small Biscornu and a lace knitting doiry!
She gave me a red one and this is very pretty in the small tart cup!
Compare to her pretty Biscornu, my Biscornu that I've made (last post) is very big though, about what size is average size as Biscornu??? When I told my Biscornu size to them, everyone laughed a lot! (lol)

And the last one, is a little pin cushion with hand-made pins!
It's so tiny and very pretty!
And bead head pins are so beautiful!

Thank you so much for everyone to took your time to work on them!!
I'd appreciate for them a lot!

We were like high school girls, couldn't stop chatting, though time flies so fast we had to go home...
I had so happy time with them, even though it was the first met to most of them!
We are planning to meet up next month, too.

Next month we will visit one of thems' house, and will do some stitch together!
I'm so looking forward to see them again!

By the way, here is my grass dog (oops, he has no name yet...), this was taken on 22, May.
His hair is growing and growing so fast, now he has quite long hair, lol!

He also had long nose hair (LOL), so I pull it out, because it's too funny to see his face, and I wanted him to be handsome, lol

I'm going to let him hair grow more and more!
I also have different turf growing kit in hedgehog version, so after this dog's hair grew enough, I will try hedge hock one, too!

Please look forward to see his next photo!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My First Biscornu (Atalie)

Since I've finished to stitch for Mother's day gift, I've started to stitch Biscornu for May challenge of Monthly Finishing Challenge.
And here it is, my first Biscornu which I really wanted to stitch!

This is just before I sewed two pieces together, this design is just beautiful, isn't this!
I really love this design and wanted to stitch so much since the first time I saw it.

But even after I've got this chart, I had no confidence to finish off as Biscornu...
After I've joined in Monthly Finishing Challenge, I've tried two new things so far, one is Needle Roll and another one is this Biscornu.
This time as I had this beautiful chart, I thought that it's now or never!

Anyway, here is a close up photo of Spider Web Roses.
I love Spider Web Roses very much, that reminds me - my first Needle Roll was also used Spider Web Roses, too!

This time, I didn't have recommended threads at all, so I've chosen suitable threads from my stock.
I used Atalie Silk thread which my French friend Domy (she writes blog in English, too!) has gave me before, GAST and DMC, and stitched on 28ct DMC linen.

And I just have found a big metal rose at my usual local shop, and it was just perfect for this Biscornu!
This photo doesn't show the metal rose colour justice, but it's shinning and very beautiful in the real life.

Here is the back of Biscornu.
For the back, I just added normal, big pink button on it.
And actually the square wasn't satin stitch in the chart, but I couldn't understand how to stitch by the introduction in French, so I just have done satin stitch as same as the front.

I'm so glad that I finally could stitch this design and could make Biscornu!
And also I'm so happy how this turned out, even though I didn't use recommended threads.

What will be the next month challenge?
I'm looking forward to know it, but at the same time a bit nervous, lol

I'm going to start "HoE LHN Exchange" piece from today!
And also will start "Workbasket Quaker Animal Exchange" in a few days!
Both of them, I have been thinking about how to finish off, all the time...

By the way, I bought funny thing yesterday.
Actually I had been wanting this from a long time ago!
There were human version, and actually I wanted the one from these version, but recently I can't find them at all, and all have been changed to animal version, so I bought dog one.

This is grass dog (I think I should be his godmother!), he is bald at the moment though, turf will come up from his head sometime later!
And I can change his hair style as I wish!
I'm going to report on this grass dog from now on when I update my blog!
Enjoy and please look forward his photo!

Design : Atalie Mars 2007
Fabric : 28ct DMC Linen (white)
Threads : La soie ATALIE - SHIRAZ, GAST - Dried Thyme, DMC - #815
Finished as : Biscornu

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love You, Mom by Bent Creek

Yesterday, finally "Love You, Mom" © Bent Creek has finished!
It's quite smaller than I thought, but it took long time to finish, whew...
After I framed, I run to post office with my son and sent this out to my mum as belated Mother's Day gift, with some CDs!

I used ready-made frame which was in my stash, so it's not so good, as you can see it reflections...
But she called me as soon as it arrived to her, and told me she does like it so much, and sounded that I made her day brighten up!
Now I feel relief and am very glad to hear that she liked it!

This time I used overdyed threads, as my mum likes the reulst by stitching overdyed threads, but I'm not used to stitching with them, that's why it took time so long until complition.

The recommends colours seemed totally different with the sample photo, so I changed some colours.
And primary, there should be three hearts buttons besides the word "MOTHER", but I didn't have recommended hearts buttons nor suitable one for this design, so I stitched pink hearts instead of atattching the buttons!

If I disclose my real motive, now I'm giving a sigh of relief...
I like this design and wanted to present it for my mum very much though, to stitch along this was actually not so fun... (lol)
Now I can change my mind and can try another project! Yahoo!

Next one? It probably be "Biscornu" for May challenge (Monthly Finishing Challenge)!
Or another thing, now I just want to make small one, something like pinkeep or thread keeper!

Design : "Love You, Mom" © Bent Creek
Fabric : 32ct Wichelt-Permin (Sandstone)
Threads : WDW & GAST,
*Whitewash (WDW) ---> Pineapple Sherbet (GAST)
*Harvest Basket (GAST) ---> Nutmeg (GAST)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Sweety!

Happy Birthday to my dearest son!

It's my son's Birthday, today.
He became 3 years old, how time flies!

Here is my sweety, wearing headphones.
He loves music, dancing, and crazy for cars!

Daddy and Mummy always love you so much!
And Granddad and Grandmas also love you, too!
Please grow up with lots of love from lots of people.

Here is my son's favourite song by Naotaro Moriyama.

"Birth @ Day -Hitoribocchi no Ouenka-" by Naotaro Moriyama

Happy Birthday, my sweety!
I love you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Needle Roll

It was the first time for me to make a Needle Roll, as I have been joining in "Monthly Finishing Challenge", and I had a very beautiful chart which Cindy has gave me last year, so I have tried to make one as April challenge!

Here it is, my first Needle Roll...

Actually I didn't even know how to do hemstitch, and as I started to stitch this from the end of April, I had no time to search and find about how to do hemstitch.
That's why I have done button hole stitch instead of it and added picots around the edge.

Here is the whole design. There are some specialty stitches and added many beads in this design.
This is a very beautiful design, isn't it!
I always hesitated to add many beads on stitched piece, but it actually didn't so difficult this time.

Here is a close up photo of spider web roses and beads parts.
It's hard to see in the photo, but there are lattice around the each blue beads in white thread with back stitch.
I love this roses' colour, and I'm glad that the pink beads match well with this thread colour, even though it didn't my intention to colour match!

I thought this design would be difficult for me, but it was very fun to stitch along!
I really enjoyed this, although I still need to learn how to do hemstitch! :D

Thank you Cindy for giving me such a beautiful chart!
May challenge for Montly Finishing Challenge is "Biscornu", and it will be also my first challenge!
At the moment, I have no time to stitch Biscornu, but I'm going to try it later this month!

Design : Five Roses Needle Roll © M Designs
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (Cream / Ivory)
Threads : DMC + Beads
Finished as : Needle Roll

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

YOU are the best!

I have been stitching "Love You, Mom" © Bent Creek
for Mother's Day, but couldn't make it in time...
I think I can finish it in a few days, and after framed
I will send it to her immediately with some CDs!

Mum, you always help me, even though we are far away,
you come here to help us a lot whenever without any hesitation.
I'm embarrassed but I didn't know how much you love me
when I was young, but now I feel your love so much.

Thank you always, and I love you, too!

And, "Happy Mother's Day!" to all mothers in the world!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Petite Exepmlary No.1 by EEF

While my dear friend Nancy had been preparing a wonderful gift for me, I was stitching this "Petite Exemplary No.1" for her at the same time to surprise her, as I had something else to send to her!

I received a lovely e-mail from her that she has safely received my parcel, and said she liked what I've stitched for her!
I'm very glad to hear it from her, it was very pleasure to stitch something for my dear friend!

This time, I added very thin ribbon and fabric flowers (?) on top of this pinkeep.
Here is the close up photo of it.
It's very cute, isn't it?

I love this, and I have some more left, so will use this for another opportunity when I make pinkeeps in the future!

Here is the backing fabric I used for this pinkeep.
This is my favourite fabric, very soft pink polka dot.

I stitched on 32ct linen with one strand as the designer recommends, so it looks very delicate, doesn't it?! or I think a bit weak, it's only my opinion, though...

I added our initials N & Y on it.

Ewe & Eye & Friends (EEF) designs are very enjoyable to stitch!
I love this designer and have many charts with me, so once I settle down (at the moment, I have so many things to stitch...), I want to stitch EEF designs a lot as my EEF collection!

Design : "Petite Exemplary No.1" © Ewe & Eye & Friends
Fabric : 32ct Belfast Linen (cream / Ivory)
Threads : DMC & GAST
Finished as : Pinkeep